Why We Resigned & Quit MLM

So, You Want to Know Where Sophia & I have been for the past 13 months.

That’s understandable.

I’d want to know too if you disappeared quietly into the night kind of like we did!

So without wasting another second of your time, here’s our story. (I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible, without excluding
the most important details.)

After 5 Years, Thousands of Cold Calls, 40 Home Parties and 12-16 Hour Days, we decided that not only weren’t we making enough money in our “popular juice business”, but we were starting to spend more time with our business, than with our own children.

Now don’t get me wrong – to be successful in anything, what you invest in money and time in the beginning, will come back to you 10Xs once your business takes off. The problem was that our business never actually, “took off”, even though according to the Company and Industry Standards, we were Superstars.

Over those 5 years we were with the same Company, we had built a team of over 10,000 people, invested thousands of hours prospecting and recruiting and worked with our team daily for 60 months, doing 3 way calls, strategizing and mentoring anyone who was on at least a case of “the juice”.

We even worked closely with our sponsor, sharing in the profits from thousands of members who shelled out between $20 & $49 per month for a series of websites that I co-created.

Truly, if it wasn’t for the income we earned for selling “websites”, we, nor our sponsor would have made even 1/2 of the money we were able to earn during our years with that company.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with monetizing your list of subscribers, heck, afterall, we are in free enterprise.

However, after about 4 1/2 years of building our business with these “Systems” I helped create, we realized that there were a couple of problems:

#1 – It seemed that no matter which strategy or system we used, for every step forward we took, we took at least two steps back. For each new customer or distributor we enrolled, we’d see two drop out just as fast.

Early on, we saw growth, but the larger our organization became, it became increasingly harder and harder to maintain that growth, for many of the reasons you will read when you head on over to our business page and request the Information that eventually changed our lives.

In any case, at the end of the day, we found about 1 out of 10 will be a loyal customer for more than a year – 1 in 20 for more than 2 years.

And so Attrition ran rampant throughout our organization and so we were working very hard, for very little. (Also found within the Information you will have emailed to you if you so choose, there is a pretty amazing solution to “Attrition” as you and I know it, that totally changed the way we now look at home based business.)

#2 – We were following a guy who really didn’t know very much about marketing, and so he changed direction pretty much every year trying desperately to figure out how to be more successful, which then caused a lot of confusion and even more attrition with each new idea.

( Note to Self – When a guy’s marketing system showcases pretty pictures, flash design and celebrity videos all over the place, run, don’t walk the other way as fast as you can. There’s a pretty good chance that the website owner is only using these ineffective and unproven strategies to feed his ego.)

#3 – When we asked our upline sponsor, the owner of these Systems, what his plan was to take a new product line that our Company was launching in to the market, he suggested that we do “Spa Parties” and walk in to Hair Salons with tube of face cream to retail on the spot!

No joke, this guy’s plan for us to grow our business included using these strategies, along with the same, old, worn out marketing methods that have been taught for over 60 years, that have kept 98% of MLMers FLAT BROKE.

We knew when this was our Sponsor’s plan, that it was time to start looking for new ways to grow our business without him, and then make some decisions once we found some solutions that were proven to work and put real income in our pockets without having to be a slave to our business.

The first person we turned to was to an old distributor from the same Company, who went from waiting tables, to earning his first Million Dollars just a few years later, implementing some of the strategies that we were learning about in his newly published training manual.

The marketing strategies we were learning about were so powerful, that we began testing them out on our own business and sure enough, they worked!

But we soon realized that while we were using some of the most powerful marketing strategies ever discovered, they wouldn’t prove anywhere near as successful, because we were in the wrong vehicle.

We then started a small online business on the side of our MLM business, to see just how powerful these strategies would work in a different business model, and, to make some extra money.

Yes, we had to supplement our MLM Check, as not only was our Residual Income going down, down, down, but so was our Membership Site Income along with it.

Well, long story short…

These new strategies work so well, that without speaking to anyone we knew, we got our income up to over $10,000 in just our 4th month part time – again, without anyone in our previous company even knowing.

Well, once our sponsor in that previous company found out about our new-found success, he begged us to stop, as we were no longer focused on making him money.

He was also very scared that others would find out what we had discovered, and so he made the company threaten us with a possible suspension, if we let anyone know about our new business or about the marketing strategies that were now working like gangbusters, in fear that what he had been preaching would be tossed out like yesterday’s trash and he’d wind up with the most egg on his face.

Trust me, I desperately attempted to teach this guy what I had learned, but his ego was way too big and wouldn’t allow anyone else to teach him about marketing in today’s marketplace, today’s economy and today’s Home Business arena.

Well, the very next day, after receiving a threatening phone call from the Juice Company’s Compliance Department informing us that our sponsor didn’t want us letting anyone else know about these strategies or we’d be suspended or possibly terminated, we decided that it was time to step down and resign our positions.

The scarcity and lack mentality displayed by our own sponsor as well as the company we were with, was truly pathetic, so…

It was time to move onward and upward, and leave that small mindedness behind, forever!

Sophia & I decided that not only didn’t we want to be associated with our ex-sponsor, but we also refused to be a part of a company who would be a puppet to someone with such a low level of integrity himself.

The sad part is that we were doing whatever we could to bring these new marketing strategies to him and his systems, but he refused to give up the strategic control, again, because if it wasn’t his idea, then it wasn’t good enough.

So, on December 22nd, 2008, after 5 years with this popular juice company, Sophia & I resigned for good. We requested that our Autoships be cancelled and that the company either take over our positions or resign them.

We had QUIT MLM Forever! And what a day of liberation that was.

No more pitching family & friends, no more cold calling, no more 3 way calls, no more home parties or hotel meetings! We were FREE!

So, being out of the Company for a week, we resumed 100% focus on our new venture, and boy did it take off once we let go of all the baggage we had been holding on to for all those months of being in two companies.

This was all back in December 2008, our 4th month in our new online venture. We finished that month, earning over $11,000 in personal income – not volume – but real income!

Now let me take you back a moment, to the last day of December 2008, December 31st – New Year’s Eve Day 2008:

That morning, I wrote an email to my To the Top Newsletter Subscribers wishing them a fantastic New Year in 2009 and to keep their eyes peeled for some great training and marketing education from me in the new year based on the Marketing Strategies that I had been learning from our New Business.

Sure enough, just hours later, from the Legal Department of that same juice company, I was being threatened by a lawsuit for having any contact with Active Distrbutors of this particular company in regards to anything outside of the Company.

I was bitterly and severely warned that for 12 months from the date of my Resignation, I was not to initiate any contact, about anything, with an Active or Non-Active Distributor of that Company, for any reason.

I understood clearly and actually welcomed the challenge.

I knew that if we did not initiate contact with anyone, but could still go on to make $250,000 Online, in just our first year, that we’d have a great story to share.

So, Sophia & I chose to play by their rules and made a committment that for 12 months from the date of our resignation, that we would not share what we were doing with anyone we knew from the company.

After word got out that we Resigned from the Company, dozens and dozens of Top Leaders & Income Earners called to ask us what we were doing.

We turned away Leader after Leader, even though they pretty much begged to know what we were up to.

To us, it just wasn’t worth risking a great opportunity to finally get out of the financial hole we were in, to make a few bucks.

I’ve always said, “It’s better to do the right thing, over the profitable thing. And when you do the right things, those things become much more profitable anyway.”

And we stuck to this mantra ever since we left the company. This is more than I can say for many others who left the same company, and wound up in a lawsuit for over $2,000,000 for cross recruiting and breaking the company’s policies and procedures.

All I can say is those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

The same guy who had us threatened for a “fear” that he had, wound up doing exactly what he feared others would do to him.

Long story short, our focus on making our new business work, resulted in a 5th month of $42,000 in income.

This was our first full month of being 100% resigned from our old company, and it showed.

We then went on to over $60,000 by our 6th month and then $70,000, $80,000 and as high as $87,000 in a single month.

To this day, I could not ever see us making that much in Traditional MLM, where we were making $5 per case of juice we sold, down hundreds of levels deep in a few legs.

So, to sum up what you just read, the reason that I haven’t sent out any LIVE messages to subscribers of my To the Top Newsletter, for 13 months, was because:

A) I was forced not to
B) I didn’t want to break any policies or procedure that I agreed to when I first signed up and when I resigned from the same company.
C) Sophia & I wanted to prove, that without bringing a team of people that we knew from our old Company, that we could make our new online business work, and work very well.

As a result of staying focused, taking immediate and massive action and not breaking the rules and /or policies set forth by our old company…

We went on to earn $650,000 in just our first full year with our New Company.

So, my question to you is this…

Does it really matter HOW you arrive at being successful?

I mean, did you join the Network Marketing industry to be a slave to your MLM business or did you join to make more money, have more free time and start enjoying your life already.

If your answer is that you want to start living your life and not being a slave to your business, you DO NOT have to wait another 3-5 years to make your business work, (which we all know is a bunch of pie in the sky MLM hyperbole), then you owe it to yourself to skip on over to the Information that allowed Sophia & I to completely change our lives over the past 18 months.

Currently, we are accepting Applications from just a small group of new people who want to lock arms with us and learn from our first full year’s experience online.

Click Here Right Now & Request the Information, Read Every Word of It and then, Decide for Yourself.

Play your cards right and you could be partnered up with us in a matter of hours, learning how to finally take back total control of your own Financial Life, like we did.

Play your cards the way you’ve been playing them, and well, we don’t know what might happen for you. Hopefully, you can figure out a way to make your current strategies work for you and have the success that you’ve always wanted.

Remember, there is NO Recession on the Intenet. With what you are about to read, coupled with the most Cutting Edge Online Training, you can truly write your own ticket, even in this crappy economy.

What you don’t know, is hurting you.

Here’s the Information Request Form Again

We look forward to reviewing your Application and being in Contact with you shortly.

Aaron & Sophia

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