Universal Truth #2 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

Ok, so by now you should have read Universal Truth #1, about paying your price for success. If you haven’t read it yet, click on our home page, read the first post about Universal Truths & Universal Truth #1 and then come back and read Universal Truth #2.

Universal Truth #2, just like every Universal Truth, is highly critical to your success.

And even though once I divulge it to you it will seem obvious, the fact that it’s often overlooked by most people, is exactly why most people will never be successful.

Here’s what I mean:

Every day at roughly the same time, I show up at my local gym.

Yes, you read that right.

Every day, regardless of whether I feel good, or not so good, or Im tired, or I have low energy, or I’m just flat out exhhausted from being up late working or even taking care of my 2 year old son – that’s right, rain or shine, I show up at my local gym.

Whether it’s a 60 minute ride, walk, run, resistance exercises using free weights, machines or just my own body weight doing iso or plyometrics, you can bet your next paycheck that my ass is in the gym working out, at least 6 days per week – most weeks, even seven.

Now I do rest my body when it tells me to, but from what I know and understand, my suggestion for you too, is to exercise only on the days that you eat!

Some days I train with low intensity, some days I train with high intensity- the operative words here are, “I train”.

And I do it, no matter what.

I personally exercise & train my body, every day, for several reasons.

#1 – Because I love it – yes, before, during and after.

#2 – Because exercise for me, has become the catalyst for every single success I’ve experienced in my life.

Let me explain:

By creating this habit, my entire being has transformed.

Not only has my physical body become strong and fit and conditioned, but so has my mind.

Not only does this daily habit make me look better, feel better and have more energy, but it also stirs up the creative juices I need to solve my life’s challenges, whether they are business, personal or both.

Many times, I get many a marketing idea during intense exercise.

I might even get an idea during one workout and then fully expand on my ideas during another, getting more specific in detail and how to execute them.

Some days, I might even go to the gym twice just to get my creative juices flowing again and to finish up on a concept I’ve been working on in my mind for a while.

So, what does my commitment to exercise have to do with you and your success?


It’s no different for you my friend.

Just as exercise is a daily staple for me and my quest to become the best at everything I do, so must a daily habit become for you.

A staple that is.

It doesn’t have to be exercise.

However, it must be something or some things that you love to do, every single day.

For some, it could be reading a book.

For others, it could be writing a book.

For some, it could be listening to music.

For others, it could be writing or playing music.

Whatever your habit is, make sure that it’s something that compels you to unleash your greatness and gives you the power to become much more productive and profitable.

Do it.

Do it every day.

And do it no matter what.

And…tie your success to it, because by performing this habit every day, you will set yourself free.

You see, it’s been said before, that “we become what we repeatedly do – therefore, success is not just an act, but a habit.”

Universal Truth #2, for me, is this… Create a Million Dollar Habit and do it every single day.

It could be Prospecting, Recruiting, Writing Articles, Shooting Videos, Blogging, Following Up, Making Dials, Posting Ads, Creating Relatoionships, you name it.

Not only should you love what you do, but you must do it daily and it must unleash your greatness, get you into flow and take you and your business to the next level.

It should not feel like work, be something you resist or anything that you dread having to do.

So, what is your million dollar habit?

What is the one thing that you do every single day that gets your juices pumping, allows you to feel life, gets you into a peak state, ready to take on the day and win the game of your life?

Feel free to comment below and share with everyone who stops by my blog!

Now, off to the gym to finish Universal Truth #3.

See you soon!

25 Comments on Universal Truth #2 You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

  • You know I think your right – do something you love every day and the hard stuff gets easier.

  • Great post Aarron. Love it.

    Our daily habits create our lives. Unfortunately many have the habit of watching 5+ Hours of TV per day

    Making the Decision to create and develop a productive habit that can continually move your business forward is key.

    Like you I really enjoy working out. But my passion that gets my creative juices flowing unfortunately is seasonal.

    There is no place my mind is more free and my creative mind racing then when I am up on a mountain riding a fresh line :)

    Cant wait for the season to start, im crossing off the days…

    Looking Forward to universal Truth #3.


  • Hi Aaron,
    Great message, love it.
    If I may add this; “Success is a Habit so Is Failure is a Habit”
    Either Pay The Price of Success or Price of Regret
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you very much for the simple but powerful article. Yes, I do understand that doing the same thing everyday is simple but hard for human beings to “keep doing” everyday. But if I make it as a habit, it makes me feel that it doesn’t sound so hard. I will try. Thank you!!

  • Another great post Aaron! I will put this into action.

  • Aaron,

    I have the exact habit you do. up at 4:30am Monday thru Friday and in the gym by 5am and on Saturdays 7am. It’s what I do and it’s who I am.

    The one thing I am working on is harnessing that energy, that force into my business. I guess the teacher shows up when the student is ready.

    Thanks for another awesome post.

    There is nothing better than feeling great about what you are doing every moment of the day, knowing that your making a difference in your life and the lives of others. I say everything you do in life leaves a legacy. It comes down to what kind of legacy your going to leave behind when it’s all said and done.

    -Josh Boxer

  • So so true, my friend. When you are consistent with ANYTHING positive and productive, I agree, you are on a completely different plain. You have something, however big or small, to be proud of….. DAILY
    When I first started my internet marketing journey, I decided to shoot 100 videos within my first 111 days. Well, yesterday was day 98 and I’ve shot 95 videos and still have another week and a half until I hit the 111 day mark.
    Some days my videos are about something I learned that day. Some have been about the wonderful lifestyle I get to lead now that I work from home. And some have been about how no matter what, there are challenges that come no matter how hard we try to avoid them.
    But, roughly 95% of my day’s, I’ve followed through with my personal commitment. And when I turn off the camera, I get that gratifying feeling that I’m sure you share when you walk out of the gym.
    Healthy habits are so productive, buddy! Thank you for sharing this thought.

  • Hi Aaron, I do believe you are right. I have just started learning and feel completely lost at times. I do not have any knowledge and/or experience working in marketing, and, have no idea what the hell I’m doing. But everyday I read tutorials on html, creating web pages, development, advertising, marketing, plus newsletters from people like you. I don’t have the financial means to buy anything so I’m having to do it the old fashioned way. READ, take free classes online and act like a sponge and soak as much in as possible. It makes me feel proud to know that I will succeed because everyday I am doint what I must do in order to change my life. You and your wife’s story has been much inspiration. I have had to overcome many tradgedies in recent times and having the “habit” of determination everyday strengthens my every breath, my mind, my courage, my survival which will bring success. Thank you. Debbie

  • i may not have the million dollar habit but as you said you just have to do it, dont put off for the tomorrow, get it done today and usually if you do the hardest first the rest gets easier. make a list, set a goal for the day and begin each day with a deep breath and the mindset that i can do it.

  • I am like Debbie, I am new to this but still want to learn. You have to do what you learn-if that makes sense. Put your knowledge to good use and make a difference in your life.
    Deloris Leggett

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  • This idea surely goes along with the slight edge principle. As I apply this principle of daily doing the things I know to be right and productive I feel strong and successful. Thank you for your efforts to teach and lead us. Blessings to you and yours. Sheri

  • Again Aaron,

    You are right on because consistency is the key in building anything. You can’t move a mountain in one day, but consistent good habits on a daily basis will help you move anything in your life and you will be surprised at the results.

    Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Eldridge DuFauchard´s last blog ..Listen Up-The Universe Is Talking…Or Stay Stuck On Stupid =-.

  • Thank you Aaron for reminding us again the importance of doing the things that will help us grow mentality and physical and improve our overall well-being.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I may seem to be little contradicting here, but i want to say it, probably when you say make a habit. doing things consciously. habit is something which is repetetive. Repetitive things are not creative. What i meant here if something is done consciuosly it will not become a habit. it is just a process which you will do wothout any force to do it.
    I would like to add few points on when you are saying do things which make you feel better and make your confidence boost up. Actually all this is a mind phenomenon. There is a nice saying on this.


    and one more thing the pain which you think can never long the same pain to you as time passes on and there are 100% chances that the same pain will be pleasure to you at some point and same happens with pleasure too.. nothing longs. Life itself is a process and it’s about being(living). and i’m sure that thinking never become living. you think to live but what actually we miss is when thinking comes we miss living. anyways i probably going out of our topic. here everything is mind phenomenon, how much strong we are in minds and observation.


  • So true, Aaron. The skills I’ve learned best are those I took a challenge to do every day or at least very regularly within a given period of time, like the Video challenge that Greg Davidson and Maria Andros gave last spring and the daily blogging challenge given by Brandy Mychals. Both of those activities have caused me to have super significant growth in those skill and habit areas.

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  • Ahhh, now that’s what I’m talking about Dave! A Million Dollar habit clearly explained! Awesome bro. Great to be working with you and having you on our team. Up is the only way to go my friend. :-) Thanks for the comment.

  • You bet Cori – great to see you are acting with “speed of implementation”! :-)

  • Yes, leaving a legacy is the key. And in the wake of all that, the people you positively influence along the way is what makes it all worthwhile! We will have to catch a lift together in Vegas! Looking forward to it bro… So awesome to have you on the team as well. Peace bro!

  • Yes Edna, love your quote. I call it the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Thanks for stopping by with your comment. :-)

  • Yes, awesome to hear you’ve got your million dollar habit already! Mountain biking is so powerful – I can see how that just lights up your days and makes you such a powerhouse! Thanks for stopping by Kameron! :-)

  • So True Lee. I like the way you say that… :-)

  • Shiho, instead of “trying”, just do it! Making your habit enjoyable is the key. When you love what you do, it’s never work! Thanks for your comment ‘;-)

  • That’s awesome Debbie! You can use your available resources to make money and then re-invest every penny back into your business. Great to hear your determination! :-)

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