Who Else Wants to Spend a Day in My Office with Me?

If you’ve ever thought that looking over the shoulder of a Top Income Earner
would greatlyassist you in making your business a lot more successful,
but never had the chance before
“Now is Your Opportunity to Experience
ExactlyWhat a Multi-Million Dollar Producer
Does Every Day to Build
His Home Based Business –
While Sitting Right Beside Him!

Who Else Wants to Spend
A Day in the Office with Aaron Rashkin?

Read on for Details…


Aaron at MME7Have you ever wondered exactly what a top producer does on a daily basis to build their business?

How they market, who they speak to and how it all ties together with their business plan to make them lots and lots of money?

How about the exact tools and resources they use, the specific actions they take and how much time they allocate to each?

Well, I’m about to share with you exactly how you can experience this with me LIVE, first hand, while sitting right next to me in my brand new home based business office!


Let me explain:


Several weeks ago, during the marketing & promotion of my great friend Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint, I offered several bonuses to everyone who purchased Mark’s course from my affiliate link.
Not only did I give away the exact video of how I created a Sales Presentation that sold thousands of dollars worth of Mark’s products one night before the launch closed, but I also gave away my own personal Prospecting, Recruiting & Networking Training CD on a Private Page just for Bonus Winners.
AND, for the first time ever, I also gave away what I am calling “A Day in the Office” with me.
That’s right, part of my bonus for buying Mark’s course from my affiliate link, was an entire day in my office, sitting right beside me as I run my business, doing my own personal revenue producing activities.

Now there’s a back-story behind all this, so follow me here for a moment.

Several months ago, I noticed that my next door neighbors house had a FOR SALE sign on the front lawn.

It didn’t even phase me, except for the fact that later on that day, I noticed that the sign was gone.

Hmmmm… I thought.

Ironically, just a few moments later I saw a sharply dressed young guy outside the house, so I sat up and walked outside expecting to meet my new neighbor.

Well, sure enough, it wasn’t the buyer – because there was none.

I was speaking to the real estate agent that was selling the house.

The sign came down because the agent felt that the house needed some work before showing it to a prospective buyer.

outside of new houseSo, the wheels started turning and I thought to myself… What if Sophia & I bought the house?!

We could turn it into our office.

Well, low & behold, after weeks of showings, negotiations, phone calls and emails, we purchased our next door neighbors house and have since turned it into our brand new office house!

Slowly but surely – carpet, tile, paint, lighting, electrical, plumbing, landscape, security, internet, phone lines and a full blown conference room have all been installed, upgraded & updated and are now are in full use every day.


Matter of fact, since we took possession of the house just 8 weeks ago (10 weeks now at the time of this writing) despite having a dozen people in and out each week for sometimes days and weeks on end and easily providing me hundreds of distractions that Commission since June 3rdhave taken me away from my business, because of the automation and leverage and skills that I’ve learned in the past few years, I was still able to bring in $92,500 from just one income stream, in commissions for mine and Sophia’s business.

< — This is the exact 8 week period referred to above!

Now normally, I don’t do this, but because we have room for 10 people around our new conference table, you are invited to spend an entire day in my office, literally sitting right beside me while I work.

OfficeJust some of what we’ll be doing include:

- Making LIVE Call Backs & Follow Ups

- Making first time calls to new leads, customers and members

- Email Broadcasting to my lists

- Social Media & Web 2.0 Marketing

- Creating Videos

- A LIVE Training Webinar for New Members

- A LIVE Business Presentation for Guests

- Masterminding, Answering Your Questions & Showing You Exactly How a Top Producer Operates on a Daily Basis and and Much, Much More!

Here is just some of what our past attendees said about this event:

Day in the Office Pic

“I now fully understand the daily workflow to run an ongoing, profitable business.”

- David Buffalo

“This training has given me exactly what I need to take my business to the next level!”

- Chioma Yamarik

“I’m excited that after attending this day in the office, I’ve now learned all the marketing techniques that Aaron uses to build his business, so I can launch my own!- Todd Jacobsen

“After coming to this event, I know it’s going to completely turn around my own business!” - Kyle Hook

“Just to be able to see what he does and how he does it has inspired me to get to work. If you can attend his next LIVE Event, I highly recommend it!” - Xavier Gallegos

Ok, so by now you probably realize how powerful it would be for you to be in my office with me for the day, sitting beside me, looking over my shoulder and soaking up every ounce of marketing knowledge I can impart on you in 10 hours of LIVE hands on training, but just to make your decision even easier, how about a few extra FREE Bonuses on me?!

I mean, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t GIVE the same Bonuses to you, as those who bought Hoverson’s course from me, for Attending a Day in the Office with me, so… I am literally GIVING you the same exact bonuses just for being a part of our next LIVE event.


My personal Upfront Prospecting, Upfront Recruiting & Upfront Networking Audio CD Downloads ($74.85 Value)

Upfront CDs After
personally recruiting well over 1,000 people from a Cold Market into my
Home Based Businesses over the years, I was interviewed by several Top
Income Earners in the Industry, Joe Syverson, Mike Dillard & my wife, Sophia Rashkin in 3 separate unscripted interviews.

These were my first “Caffeine” Products and I used them to deliver a FAST influx of cash into my bank account when I was still just doing “ok” in my home based business about 5 years ago.

Now although I was doing just “ok” financially, it was not because I couldn’t prospect, recruit or network. I actually got quite good at these parts of the business – thus the reason why I was interviewed by Joe & Mike and then made my CDs in the first place.

I’ve always said, “you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to help a fella”, so I used these CDs to teach my own team and then thousands upon thousands of others to use my personal philosophies and strategies to enroll thousands of recruits into their own businesses as well. My CDs were recorded several years ago before I even embarked onto the Internet to make my first million dollars however, each of these CDs sells on my personal website for as much as $24.95 each, and each has sold thousands of copies to Network Marketers, Direct Salespeople & Home Based Business Owners from every niche of our Industry.

Today, I am giving them to you for FREE, just for making the commitment to coming to a Day in the Office with me. Plus, when you arrive in my home, I’ll also give you 5 free copies that you can share with your own recruits or team members.



My PRIVATE Copy Writing & Technical Skills Webinar Creation Video
($197 Value)

ITO Bonus Video

Now, just as I gave away the exact video of how I created the Sales Presentation that sold thousands of dollars worth of products a few nights before the launch of that Info Product closed, I am going to share it with you too!

It’s FILLED with Copy Writing & TECHNICAL SKILLS Training that have made me a king’s ransom in the past few years.

And I’m going to GIVE it to you for FREE and then answer ALL of your questions when you come here to my office LIVE, just for being one of the first 10 people to commit to being here at our next event.



Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel LIVE Video ($197 Value)

Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel VideoLast year, I attended Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding Summit in Las Vegas.

Unannounced and unprepared, Mark invited me up on stage to share the EXACT Marketing Funnel my wife & I built to generate $690,000 in our first full year of Online Marketing and $1,200,000 in just 24 months. This video is uncut and unedited.

I will also give you FREE Access to this video, just for coming to a Day in the Office with me. I’ll even be doing a Special Segment on several of the strategies I discuss in this Bonus Video at my office when you are here. Just ONE of the strategies that I’m going to teach you, alone, made Sophia & me over $90,000 in just our first year online – and yes, it was completely 100% PASSIVE Income!

Now normally, people pay as much as $5,000 for an entire weekend with Sophia & me – but you are getting an entire day with me (and Sophia too) for not even a small fraction of that.

Actually, the cost to be a part of the day is not even close to $5K.

It’s not even $4,000

It’s not even $3,000

 It’s not even $2,000

And it’s not even $997 (which it could actually be if we ever do this again)


Your cost for an entire day in my

office with me is only a one time $497.

The Date is Friday September 30th, 2011

Add to Cart for ITO
Once your order is complete, you will receive more details about the day & location.
Now, I suspect that we will SELL OUT this next event very quickly so when this happens, I will take the order link down at my website.
But right now, as you are reading this, there are 10 Seats Available.

All you have to do in order to be with us for the entire day on September 30th, is click here.


Office Angle< — It’s a one time $497 to purchase your ticket to our event.

If you are a returning customer at my shopping cart, you will be able to enter your email address to complete your order. If you are a first time buyer from my page, you can easily set up your account with as much as your email address.

Once all 10 spots are gone, they are GONE!


Add to Cart for ITO

For an Easy 2 Pay Option, Click Here

Once your order is complete, you will receive more details about the day & location.

It’s pretty simple – you get to sit side by side with me, looking over my shoulder for an entire day while I share with you exactly what I do, how I do it and why I do it.

We will be able to spend a lot of time together getting to know each other and of course, masterminding about YOUR business as well, figuring out exactly what you must be doing every single day to reach your next level of success!

I look forward to meeting you here in my office on Friday September 30th!

Here’s the link again to reserve your seat < —

See you then,

Aaron Rashkin Tilted Headshot


P.S. As soon as all 10 seats are sold, I will be taking the purchase link down off my site, as I want to be sure that I can spend some quality time getting to know each and every participant and their businesses throughout the day.

Because this is a very small event (10 people only), there will be plenty of time for me to network, connect and mastermind with everyone in the office.

You receive thousands of dollars in training, PLUS all your FREE Bonuses all for only $497 – But I’ve only got 10 seats available – so don’t wait, because they will be SOLD OUT quickly.

Add to Cart for ITO

Once your order is complete, you will receive more details about the day & location.

See you here in just a few weeks!






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