Working Hard Not Working?

I’ve been kinda off the grid lately – haven’t posted to our blog in a short while, but I am now, so I guess it’s true…

My past doesn’t equal my present!

You too – you know.

What you did yesterday, the day before, the week before, in the past month…

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you are doing right now.

Not next week, next month or next year, but today.

It’s called, “What have you done for me, LATELY!” lol

I say this jokingly of course, but not really.

So, are you an entrepreneur or nontrepreneur?

Play on words?


It’s for real.

Because you are either an entrepreneur, or you are struggling.

You see, an entrepreneur doesn’t struggle.

Sure, we have challenges.

But we also understand that without a challenge, there would be no growth, and without growth, there would be no success.

But it goes deeper than that.

Because an entrepreneur loves what he or she does.

They love the work, they love the cause, they love the mission.

They are inspired.

They are self motivated.

And they are hungry to achieve their goals.

And while this is how an entrepreneur thinks and acts, a nontrepreneur does not.

Sure, they have a business.

They are in a company.

Have a product.

A service.

A system.

Are a part of a team.

Plug in.

Pay attention.

Are on all the calls and webinars.

Attend the LIVE Events and invest in training.

Do the work.

Yet, they still don’t make any money.

Ok, maybe they make a little, but not what they came here for.

And the reason is…

Because they are chasing it.

They are in it for the money.

They gotta pay their bills.

They gotta pay off their debt.

The credit cards.

The rent.

The mortgage.

The insurance bills.

The this.

The that.

Geez Louise.

This is what’s on their mind.


As a result, they wear it on their sleeve.

They project it.

They even speak it sometimes, not even by what they say, but what they mean by what they say.

Yes, I know.

Because I’ve been there.

Done that.

Got the pin to prove it.

And while the nontrepreneur wants to be successful, they drive themselves further and further away from success, the more they continue to live in this world.

Because it’s full of fear, doubt, uncertainty, even pain.

Pain from their past that drives them to do the things they do – and don’t do.


Putting on an act.

Wearing the mask.

A costume even.

Anything to look good to others, make themselves feel better, be important.

I learned years ago that you can either be important or successful.

You know the type.

They stand up at every chance to make a comment, ask a question, be important.

You know it and so do I.

These people – good, hard-working people are nontrepreneurs.

They want to be successful, but they do not yet embody success.

They whine, complain, point fingers, blame.

All that and a bag of chips.

Now take this personally if this is you – because what is happening is this…

You resist.

You are attempting to drive at 100 miles per hour, but have your parking brake on.

Not good for you, not good for your car.

You see, when people resist, they struggle.

With everything.

Themselves, others, their business, their finances, their understanding.

And what typically happens from there is that these great people, whom many are absolutely brilliant people, wind up burning out due to the overload of stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings.

Again, I’ve been down this road myself.

In other words, I don’t just understand it – I KNOW it.

Because this was me.

I was a nontrepreneur.

Doing all the things I could to succeed.

Writing and placing the ads.

Waiting for my leads to come in.

Making the calls.

Doing my follow up.

Talking to people.

And all the while I was taking all this action, it didn’t matter.

Sure, I got more comfortable with these revenue producing activities, but there was something not clicking for me.

Because I was still resisting.

Annoyed, even angry sometimes.

Blaming, short tempered, irritated, even aggressive out of pure frustration.

“I’m doing everything they told me to do”, I’d cry, as I pounded my fist on my desk made of 2x4s and plywood.

But here’s the serious part.

I didn’t know what was going on.

Because I was in the middle of it all.

It’s like this…

A fish, has no idea that it swims in water – until it’s taken OUT of the water.

Then, it misses what its used to.

And what a nontrepreneur does, is not just swim in water – it’s something worse.

Nontrepreneurs live in this river in Egypt.

It’s called, denial.

No, not the Nile, but denial.

They cannot see who they are being, until…

Someone who cares enough to challenge them, challenge their beliefs and challenge their ways of being, steps up and acts as their leader.

You see, here’s a sure fire way to know if you are being an entrepreneur or a nontrepreneur.

Are you motivated to be successful because of what you want, or what you don’t want?

Entrepreneurs move in the direction of what they want.

This means that they look past the money, past the fame, past the fortune.

They are not concerned about paying their bills.

They have bigger dreams and goals then just getting out of debt, making the rent or mortgage payments or keeping the creditors away.

They have a cause.

A purpose.

And they are constantly attracted to it.

And as a result, it’s easy for them to achieve it.

Because they love the challenge.

They love the feeling of solving problems.

Overcoming obstacles.

Doing the work.

Learning new skills.

Figuring shit out.

And constantly striving to be better at things they haven’t mastered, every single day.

They don’t use the language of “struggle”, because they don’t resist.

Yes, this is entrepreneurship.

And it makes them a lot of money in the wake of living their dream.

The nontrepreneur on the other hand…


Because they still haven’t let go.

To their need to be right, to be in control, look good, appear better than they really are and a whole host of other challenges that have nothing to do with being successful, but more about their past programming, conditioning and mindset that continually has them in its grasp.

It sucks to be a nontrepreneur – I know.

However, if you are one, there is great news!

All it takes is a moment to change all that.

All it takes is a second to get on a new path.

All it takes is this.

Just surrender.

Quit putting up a fight.

Quit resisting everyone and everything you see as a challenge right now.

Give up.

Wave the white flag.

Release the tension on your track.

It could be so easy.

So much more fun.

So much more relaxing.

Because the true sign of your real strength is not about continuing to “hold on”, but letting go.


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