Universal Truth #6 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

Ok, so now we are up to Universal Truth #6 and I give you fair warning: This one is not for the weak or timid.

If you offend easily, either leave this page, or sit up and pay close attention here because I’ve gotta unload this the way I see it, or else I’m doing both you and myself a big dis-service.

I was thinking of posting this on my Rants Page, but seriously, this Universal Truth is far too important to consider it just “blowing off steam”!

So, as I’ve been saying for years now, being in Free Enterprise, more specifically, in the Home Based Business Industry, we don’t just build our business with people – we build our people with the business.

Yes, it’s a Personal Growth & Development Program with a Product & Compensation Plan attached to it.

Bottom line – we are in the Leadership Development Industry.

Want to be successful? Learn to be a Leader.

Actually, I’m going to contradict myself.

You don’t even have to become a Leader to become successful – just be a Builder.

Build yourself and your business will grow.

And by learning to build yourself and your business simultaneously, your Leadership will come in the wake of it all.

And so if you embrace growth & development, trials & tribulations and tests & challenges that come with building yourself and your business, then you’ve already realized (or will soon realize) that you must not only build your business for a living, but for a loving – and there is a big, and I mean BIG difference.

Did you get that? You must not build your business just for a living, but for a loving.

If you don’t love, and I mean LOVE, what you are doing, quit now, because not only won’t you become successful, but you will struggle profusely until you do and you will get more and more dis-empowered, confused and frustrated every step along the way.

You cannot just love the thought of being successful, because if that is the case, you are making yourself, your brand and your business, all about YOU.

And that doesn’t fly in our market.

I mean, you’ve gotta learn to truly love, and I mean LOVE what you do, why you do it and whom you do it for, because if you only do what you do to “make money”, to save your ass from drowning, well…you are already wearing that on your sleeve and it’s the last thing that people are interested in working with you for.

Yes, it’s called desperation and when you are in this place, mentally and emotionally, you are not the only one who feels it – everybody does.

Now as you know, I am a sucker for a good metaphor so excuse me for using this one if it’s already on your list of cheesy cliches, but it’s never been more true that “people don’t really care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

And as much as we like to sweep the thought that we must “care” more before we “earn” more, under the proverbial rug, don’t do it, because it’s truly the very essence of your success.

Now let me come clean here and share something that I used to think when I first heard my mentor tell me this over 15 years ago.

I thought to myself, “Are you BLEEP’N kidding me? I should care more about how Joe Blow is going to pay his bills before I can even pay mine? Uh, no.”

And so I dismissed this thought for a while and of course, you guessed it, I stayed broke.

And here’s why.

Because even when I could bring people into my business, my level of consciousness screamed loudly, “get into my business so that I could use you to make money” and sure enough, not only did I attract people who were just like me, but they too struggled to make money because all they cared about was finding other people to help themselves make money.

Do you get this pattern.

I’m sure you do.

And it wasn’t until I learned to work harder on myself than on my business that the work I did started changing the way I did business.

I went from “let me use you to help myself” to… “use me to help yourself”.

See the difference.

BIG difference.

Are you getting this?

Perhaps even an AHA Moment?



Now let me bring this full circle because there is much more here than meets the eye.

Look, we all want to be helpful and show others what we believe to be “the way”.

But what must also be present for you to truly be of service to your fellow men and women, whether they are leads, contacts, applicants, members of your team or even just your peers, is knowledge, information or wisdom from your experience that you can easily package and deliver in a way that raises their level of consciousness.

Yes, read that again if you must, because it’s the very essence of your success, especially when using Attraction Marketing to build your business.

And so, even if you’ve got your domain name, landing page and autoresponders and marketing funnel all figured out, have a nice video of yourself, a great Facebook profile, Twitter Background, You Tube Channel, even a blog, none of it even matters if aren’t able to project the message that you are a pillar of strength for them and can lead them to where they want to go.

So, that being said, if there is any fear, desperation, uncertainty or worry in your voice, on your face or through your words, throughout any of your marketing, whether spoken or written, your viewers, visitors, friends, fans and followers will not view you as someone who they could learn or benefit from.

And even if you attempt to fool people and put on an “act” in attempt to cover up your fears, worry or anxiety, but are still able to write great copy or blog posts or shoot great or even speak well, if behind closed doors you are still hiding under the covers waiting for the boogie man to come get you, or you are obsessed with thinking about how you are going to get your next check to pay your bills, all that work you are doing to build your business, does not matter.

Because a smart consumer will not only see right through a broke person’s mentality, but their BS meter will ring like a siren when they detect a poser.

But keep in mind that once you re-program your subconscious thoughts and actually think & feel prosperous and successful, even if the money hasn’t started coming in yet, this mind-shift along with great advertising and marketing, is the exact formula that it takes for you to make some serious breakthroughs.

So, what the hell do you do when you haven’t made any money in your business yet, but you are out there, online, offline, in line, doing what you are learning to do to become successful?

It’s actually quite simple.

It’s a small little shift in your thinking that is going to make the difference.

It’s that message you are sending that says, “I love what I’m doing.”

But again, it cannot be a bunch of BS.

You’ve truly gotta love what you do, why you do it and who you are doing it for.

And when you get to this place of actually caring enough about others, and not just yourself, people will truly feel that you are coming from “contribution, not just “collection”.

So what I’m getting at is this.

You can run the ads, get the clicks, add more friends, fans or followers, make the calls, drive the traffic, convert the leads, show the plan, upload the video, blog the post, or whatever it is you do to build your business.

But if behind closed doors, to yourself, or your spouse or kids, or friends or family or sponsor, you keep saying or thinking, “I need to make more money, or “We need to make this work”, or “I have to come up with x amount to pay our bills this month, or any rendition of this needy, desperate, lack mentality, poverty consciousness rhetoric”, YOU WILL STAY BROKE and suffer financially FOREVER!

Did you get that?

Read it again.

And again.

And again.

Because you cannot and will not come up with the solution to your lifes problems, with the same mindset that caused your problems in the first place.

If you don’t truly love what you are doing, not only will you attract the wrong people into your life and business, but you will repel the people who have the most value to offer when it comes to you having successful mentors and leadership.

I see this every day.

Because not a day goes by when I’m asked by my peers, my clients and even members of my own marketing team, if I would review their advertising, their marketing, or their approach.

And when I take a look at their work, or listen to them speak or communicate in any way, the ones who do not absolutely love what they are doing, clearly stand out amongst the ones who do.

And if it’s so clearly obvious to me, then it’s also so clearly obvious to others as well.

And if this is the case for you, then the message that you are sending, more so than the words in your communication is one of neediness, helplessness and desperation.

So Universal Truth #6 – You must first come from Contribution, not Collection.

Because if you truly don’t care about others getting their problems solved first, you will never solve your own.

I guess Zig Ziglar was right after all.

Help enough people get what they want, and you will always get what YOU want.

Contribution always precedes collection. And this again, is Universal Truth #6.

Go Zig!

Got thoughts?

21 Comments on Universal Truth #6 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

  • Oh how the truth sometimes stings. Thank you for posting this is something a lot of people think but lack the backbone to bring it to light.

    I give you full permission to pull me aside and slap me silly if you ever catch me self sabotaging myself ; ) . Hah! Will never happen. Thank you for being the leader of leaders and standing for what is right and not being afraid to strike down when you see something that needs to be brought to light.


    Josh Boxer´s last [type] ..Turnkey Home Based Business The Wave Of The Future

    • Hell to the yeah bro! I will always call it like I sees it! Thanks for the comment ‘;-)

  • Thanks for your words of wisdom. Always good to hear.

  • Give wholly and completely, without want and desire, and you shall receive. Abundance vs poverty mentality. I can only speak for myself when i tell you this didn’t sting at all, but made me feel quite good.

  • You are so right. This is sure the truth. I have seen it a lot in my lifetime.
    Thanks, Roy Curtis

  • The truth hurts, but has to be spoken. It takes a person like yourself to tell it like it is. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make in the thinking of many people. Thank you. You are certainly on top of your game.

  • Aaron, thanks much. Once again your words are simple, profound, and inspiring. Just divine and excellent. Great post.

  • You are so right on! I have heard this for years in the industry, but sometimes it just has to be re-emphasized for it to sink in.
    Thanks, Brad Davis

  • I think I am understanding your concept of the idea, but are you saying what I have learned I need to teach to others. That I will reap the rewards. Then thanks for the mind changing info.

  • Aaron,Thank you very much for showing me,Me.Of all your training,this one show me my greatest downfall.I can see success in veiw.

  • Cheers for sharing this.

    I have to confess, I was looking to find the offensive bit of the post, but didn’t find it.

    You just delivered 100% truth mixed with love – the best cocktail on the planet :)


  • Oh man, what a message. What a slap on the back of the head. Thank you. I get it. I do have the heart and the desire to help others. But after reading and re-reading then reading your post once more. I questioned myself. Do I TRULY love what I’m doing. And am I allowing my present personal situation(s) to be in the forefront of my business and my marketing. Are people seeing my anxieties and worries. Well I have that answer!
    So thank you for leading with such passion and deep down integrity. We can feel it.

  • This is 100% TRUE.
    Thx Aaron.

  • Hey Aaron,I miss Informations and tips like this one from you since over a fortnight. I share your opinion that without Love for what one does one cannot succeed in it.And that desperation is contagious.A despirate person passes on his desperation onto his immediate Environment.Thanks for this piece.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Great post and very true to the core. Love reading stuff like this. Look forward to seeing you guys at the MME coming up. Have a great weekend.


  • Aaron, All i can say is Awesome! With all the great training you provide for your team this may very well be Tops among them all. Thank You!

  • Great post, Aaron!! Some questions come to mind after reading it.
    I agree with all you say, however,
    how do I come from a position of contribution to the prospect, if I am starting out and I don’t have something of great value to offer to the prospect?
    What must I do to create the perception of value in the mind of the prospect, when I don’t yet know what would motivate him/her?
    I can let go of the thought of making money, and place my service to the prospect first, before I expect to get paid, however, how do I translate that “belief mindset” to the prospect? Is that like trying to change their minds, change their way of thinking, change their mindset? We are not trying to convince them of our thinking, so if they think differently, what shall I do? Thanks for all your great posts. Talk soon.

  • Hi, Aaron,thanks for that universal truth #6 you have sent to me,what you are saying is absolutely true,i have already started applying it, thanks again.

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  • great message it is the truth give and you shall recieve.

  • Hey Stanley,

    Here’s something to read that may answer your questions:


    See if you come up with an answer to your own questions after reading this.



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