What Are You Doing With Your Opportunity?

I’ve been meaning to get this message to you for days, but I’ve literally been slammed with so many new members coming on board my team for the past week that this post had to take a back seat to getting my newest people set up to make their first 10K online.

Well, mission accomplished, for the next hour at least or…until a new member gets started! lol

Ok, so, my question is… What are you doing with your opportunity?

Let me paint a clear picture here so that you can quickly get up to speed.

Today I was at the gym warming up on a recumbent bike before I started lifting weights.

After a few minutes, I set the resistance to the highest setting – Level 25.

My plan was to keep peddling at the same pace as when the bike was set at level 10 and really create a great cardiovascular & endurance workout in just 15 minutes of super high intensity training, before I went and blasted my chest.

Of course, once I increased the setting to Level 25 the resistance got much higher.

However, because I was riding a Smart Bike, the machine knew to keep the difficulty level down at Level 10 until I showed it that I really wanted a Level 25 workout by peddling faster and putting in more of an effort.

Note the takeaway…

The opportunity was there for me to have a killer workout, but it was up to me to make that happen.

I had 2 choices.

Either ride slowly, tip toe around the idea of having a great workout and avoid the results I seek…


Crank up the intensity, focus on the opportunity and really get what I came for.

I could ride slowly and fool the bike into thinking that I only wanted a Level 10 workout, or…I could start exerting more effort and show it that I was up for the challenge.

Remember, the bike is smart – just like the opportunity. It knows whether you are a pansy ass, or if you mean business and are ready to get to work!

Of course I chose the latter and forced my legs into excruciating pain – but got exactly what I went to the gym for – a great workout!

Unfortunately, I see so many others go in the opposite direction.

They exercise away, slowly and carefully exerting very little to no effort – buying the same old excuses that got them out of shape in the first place – convincing themselves that it’d be better to push themselves – tomorrow.

Yet tomorrow never comes – nor does the day that they break free from their story.

Every chance to bargain with themselves, they do.

And as their result, they never create enough resistance to create enough speed to get any momentum, or liftoff – not in their workouts, not in their businesses and certainly not in their lives.

So sad…

So here’s the deal my friend.

Just because you set the bar high, doesn’t mean that you have to go for it.

I see it every day.

People join our Profession, make small to fairly large investments relative to their own comfort level and BOOM – they either step up or step out.

They either buy into their excuses, or, they buy into their reasons to succeed.

All it takes is one in either the direction to get that train rolling down the track.

Buy into it and the train rolls even faster.

Eventually, that train picks up so much speed that it becomes normal.

Screaming down the track, full speed.

A freakin’ freight train of excuses that fail or reasons to succeed.

Ever experience this?

I have.

Sometimes for the bad – but mostly for the good.

Get on the right track with a little momentum and the next thing you know, you are either waist deep in developing success or…you are moving farther and farther away from your intended goal.

So how can you win and come out on top, even with an excuse avalanche from time to time?

It’s simple…

Just make sure that your reasons are bigger than your problems.

Read that again if you have to.

Make sure that your reasons are bigger than your problems.

If you gamble in Las Vegas and win at least 51% of the time – you are a winner.

As long as you are moving in the right direction 51% of the time, you are going to make it.

And over time, increase that number to 52%, 55%, 60% on up!

Eventually, you will re-program and re-condition yourself so that more often than not, you are facing forward on your horse, head up, great attitude and moseying on down the highway of success into the sunset.

If not, you will live to regret it.

Your decision to blame, procrastinate and wait for the perfect moment to begin, will eat away at you forever.

Plus all the fear, pain, disappointment, shame, guilt, jealousy, anger & resentment.

I once heard that resentment is like swallowing a bottle of poison and waiting for your enemy to die.

Pressure, stress, unmet obligations, broken commitments and under delivered promises – not just to yourself, but to your family, your spouse, your kids will live with you forever if you don’t cease the opportunity in front of you right now.

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Not in your lifetime. Not in mine.

But the fact that you are reading this right now tells me that you already know this.

You want only the best things for you and your familiy.

You want more mores.

You want to be in control of your life.

Have all the freedoms you know are possible.

Financial Freedom.

Time Freedom.

Personal Freedom.

It’s all available to you.

So what’s YOUR excuse?

What’s your story?

What is it that you tell yourself that keeps you from what you really want?

There has to be something.

Even if you are already successful.

Your next level of success demands an answer.

Your next level of success demands a new commitment.

Your next level of success demands a new YOU!

Got thoughts?

11 Comments on What Are You Doing With Your Opportunity?

  • Good Post. Thanks for the talking to. I better get back to work. :)

  • another killer post Aaron. Always bringing the value. I dont think theres anything that can be added to that. In order to have something we’ve never had before we need to become someone we’ve never been before. Theres always another level, theres always a new perspective theres always another way to break through. You can have your story, or you can have success, but you can’t have both. Which one you are willing to give up is totally up to you, its a choice.

    Great post.

  • Hey, truth said, I was sweating with guilt by the time I finished reading your power-punching post, Aaron – you got the gift to ‘read and understand’ all our troubles, and then turn them to positive motivation. Seems to me you travelled my road beofre…I am very close to decion-making time…

  • Great posting Aaron. Made me think about whether I am doing enough to get what I want

  • This is a great topic, vrry well written and just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing!

  • Great poet Aaron. Did you write this especially for me? I felt like it was a 1/1 coaching session.

  • karembe
    thanks Aaron for a great post:I realy needed the reminder I am liket bye

  • Awesome post Aaron. Working the bike I know very well. (I ride right around 200 miles a week.) So, this analogy is spot on. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with all of us. SPOT ON!

  • Thanks Aaron,you just made me more of a realist.thanks but most of your internet marketers dont involve Nigeria,are we that bad,cant you all devise a means to checkmate fraudsters for the sake of the good ones.

  • I always expect to get the truth from you… thanks for having the insight to say what needs to be said- I put 2 and 2 together and get 4.
    Anything more is just us making complicated.
    “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” N. Hill 1925

  • Sure wish I had found your post when you wrote it I’m convinced I would have taken your example and begun the change I now desire. Will be getting on board this week.

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