Why I Resigned, QUIT MLM & Didn’t Mail My List for 13 Months

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Yes, it’s True – I Haven’t Been in Contact for 13 Months – but before I tell you why… There’s Something You Should Know about My Disappearance!

Read on for details…

Dear Friend,

Of all the messages I’ve ever sent out in 15 years of being self employed, what I’m about to share with you is by far the most important one I’ve ever written.

It could also be the most profitable, if…you play your cards right – like Sophia & I did.

Now don’t get me wrong – what you are about to read & learn, is not only meant to re-connect with you (if we’ve lost touch over the past 13 months), but to answer some questions for my friends, associates & subscribers about where I’ve been all this time.

Plus, we are due to catch-up on things like business, success and life.

I want to start out by sharing a great lesson that my wife Sophia & I have learned over the past 18 months, since beginning on this new journey in our business lives.

“OK, so what’s the lesson”, you ask?

Well, it’s so simple that I’m going to share it with you right here – right now, so that you remember from this moment forward, exactly why I’m writing to you today.

Just to illustrate this lesson, before I even tell you exactly what it is, let me make a brief point for you:

Last night, during the AFC Conference Championship Game between the New York Jets & Indianapolis Colts, the ONLY reason that the Jets lost the game,
was because they didn’t figure out fast enough, enough ways to win.

As the clock wound down through the 3rd and 4th quarters, the Colts continued to use different strategies to advance the ball, and ran those plays over and over and over again.

The Jets on the other hand, continued to run the same plays that were not working, over and over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

Eventually, when there was no time left on the clock, the Jets were beaten and defeated.

It didn’t have to be that way.

The Jets had the talent and skill to win.

They even had the heart and desire.

You could clearly see this early in the game when they were ahead at halftime.

Another thing the Colts did to win, that the Jets did not, was the that they continued to have a winning attitude, even when they were losing. Ultimately, this is what made them winners.

They knew that there was still time to succeed by using a different strategy each time they got the ball back, switching up their plays and then going
with what was working, over and over again.

And that’s the lesson that I want to share with you today my friend.

Over the past 18 months, since Sophia & I began on our new journey, (13 of which you and I might not have had much email contact), we’ve been implementing a few new ideas, a few new strategies and a few new plays, into our own gameplan.

And what’s happened as a result, is just simply proof that when you do the right things, AND have the right vehicle, you can produce amazing results.

So you see, as cliche as it sounds, if you want things you’ve never had, you’ve gotta be willing to do some things you’ve never done.

Mix it up a bit.

Make some simple, easy changes in your thoughts, beliefs and most importanly, your actions.

This is what it takes to succeed.

This is what the Colts did.

This is what Sophia & I did.

And this is what you can do too, if you are open to the challenge.

Now, let’s get down to some business.

First, I want to wish you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year in 2010!

I know, it’s already the 4th week of the New Year, but read on my friend and you’ll know exactly why I haven’t sent a LIVE message to my To the Top Newletter Subscribers, like yourself, for the past 13 months.

Now, to respect your time, if you really want to know what I’ve been up to, WITHOUT all the details of my story, I completely understand.

You are smart to just skip the fluff and get right to the stuff.

Now I warn you, it might challenge just about everything you’ve ever believed about being successful in MLM, but hey, if you don’t learn to examine all of your options, your probably going to wind up like the Jets – who gave so much, for so very little. (Even though they lost and I wanted to see them win, I feel they could have gone to the Superbowl if they’d have changed their gameplan when what they were doing, wasn’t working any longer. Hmmmm…..)

So, that being said, RESULTS is the name of the game.

And if you are NOT getting enough, take heed, because once you know what you don’t know, then and only then will you have the opportunity to truly become unstoppable.

So, if this is you and you have no interest in knowing any more about mine and Sophia’s disappearance and just want to know what we’ve been doing to make a small fortune online, then skip on over to our website, where you can read the exact same information that opened up our eyes to a whole new way of doing things, a whole new world of opportunities and a whole new level of success that we had never experienced before.


On this page, you will see a video where Sophia & I explain a little bit about what was going on before we came across this life changing information and what has happened since.

All I know is that before we found this Information, we were confused and frustrated about our business and were just not 100% sure about what to do about it.

Let’s just say that if you too are confused and frustrated, this could certainly be a possible solution for you as well – but we don’t know anything for sure – you’ll have to just see for yourself.


Now, if you DO want to know the details about why Sophia & I resigned from a company where we built a team of over 10,000 distributors, received lots of recognition and were even considered amongst some of the most successful distributors in the entire organization, but still walked away from a business that we built for 5 years, then I have a completely different page for you to start on.

(You will still get full access to the same page as mentioned above, but will learn the details of exactly what happened to us and how it was a huge blessing in disguise in the long run)

So, if you are one of those Inquiring Minds and want to know exactly why we Resigned from our previous Company & QUIT MLM, head on over to this page and read our story before moving on to the Information that changed it all for us.


Not only can you read our story there, but you can also pick up a ton of new training material that I’ve been working on for months, that will certainly enlighten you along your path to success.

You’ll be able to read over 50 blog posts on topics such as:

- Leadership
- Mindset for Success
- Psychology of Prospecting
- Inspiration
- Internet Marketing Tips
- & Much More

Chances are, you have never read this information before, so head on over there, read the message called, “Details about Why We Quit MLM”

Whether you choose to go right to this Information that changed our business and lives forever, you read the details, or do nothing at all and delete this message without taking any action, your subscription to my LIVE To the Top Newsletter will continue to arrive each week in your Inbox, filled with insight, ideas, training and anything I feel will enhance your success as a Home Based Business Entrepreneur.

Also, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for some BIG, BIG Announcements that I’ll be making as I get closer to pulling the trigger on some new projects that I am sure, will help you get even closer to reaching your business and financial goals.

Until then, thanks for reading this far and I’ll be in touch again shortly.

Warm & prosperous regards,

Aaron Rashkin

P.S. Here’s the Direct link to the Information that Changed our Lives!

P.P.S. Here’s the Direct link to the Story about Why we QUIT MLM, Resigned from our last Company and why you didn’t hear from me in over 13 months – you will still be able to access the Information Page if you start at our Story!

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