Whose Guilt is it Anyway?

You know what, I never feel guilty.

Certainly not about bringing someone into my business and hearing that they are struggling or that they quit.

You see, I know something that they might not know, yet.

It’s called Strength through Struggle and it’s what every successful entrepreneur experiences on their way to the top.

Sure, they’ll blame me for their pain, but I don’t have an ounce of guilt.


Because I didn’t pursue them to join me. Not a single one. 

I didn’t call, pitch or prospect anyone.

Nope, they pursued me.

They found my website, blog, video, article, press release, facebook, twitter page, forum post, profile, or whatever marketing I have taking up literally hundreds of pages on the internet.

Then they opted in to my marketing funnel to learn how I make money online.

It was their choice and they did what they wanted.  Nobody forced them or convinced them that they should, but themselves.

They read my follow up messages or my RSS feed (from my blog page)
and then, the chase begins.

Yep, they chase me. Many with credit cards in hand, wanting to know exactly what to do next.

Remember, there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

So I tell them and show them what to do next, they learn more, then make their own observations and buy when ready.

They did it, not me.

I don’t close them – they close themselves.

And then, they get the keys to the kingdom – I mean every opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take responsibility for themselves and their results.

And should they decide that what I do is too hard for them or that their dreams and goals are not worth the effort or that someone else’s doubt far exceeds their certainty, turning them from a leader into a follower, who do you think they blame?

Well, if you say “me”, Aaron Rashkin, you are only half right.

Many times, it’s the Company, or the Product, the Marketing System or the Comp Plan.

And yes, sometimes it’s me.

And that’s ok, because I don’t take ownership of their blame and certainly don’t carry any of their guilt.

Yes, I said their guilt.

You see, when you blame others, it’s typically diverted self guilt.

Kind of the opposite of being depressed, which is simply anger turned inward

Self guilt is what those who don’t have a grasp of themselves yet, hold on to.

These people still operate out of ego and are the first to look for a scapegoat instead of looking at themselves and asking what they did, or didn’t do, to create their circumstances.

Remember, nothing happens “to” you – only “for” you and “from” you.

As one of my first mentors taught me when I was struggling financially for years, he said, “Aaron, go over to the mirror and take a good look at what you see. You will be staring at both the problem, AND…the solution.”


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2 Comments on Whose Guilt is it Anyway?

  • Aaron very well said.

  • Thanks Carlos – Great to hear from you!

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