Universal Truth #3 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

Ok, so it’s taken a bit longer than I expected to pump out Universal Truth #3 – but I have a great excuse!

I’ve been producing non stop for mine & Sophia’s primary business for the past several weeks – placed in a few affiliate marketing contests, won some cash & prizes, took trips to New York City, the beach in San Diego 2xs, Legoland & even Disney with the kids – been livin’ it up I guess you can say!

Even generated well over 100K in the wake of it all, making some investments and assisting dozens of clients, partners and team members to follow in our footsteps.

Ok, so my excuse making is over.

I trust you can forgive me. ‘;-)

I know, I know – Time to get back to work Rashkin!! Hahaha!

Now, if you missed Universal Truth #1 or Universal Truth #2, go back and read them – just click on their links in this sentence.

You want to read them all, preferably in order.

I mean, do whatever you want – I’m just suggesting you go from start to finish. (Hint, Hint!)

And that is the basis of Universal Truth #3.

But it’s probably not what you think.

No Rocky speeches right now. You can do your own pushups later.

Here’s the deal:

One of the Truths that you must know about, in order to really make it long term in this Industry , (or any Industry for that matter), is that you must never worry, obsess over or spend too much time thinking about the “one that got away”.

You know, that guy or gal who talks about how good they are, how much money they’re gonna make you or how successful they are going to become when they join your business, but then cancels, disappears or unsubscribes within a few hours to a few days of showing up in the first place.

I’m even going to go as far as saying that if they’ve bragged or boasted to you about how much they’ve made in the past or how successful they were in another area of their life and how they can do this too, “no problem”, that they are most likely full of more than a whole buncha hot air. (I’m being very nice here)

Ok, so WTF am I talking about?

Let me give you some examples.

I can’t even count how many times some bozo applied to work with Sophia & me, told us how he or she was going to smack the cover off the ball, and when I refused to sell them into my business and suggested they follow the System that they too will follow in order to become successful, they started balking or crying or got disenchanted because I didn’t baby them or hold their hand or wipe their ass when they thought I should be kissing it!

Nine times out of ten this is the same guy or gal who crumbles like a stale cookie with a few tiny faux pas’.

A computer glitch, programming error, or can’t reach you (or your assistant) fast enough – these are the first people to start panicking and bail.

Successful?  My ass!

“Listen up Bozo, successful people don’t let little things rob them of big opportunities.”

Now I don’t say that to them, (quite like that at least), but I’m sayin’ it here, because I can. It’s my blog!

Here’s another example:

She tells you what a big fish she is, but asks you to pay her way in to your business!

LOL! Hahaha! - This one deserves a double laugh! ;-D

I’ve had guys tell me they were #1 in sales, recruiting and sponsoring, yet couldn’t come up with a few hundred bones to get started.

Several have even sent screenshots of their back offices to “prove” their highness yet had the gonads to ask for a freebie because their next check wasnt coming for another month, but was so big that they’d be able to pay me back times 10, just from how much they would make me!


And in a mere flash when I challenged this guy to come up with his own start up capital, he disappeared just as fast as he showed up.

Mr. Recruiter man, you are full of it!

“Ok, so you’ve enrolled over 6,000 people in your MLM / Network Marketing Career and you’re the #1 guy in the Universe, but you have to wait until next week’s check to come up with $500 to join us?  Where is all of your money?”

And, since you told me that you don’t even need a System to be successful, perhaps that’s why you got no dough.

When I tell you that the best way to learn our System is NOT to circumvent it, and to go through it yourself and get your Application submitted if you ever want to know exactly what your people will experience, don’t think I’m not catchin’ on when you say, “I don’t need a System to be successful – I can sell ice to an Eskimo.”

Duh, hello – you are broke dude. Did you forget that you just told me that you had no cash?!

Some kind of wunderful I guess?! LOL!

Now if you are brand new to this business, like six more days and you’ll be here a whole week, just know this:

You WILL encounter this guy when you stick around long enough!

Again, if you been playin’ around with this Home Based Business stuff long enough, I bet you know exactly who I’m  talkin’ about.

The Broke Genius – the guy or gal who “knows it all”, but doesn’t have two nickels to rub together to make heat.

Listen, I’ve been broke before – even broken.

And don’t get me wrong here, IF you haven’t noticed, I come with a lot of piss and vinegar, but if you’re broke, you don’t wanna be running around talking a lot of shit about how good or smart or successful you are if you have no money or the cahones to stick it out and get past a few minor challenges.

So, let me just lay this on the line.

Universal Truth #3 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success is this…

“You cannot lose what you don’t already have”.

That’s it.

You can’t.

You know it and so do I.

Let these people go.

And let yourself go.

Because your time is so much better invested on focusing on the focused, not some smack talkin’, bull shitter who has no respect for their own time or your own.

Quit listening to what people say and just watch what they do.

Plain and simple.

Simple and easy breezy.

The less time you invest in begging, bugging and nagging these people, the faster the door opens up for new opportunities to work with people who are truly committed and who will not be looking for reasons to quit or blame you for their own lack of guts or desire.

As my 2 1/2 year old son says, “OS”.

As in “Adios” amigo!




Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Because when one door closes, another door opens. And you want these people off your list and out of your way just as fast as they came in.

Get rid of them. They are dead weight.

Nice people perhaps, but just fooling themselves.

As my friend & PRO Co-Founder Aaron Parkinson says, “”Leaders never feel sorry for themselves. They feel sorry for those who lack the same vision.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So that’s why I quote him.

You gotta cut your losses and move on.

And when I say losses, I mean… liabilities.

These people cost you more than they will ever make you, or themselves.

Thank them for their time, end the relationship with dignity and move on my friend.

Never had ‘em, never will.

And there you have Universal Truth #3 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success.

“You cannot lose that which you don’t already have”.

Here’s what you do have.


Stick with it.

You are right there on the verge of a breakthrough.

As long as you don’t quit, stay in integrity with what you know is the right thing to do and always model yourself after other successful people, your next level of success is right around the corner.

That’s it.

No, that’s truly IT.

Until my next Truth comes out…

It’s to the top my friend!

Make it so…


16 Comments on Universal Truth #3 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

  • Wow Aaron! Very well put my friend. I agree with every word. I love that you are straightforward. You rise to the top faster when the dead weight is cut.

    .-= Clifton Hatfield´s last blog ..5 Quick Steps To A Successful Blog =-.

  • Well said Aaron! I literally laughed out-loud in the recognition of how true this is. Great writing by the way.

  • Thanks Aaron, fantastic posting and so true


  • HI Aaron, Gregg tells me the samething but for whatever reason its hard to let go of the ones that says “I really want to this” or “just dont have the money right now but will have it in 2 months” I feel like I really want to help them and not let go. I have to learn to let go and do like Gregg says as well. I think it goes something like this. S.W.S.W.S.W. Great Post Aaron. I am forcing myself to let go now and i will see you in Vegas. Thanks

  • Aaron,

    Very well put. It comes to the point in everyone’s life in which they either have to Put Up or Shut Up.

    The famous saying goes… “Your Actions speak so loudly, I Can’t hear a word your saying.”

    Gotta love universal truth’s as they forever remain constant. Kind of like gravity and the law of returns and the law of attraction. You can’t see it but through faith, the overcomers know it exists.

    Thank you for sharing,


  • Definitely a truth I am learning. I am finally learning that those who aren’t ready aren’t worth my time. I am learning not to feel guilty of leaving them behind. Then I can spend my time looking for or working with those that are ready to go. Great blog. Thanks.

  • Aaron, if you pay my way in I promise to sign up everyone I know and make you a complete fortune. LOL

    Dude, not only was this well written, the time has come for people to hear the real deal. You are the man!

  • Enjoyed your blog. Get rid of the tire kickers and freebie seekers who will only bring your business down with alot of headaches.

  • Great post Aaron! I have signed up one person so far who promptly quit, but I keep thinking about it. This is the kick in the pants I need to move forward.

  • Aaron,

    We do have to realize that everyone is not the same. There are different personality types that the “system” may not work for. For instance, if you have an introvert and you go and tell them to go home and call eveyone they know, what do you think will happen. “Nothing” They are scared shitless to do this so some “systems” arent geared towards everyone’e personality type. That’s why a good system will provide different marketing systems for each personality type. Then you got a winner.

    Thanks buddy
    .-= Eldridge DuFauchard´s last blog ..Listen Up-The Universe Is Talking…Or Stay Stuck On Stupid =-.

  • Another valuable insight you shared with us Aaron. It is true that there are a lot of people out there that call themselves “experts” or “gurus” but when you view their work, it doesn’t add up. I am new to network marketing and I must say you are very right to the point. This is something that I will definitely help me in choosing a true and honest mentor with integrity. More success to you and your wife.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I would like to take the opportunity to add few points here to your saying ” YOU CANNOT LOSE WHAT YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE”.

    IN the first case LOSING and GAINING are the life’s process. It’s like a wave. In simple i can say like they are seasons that comes in a year. when one goes, one comes. Truly speaking losing and gaining are not negative terms.we people have make these things as opposites. don’t ever think that failure is a negative. it is a process. if you think that which happens to you is a failure then just await you are going to see success also. it has no other way to follow other than following the failure and the same applies to success too as rainy season comes after summer season.

    and one more thing here which i want to put it is everybody can tell what the season is now but cannot tell exactly when the season has really changes because change is not sudden process. it is a process which you will come to know only when you are really consciously living your life. my point here is observation. never ever lack that even in failures.
    There are millions who suffer because of lacking this simple consciousness.

    I will give you simple example on this:
    You know when you are kid and when you are young and when you are old. but we miss when we became young from kid and old from young. this is all because we lack observation.

    Please don’t take it hard if anything hurts


  • Simply lovely ‘ol friend!

  • [...] or perhaps even in one of my first 3 Universal Truths, Universal Truth #1, Universal Truth #2 or Universal Truth #3 which you’ll want to go back and read if you missed them, just to make sure you get the full [...]

  • Yes, good point. Right to the top once the dead weight is cut. I like that! Gotta cut those losses and move on, fast! Thanks for the comment and the great blog designing too! ‘;-)

  • So true. Honesty and eevtrhying recognized.

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