Your Story: Powerful or Powerless?

Sophia & I host a weekly ”All Access” Q & A Call for our team members and hundreds of members in our community.

Anyone in our organization who would like to get clear about how to build his or her business more effectively is instructed to enter a code on their phone which then puts them through to an operator who then places them in que to ask us a question.

Dozens line up per hour to get their questions answered, while listening to the questions of others and how we answer them. It actually works out quite well each week as we share some of our best marketing strategies one at a time.

On our most recent call, the very first participant on the line was a gentleman who attempted to use his time with us, to share his story about what a difficult time he’s been having in getting started.

“I don’t know what to do, the time difference between countries makes it difficult, I find it hard to” …you know… blah, blah, blahbitty blah – blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

I had to interrupt and take back command of the conversation with what is called a “Pattern Interrupt”.

Right in mid-sentence, I interrupted, “John, do you have a specific question about how to build your business?”

Now we normally don’t interrupt people unless they are on course to self sabotage, so it’s done with only the best intentions in mind.

We wanted John to quit telling us (and himself), his “woe is me”, story and just ask his question.

You see, when people share their story of how they are not…or how they can’t…or how hard it is to…etc, we intervene so that they don’t continue to beat themselves up or waste anyone’s time, including their own.

Understand, this “woe is me” story is not uncommon when people are not yet up to par with their mindset and beliefs. 

The same story they tell others is the same story they tell themselves, which is exactly why they have the results (or lack thereof), that they are currently experiencing.

When you invest your time by telling yourself and others what you are NOT, (good at, doing, experiencing, etc)…it just confirms your belief that what you are saying and feeling is true.


What you tell yourself is only true for YOU  existing only in your world.

But you don’t have to accept that story any longer, once you choose not to.

Simply tell yourself a different story.

For example…

“I might not have understood what to do up until now, but that is changing”.

“I might not have been good at driving traffic to my website up until now, but that is changing.”

“I might not have been comfortable in front of a video camera up until now, but that is changing”

“I might not have been good at talking to people, or writing quality content up until now, but that is changing”.

“I might have been afraid to learn new skills, but that is changing”.

You see, for things to change, you must change.

You must change your beliefs, your thoughts and your words.

Your story is powerful when it empowers you.

Your story is powerless when it dis-empowers you.

When it is powerless, you too will remain powerless and will remain in a pattern of not achieving any results.

You must break that pattern by telling yourself and others a different story.

Then what must follow is action.

Then and only then will new levels of success be experienced.

So, change your story if you must.

The time is now.

Start telling yourself and others your new story and watch as new results roll on in.


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3 Comments on Your Story: Powerful or Powerless?

  • Dear Aaron and Sophia

    Thank you for your continuing support and friendship, I really do appreciate

    I do agree with you that I need to change my mind set and start thinking positively to get things going. I keep hitting myself on the head to say this is hard and it is not for me probably.

    I have been encouraged though through this email you sent me. I am going to start telling myself that I can do it.

    Hoping to see thing getting better for me.

    Thank you sdo much and God bless you and your Family

    Sincerely Yours


  • Hey Sophia and Aaron.Thanks for this great piece.Most great men are products of extra-ordinary circumstances. They create their own circumstances and do not allow it to chance.
    Change like you mentioned is the keyword.For example,my sales strategy is not working,so I must change it.The late Jim Rohn said in his book:We may not be able to change the direction of the wind,therefore we must change our paddle course.

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Aaron & Sophia,
    You know next to God, you two are my heroes.

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