What We Give Away, In the End, We Get to Keep

Starting this blog post has been a little challenging.

Even though I’ve known what I want to share, all week, making time to sit down and write has been somewhat tricky since I recently returned home from a week in Las Vegas and have had a ton to do to catch up with everyone who has reached out by way of telephone, email, facebook & blog comments, which seem to pale in comparison to those who have tweeted, texted or used my Contact Me pages to get in touch.

Ha, the networking and connecting never ends!

But who am I to complain?

I love it – so bring it on if you want to get in touch.

So, what do I owe the pleasure of writing about keeping in the end, what we give away?

Well, I guess starting in the beginning would be most appropriate – even more appropriate, considering that Thanksgiving is right upon us as I’m sharing this with you.

So here goes:

A few weeks ago, Sophia (my wife) & I got crowned with what is known as the PRO Founder’s Award.

PRO is the #1 Online Marketing Community in the World and has some of the best marketers on the planet as affiliates.

We market a very powerful niche product line and have been blessed to touch both directly and indirectly, thousands of people and their lives.

Well, because of the level of success that several of our personally sponsored members have achieved, we’ve earned this award.

And the prize…a new car!

Now only 2 others have won the award besides us (considering that the award is relatively new), so I guess for a community of thousands of people in over 180 countries, to be a part of this elite company is pretty cool.

So after the big announcement a few weeks ago, we were told that we had a choice of  several 7 Series BMWs, but could really pick any car of our choice, up to a $1,000 per month payment.

It was a big to do, with so many beautiful luxury cars to chose from.

Sophia liked the 7 Series BMW.

I liked it too but wanted to test drive the Infiniti M56 and the Porsche Panamera – possibly even the Mercedes S Class.

And there were several other ideas thrown around in the first few days of excitement, especially after we posted on Facebook that we just earned the Car Bonus, literally, hundreds of comments and tweets and conversations ensued, with people making suggestions and sharing opinions and asking what we were going to choose.

Well… after a few days of all this banter about a large hunk of metal and fuel consumption and liabilitiy, although I felt extremely grateful to Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson and Alan Moore, the 3 Co-Founders of PRO, and of course our Leadership Team and all of our Members and Family and Friends who have supported us along this journey and all of the ¬†Management Team at PRO who provide remarkable service, I just didn’t feel right about using this money to stuff another car into our garage.

And so, I decided that if Sophia wanted the car, I’d support her in every way possible and we’d go test drive cars on Saturday.

Well sure enough, Thursday morning, just 3 days after it was announced that we earned the Award and could pick the car we wanted, Sophia woke up feeling the exact same way.

So, she sat me down on our Family Room Sofa and sure enough, we had “the conversation”.

Sophia explained to me that she woke up feeling that we should not be getting a new car, but rather…

We should donate the money to a very worthy cause.

One that she had in her sights for almost a year now, that we’ve donated to in small amounts for some time.

Well, I couldn’t have been any happier, not only to defer on the car award, but to channel that money we could have used for another vehicle, to people in another world, far, far away from us who don’t have the same luxuries of life that we do.

So, immediately following our decision to use the money from our Award for what is truly in our hearts, we requested the support of our PRO Co-Founders and sure enough, were given 100% support and encouragement to continue on this path towards truly making a difference.

So, here is where our Founder’s Award money is going, each and every month.

And so, on this eve of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I sit here in my home, around some of my family, for whom I cannot express the thanks I have for the opportunities that I’ve been given, simply by being a part of the Home Based Business Industry.

To say that we are just getting started is a gross understatement.

To say that we have even scratched the surface, is another.

There is still much work to be done.

And while we know that we’ve been blessed with great family and friends and business partners and team members and opportunities for more choices and better options for ourselves, we know that others are not, and therefore, we must continue to give, as a part of our thanks, for all that we have, and all that they don’t.

We must never forget, that if we can read this online, we are better off than most.

We must never forget, that if we are born into a peaceful country, or a country sans war and strife, we are more fortunate than most.

And we must never forget that if we live in a land with an abundance of fresh food, clean drinking water and unpolluted air, we are blessed more than most will ever know.

Truly, if you were born in a 1st World Country, you’ve been born into wealth – compared to the rest of the world.

Truly, we must never forget this.

So please don’t forget that it doesn’t take Rockefeller to help a feller.

By putting those less fortunate first, you truly do make a difference.

And while PRO is in the business of changing and in many cases, saving lives, you have the ability to save and change lives just as much.

We did.

And we invite you to as well.

Afterall, what better way to say thanks, than giving.

Giving back.

Just giving.

Expecting nothing back.

Because in the end, what we give away, we get to keep.

And, this… is the greatest gift you will ever receive.

So from our Family to yours on this joyous holiday… thank you.

For being in our lives.

And oh, Happy Thanksgiving!

Family on Lawn

Sophia, Aaron, Carter & Legend Rashkin

35 Comments on What We Give Away, In the End, We Get to Keep

  • Hey Aaron what an example of WHY people can make such a difference by being willing to be different. Thanks for your leadership to the community at Pro. And Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  • Great post Aaron! You are an inspiration to many. I really like your website here, great work.

    Have a great Holiday Season to you and your family. I’m glad I got to meet you, in person.

    ~ Kelly

  • Nice work Aaron, good to see the heart behind another leader. Keep rocking the industry ;)


  • What a great post Aaron. You and Sophia are an amazing example and inspiration to us all. As a consultant of CCPro for only 3 month and seeing you and the rest of the PRO community at the MME in Vegas last week I’m really proud to be a part of this movement. I have a lot of respect for what you have accomplished and your selfless decision to donate the money from your reward to such an amazing cause. I look forward to following in your footsteps to realizing my dreams and helping as many people and causes as I can along the way. Thank you for your leadership. God bless you and your family.

  • Hello Aaron,
    Beautiful selfless act. Its people like you that inspire people like me. I wish you and your wife much contiuned success as you two deserve it. Hopefully down the road Id love to join your team, maybe after the holiday season.

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Holiday Season.
    Shantle Shipp

  • Aaron,
    Having been blessed with personal and professional backgrounds that have provided multiple sources of information to change many individuals lives, I wish to thank you and your loved ones to combined your giving with like minded individuals to expand future positive growth to those in need to expand future goals and objectives for generations to come. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Ron L.

  • Dude, Aaron… You are an incredible human being. Because of you there are people in 3rd world countries now that are going to have better lives. Thank you for your contribution to the betterment of humanity.

  • An outstanding and beuatiful job aaron & sophia. I think when your WHY extends beyond yourself you’ll then experience real success. You’ve demonstated true wealth and abundance.

  • Aaron, Thank you for sharing such a wonderful example of giving. You are an inspiration. This is why I sought you out again after all these months and years. You and Sophia are great examples of servant leadership and I am honored to learn from you. Blessings in abundance to you and yours at this Thanksgiving time.

  • Aaron and family May God continue to bless you for all the good you are doing. I want to be just like you. You are the Best examples. I thank God that I got an opportunity to meet the two of you.

  • Aaron, you and Sophia,
    you nailed it!

    Instead of getting a second, third or fourth car piled up in your garage, donating the lease payments for it to a truly incredibly important cause is one of the greatest things I have seen anybody doing here in PRO! You rock, guys! In spite of – or maybe because of ? – your CEO Income you stayed down on the floor and see the need in others, and not greedily rake and rake and rake more, as most probably would do.
    And deep down I believe that because of “giving away” what you do, you not only “keep” it, but will get it back 1000 times.
    I’m honored and humbled to know you and to learn from you.


    Cheers from Lima, Peru

    Do something good, something positive, today.
    But do it in the knowing that there is no way they can ever pay you back.
    The world will be a better place because of that – today. – John “JJ” Jackson

  • Aloha Aaron & Sophia,
    Thank you for the gift of sustainable life that you will be giving to so many by your kindness and generousity! You are not only earning rewards on Earth but making Crowns in Heaven as well! God bless you all and have a beautiful Thanksgiving!…Meke Aloha, Nicky

  • I simply take my hat off to you both. Wishing both of you and your children all the very best.

  • What a fantastic read that was Aaron and what fantastic people you and sophia are.


  • That really touches everyones heart to help out the people that don’t have what we have. Loved it, very emotional. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • It was great seeing you & Sophia on the stage at Las Vegas and being crowned with the award & donating it to a good cause.Hats off to you both.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Hey Bro,

    Most excellent post. What we must never forget is that we are just stewards of all the “things” that we have been endowed with. As stewards we must realize that the things we think we need to hold on to are the very things we need to let go of.

    My wife and I are tithers, meaning we give away 10% of EVERYTHING we earn. Those funds are used to feed over 1 million people a month in Haiti, to stop the illegal trafficking of women and many other causes.

    We can’t do everything, but we can all do something.

    Thank you Aaron and Sophia for being a guiding light.

    -Josh and Pamela Boxer

  • Aaron- you and Sophia are the best sponsors and amazing people. This is such a great way to give back to the world. Have a great holiday and enjoy your children!


  • Our dear friends Aaron and Sophia,

    Congratulations on winning the Founders award, you have earned it as the great leader that you are. Giving the money to a place where your heart is will make you and Sophia feel all warm inside. I feel awesome just hearing the story and that we are friends.

    I am very proud to be apart of your team and apart of this community. Happy Thanksgiving to the Rashkin family and your whole team.

    Gordon and Shelli

  • Hey Aaron,

    This post was wonderfl and the idea of donating all the money so other people could have clean drinking water is totally outstanding. While I was in Vegas at the event and listen to both of you explain why you were doing this great donation, I was able to see tears of joy and gratitude that you both had because you could help other people.

    At the private champagne party after the event I was able to pull Sophia off to the side and have a conversation with her about this same subject. It brought tears to my eyes as well, and I will be doanting some of my earnings as well to the cause.

    Every mornining I get up and make a cup of coffee and once or twice a week I do remember how lucky I am to have clean water, but I really should be doing this daily. I am grateful for what I have and look for a way every day to help someone else out that is less fortunate, thank you both for allowing me another means of helping another person or group of people.

  • Hey Sophia and Aaron, It was amazing for me from Germany watching you both recieving the award in Las vegas.May God keep you and you Children in good health so that you keep on doing your good job of helping others.iam grateful too to God for keeping me ,my wife and children in good health.thanks for the informations you keep sending me down here.God bless.Collins

  • Hey Aaron & Sophia, words can’t explain the true gratitute and thankfulness I have just being a member of this amazing community. It’s ever better knowing I’m a part of a team that has leaders with integrity and a servants heart like you and Sophia. You guys are a amazing example of what true leadership is. My wife Nicole and I are thankful we have people like you guys to emulate daily.
    With a whole hearted thank you,
    we wish you and Sophia nothing but the best!

  • A very Great community Gift for people who do not have good water, Jack

  • Thanks for sharing this, Aaron. I love the cause you’ve chosen to support… and the video was extremely touching. Such a great reminder that we can all make a difference. :)

    Thanks for your inspiration!


  • Great Job, Aaron. I am glad that you and Sophia are making a difference in the world. Your friend T.J. Shoemaker

  • Awesome, Just awesome Aaron, What you and Sophia did was great Aaron by providing for those that are less fortunate,

    you guys really show your Leadership skills not just by impacting the home based business industry but the lives of those that are less fortunate as well.

    I’m blessed to know you and Sophia Keep rocking it my friend :0)

  • So proud you were my sponsor! Your guidance is a light to the future!

  • Great, Great Post on this Blog, Jack

  • Congratulations Rashkin Family. You hit it on the head when you said, “you don’t have to be a Rockafeller to help a feller” every bit helps, we can all make a difference not matter how small you may think it is, it could be the biggest thing to the person you are helping. We can live 40 days without food if we have water but we can only live 3 days without water. Three days, seem pretty small unless you are the one living without.
    Thanks Aaron and Sophia for making a choice to make a difference.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours! <3

  • Outstanding and excellent. Yes, we are all connected and what we decide by the choices we make each each moment of each day makes a difference. Thank you for all that you do Sophia and Aaron.

  • Dear Aaron and Sophia – Congratulations on earning the Founder’s Award!!! What an amazing way to celebrate your accomplishment by blessing someone else with the gift of LIFE. You both are dedicated Leaders and a wonderful inspiration to all of us in this industry. Aaron, I met you briefly last week at the Las Vegas event during one of the breaks. You were very gracious and encouraging and I will remember that moment always. Thank You!!! I look forward to your e-mails and your continued excellent teaching and inspiration. May God continue to bless you both, your boys and all those whose eyes you look into :)

  • Aaron and Sophia, Congratulations on earning the Founder’s Award. I just signed up and will soon buy the black box. I am so passionate about being successful so I can help others that are less fortunate, that your article about giving inspires me to be better than I ever thought I could be. I am so pleased to see the attitude that you and Sophia have about giving back. I am very much looking forward to your teachings, so I can someday give back the way you have. GOD has blessed you to continue his work, don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that it is not remembered. Thank you.

  • Hi Guys!
    It’s been awhile since I saw you in passing in Vegas. There were several people I didn’t get to meet in the world-wind and excitement. We were on stage together at one point. I remember when you and Sophia were trying to make the choice between which car. I will always remember forever in my heart the beautiful moment at the event when you both shared your decision. Nature, especially water, and children are two of the most precious resources we have. Water for Life is a fb page I created awhile back. Reflecting on that moment will always give me happy tears. Love to you both, your family, Doc.Rivers and his, as well as everyone’s life you touched that day but especially all of those who’s life will be sustained from the water they can now drink.See you at the events!With eternal gratitude, Lynn Clarke

  • Im still learning from you, while Im making my way to the top as well. I definitely enjoy reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it!

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