Universal Truth #4 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

If you’ve been an avid reader of mine for any length of time, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already picked up by now, that my belief says that almost 100% of your skillset, comes from your mindset.

Perhaps you’ll even recall that I’ve touched lightly on this subject in my To the Top Newsletter, or perhaps even in Universal Truth #1, Universal Truth #2 or Universal Truth #3. (which you’ll want to go back and read if you missed them, just to make sure you get the full story from start to finish)

Now working on yourself, (your mindset specifically), while you work on your business, is age old wisdom and the very lesson that Sophia & I strive to teach our two boys, Carter & Legend, every single day. Matter of fact, we have them repeat something very powerful to us every night before they go to bed.

We have them say, “I can do anything I set my mind to”.

And you know what, they pretty much can!

In the next few days, I’ll post a video of our older son, Carter, proving how powerful this statement truly is, especially because he started saying it before he could even speak clearly! (You are going to LOVE this video, trust me!)

Now one might argue this point and ask, “how can having a powerful mindset, belief system and set of paradigms make you good at the actual physical activities that it takes to build a successful home based business?”

Well, to put it bluntly, by developing your mindset you will naturally develop the confidence to start taking action.

And even if the actions you are taking at first are not visibly producing results on the outside, on the inside, they are the very actions that must be taken in order to ever see the outside results.

In other words, every single action you take today, may not pay for itself in the moment, but over time, it will pay you a fortune!

It’s just like when you do strength training.  Those first 7 or 8 reps don’t do much but fatigue your muscle – but those last 2 or 3 forced reps, are what actually stimulate the muscle for growth.

When it comes to your business, my friend Liz says, “what you give up in the beginning in time, money and energy, you make back 10,  100, even 1,000 times in the end!”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Now to the naked eye it may appear that your actions are a waste of time and energy and perhaps even money if what you are doing doesn’t demonstrate instant quantifiable results, but to the trained eye, well, we know that you are getting it together while you are putting it all together.

And as long as you are building your business, what matters is that you are building yourself in the process. Because your success depends on both yourself and your business thriving.

It’s true – the two often go hand in hand, as long as your reasons for building both are clear.

I’ve always said, we don’t just build our business with people; we build our people with the business – starting with ourselves.

Because success is a growth process that takes time, which means learning to exercise persistent and consistent activities as you grow yourself into a leader.

Just like Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich, when the results start coming, you will wonder where they’ve been hiding all along.

So even though all the challenges and frustrations and the feeling of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere can be somewhat discouraging, to what my friend Mark calls, “Opportunistic Eyes”, these are the very actions that make up the true essence of your success.

You must go through these challenging times, in order to experience true success.

Yes, the only place you will ever find success before work, is in the dictionary!

And the only time you can truly lose, is if you quit.

Remember that old carnival game where you’d throw a softball into a wicker basket by leaning over the counter and extending your arm out as far as possible to make a good throw?

If you remember this game – if you could get the softball to stay in the basket without bouncing out you’d win.

But here’s the catch:

The basket is angled in such a way that it’s very difficult to make the ball stay in it.

You had to throw the ball in such a way that it rolled into the side of the basket, so as not to bounce out.

If you won, you got a giant teddy bear! Yeeeehaw!

And here’s the other catch:

In order to play, you’d have to put down a quarter.

And if you wanted to continue throwing the ball to see if you could win, each throw you’d have to double your bet.

After your 1st throw, you’d put down another quarter totaling $.50.

Then, a dollar.

Then, $2.

Then, $4.

By your 10th throw, you’d be up to $128.

But the only time you lose, is if you walk away.

It’s the same with your business.

As long as you are still building yourself and your business, you won’t lose.

As long as you never quit.

But you must get better at everything in this process, so that you don’t repeat your first year in business, for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 10th time.

It’s all about improving with each throw and learning from every experience.

So herein lies Universal Truth #4.

Universal Truth #4 says, “There is no wasted effort”.

Every thought, action and word you read, hear and speak plays it’s part in your outcome.

All of it. Good or bad.

So you must be careful, because just as each of these items could add to you, they could easily detract from you as well.

It’s very much like the slight edge theory.

Both success and failure take a lot of discipline.

Because it’s the same repeated activity over time that leads you to your results.

In other words, even if you are doing everything to be successful, yet feel like nobody is watching, responding or paying attention, doing something is far more a successful action than  doing nothing at all.

Recently, I had a client explain to me that no matter how many Status Updates she makes, Like buttons she clicks, comments she adds or ads she runs on Facebook, she still cannot seem to get anyone to respond to her, visit her website or become a lead, let alone buy anything or get started.

I explained that there is no such thing as wasted effort and ensured her that no matter how bleak it looked, as long as she continued moving forward and kept on improving her skills and belief system, the very actions she was taking that seemed not to produce any tangible results, would be the very actions that get her to her goals.

Well, sure enough, she continued as I suggested, and just a few months later, now, she receives a dozen or more comments on her Status Updates, has people communicating with her through Private Messages and asking her about her business. Sure enough she is now generating leads, making sales and putting more money in her bank account every week.

As she continues to understand more about herself and people and human nature in general, she will make even further breakthroughs and see even bigger results toward her success.

But the takeaway here is this: She has changed the way she thinks, speaks and acts and as a result, people are more attracted to her and she is growing as a leader, on the inside, which is what brings the outside results.

And so just as every inspiring action, word or thought you think contributes to your success, at the same time, so does every uninspiring thought, word and action – IF, you learn from them and correct yourself along the way.

Whether you are on the upward curve or the downward curve, you are on the curve and either moving closer to, or away from your goals.

Remember Universal Truth #4 – There is no wasted effort.

So no matter how challenging you feel your next step is, how frustrating it is to make your next breakthrough or figure out the next digit in the combination that it will take for you to unlock the doors to your success, everything about you is contributing in one way or another.

And when you learn to appreciate both the highs and lows that come along the journey and accept them for what they are and how they all contribute to your success, you too will make another breakthrough and take yourself one step closer to being the person you came to this Industry for, in the first place.

These are my thoughts on success today.

Care to share yours?

20 Comments on Universal Truth #4 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

  • Aaron, This blog post was like a personal conversation based on my current position. Lots of action without seeing effective results. I am “your client”, many frustrations, what to do?, when to do it?, what’s most effective?, how to monetize?, should I enroll in this program/webinar/counseling?, spend more money? but when do I make some?

    Ultimately you have underlined the importance of continuing, learning, growing, changing and realizing, “There is no wasted effort”


  • Aaron:
    Really like your Universal Truths. If I have a question can I ask Sophia, such as on Twitter, what to submit with the http://
    Don’t understand, promoting something. I also submitted article “What’s wrong with Multi-level Marketing as a business model.” On Betternetworker 1st one from E-Zines Thanks.

  • Aaron,
    Thank you for the insight. I agree – no effort is wasted. It is all a journey and I am enjoying learning new things.

  • Thanks for this Aaron. I now feel a whole lot better. I am not getting the results that I want yet, but I know that if I keep putting in the effort, I will be rewarded.


  • Great, thanks for spend your time to wrote this. Is nice to read some “fresh” stuff :-P

  • Some years ago, all at once, all this stuff began to make sense. Until that time, it was just a jumble of cliches in my mind. Then I started living the words, actually walking and trusting in the truth of what I had only been saying. This was the real turning point for me. Thanks for your terrific insights & wisdom, Aaron. You, You TEACHER You!! You ROCK!

  • Aaron,
    Great blog post my friend, I know I use to think all the blog post I make or facebook status update i do was wasteful effort, But I learn that nothing is wasteful.

    The Key is persistence and being in this game longer enough to see your seed break forth. The Law never lose it power if you keep working the business and keep growing you have no choice to be successful at what you do.

    Thanks Aaron for the great post :0)

    To The Top
    Ty Neal

  • hey every one

  • Aaron, It’s interesting that I am hearing this same concept from different sources. Each action we take is leading to success or failure. The more actions we take toward success will bring such. It helps to know what our goals is clearly in our mind. Then, each step we take is getting us closer even if we don’t see the progress. It’s important to keep learning and going. Thanks for your inspiration and instruction. Sheri

  • Hi Aaron,

    I saw you and your family on stage this November in Las Vegas and I learned a lot about the character and persistence it takes to be successful.

    Thank you for not being cheesy like some top earners in this industry. Thanks for being an example of what really matters in this world and in this business.

    This post really spoke to me. I am just now at the apex of this mindset shift that I have been putting off since February when I started in my business model.

    Always thinking “what’s next?” regardless of whether or not you just came out of a bad time or a good time is the best way forward.

    It’s time for me to get back to work! Thanks for the mindset boost!


  • I am new in mlm business and I appreciate that you take time ti write to me and the way you give some hope of changing the way I was thinking about that kind of business. thank you for everything. I will continue to read everything you write.

  • Wow good say, but big opinion…

  • Thanks Donna! Glad you got a lot out of it. All I can tell you is that all you require is already in you. Keep on growing as a leader and learn to pour your own cup of tea! ‘;-)

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