Top 5 Places to Invest Your Time & Energy to Prosper in the New Economy

Tonight on Anh Vu’s (@VusViews on Twitter) Internet Talk Radio Show “Nothing But the Truth”, Sophia (my wife & I) were Special Guests for Anh’s Money Monday Show.

If you caught the show LIVE, here I posted what I shared on Anh’s show.

First, just in case you were wondering, we cannot give advice, suggestions or recommendations on monetary investments. We are aligned with a Private Financial Investment & Education Group, so if this is your interest, you can contact us or just request our Business Information at

So, as we delivered on “Nothing But the Truth” with Anh Vu, here are our Top 5 Places to Invest Your Time & Energy to Prosper in the New Economy:

#1 – The Internet

In this new economy where we see brick and mortar businesses shutting down every day, layoffs and unemployment at an all time high and traditional means of making money drying up like a puddle in the sahara, it’s critical that you learn how to take advantage of the Internet & the World Wide Web to create income.

You want to invest in learning a very specific set skills in order to build a large list, build a relationship with that list and monetize it with your choice of product or service.

#2 – Building & Developing Relationships

Whether you run a small or large business, building and developing relationships is critical in this new economy. I mean, who would you listen to more, a bill board on the side of the highway or a great friend, who you already know, like and trust.

Customer to customer marketing has become the rage in free enterprise societies, so as it’s been said by a very wise man (Harvey McKay), dig your well before you’re thirsty!

With Social Media becoming exponentially bigger than traditional means of advertising like television, radio & magazine all combined, its not only large companies that are using the Internet to capture their market’s attention, build relationships & develop customer loyalty.

It’s also the Small Business Owner and Internet Entrepreneur who can easily create friends, fans & followers.

Using the Internet to develop new relationships is a great place to start, however, it’s also LIVE events that cement the connections made online or off.

Hosting meet ups, local mixers and one on ones, you can easily enrich your relationships with people from both a local and long distance market.

Another very powerful way to build and develop relationships is to brand yourself online and create a buzz about yourself, your brand, your products or your services by using Social Media.

Because platforms like Facebook, Twitter & You Tube are all free services (along with hundreds of others), learning to utilize Social Media to build and develop relationships is a very wise investment of your time & energy.

#3 – Your Financial IQ

If you pay attention to the news, radio, tv, newspapers, magazines, or the internet and all you’ll hear about is “the economy this and the economy that…”

What you are not hearing, is why the economy is sucking money right out of your pocket and eventually, your bank account.


Did you know that the higher US taxes get raised by the current administration, (especially for the rich, where top 2% of income earners in the US equate to over 50% of retail sales each year), the less people spend in the marketplace?

And a continuation of this pattern could only result in one thing – the slowing of our economy, the devaluation of the US dollar and eventually a repeat performance of the Great Depression in 1929 where markets stood still for several years.

Yes, this could happen and if so, it’s going to happen much sooner than later – so you’d better be prepared.

Imagine for a second the parting of the Red Sea.

Two sides – nothing between them.

When all the smoke is all cleared and the dust settles, what is currently known as the middle class, will be gone.
You will either be lower class or upper class.

A part of the haves or the have nots.

Yes, the 50 trillion dollar Wealth Transfer is happening right now, right under your nose – and if you don’t pay close attention
right now and educate yourself, you could easily end up on the losing side.

Let me rephrase all this – the higher US taxes go, the less people spend and the more they hold onto their dollars.

The more they hold onto their money, the less it’s worth, because the currrent administration has printed so much in order to bail these big dumb companies out of debt, that now, your money is on its way to being pretty much worthless.

Look at what happened in Greece – the US is no different.

It’s going to happen sooner than later and there’s not much you can do to stop it.

So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family?

Get educated.

Invest your time and energy into learning about this 50 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer and the New Economy and what you can do about it to prepare yourself and your family – very, very important.

#4 – Personal Leadership Development

Right now, in the most uncertain time in the past 80 years, the #1 factor in your success is this…being a Leader.

Because being a leader means that you have a plan – a plan to help people go from the place they are, to where they want to be.

But in order to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself.

Being self motivated, inspired and having self discipline is critical, especially in today’s economy where it can be very tempting to do things that take the pain away or at least, help you forget about the difficulties that you or those around you are experiencing.

A true leader steps up and takes the initiative that most others will find boring or uncomfortable.

A true leader will do the things today that others won’t do, so they can do the things tomorrow that others can’t do.

And in the wake of becoming a Leader for yourself, you will find that you’ve become a leader for others.

And this my friend, is a great, great place to be.

So for sure, invest your time and energy into becoming a Leader, even if it means being a loner for a short while.

While it may not be easy, it will be well worth it.

#5 – Own your own business

With job security almost non-existent these days, your best bet to become successful in the New Economy is to simply become your own boss.

Yes, although layoffs & unemployment are at an all time high, entrepreneurship is too.

What this means is that while most people will struggle in this New Economy, for those who are ambitious enough to take a small risk and learn the skills, they can prosper greatly and protect themselves and their family for generations to come.

Remember, during the worst of times, is also the best of times, for those who understand capitalism.

As I mentioned on “Nothing But the Truth” with Anh Vu, money right now is flowing from dumb to smart.

Entrepreneurs who know what the market is searching for and how to position themselves correctly, are making a ton of money.

To not own your own business, is the biggest risk.

In other words, turn your Plan B, into Plan A.

Start a small business.

Learn some new skills.

Take a proactive response to the recession.

What else are you going to do?

Work for someone else?

Keep playing small and living smaller?

OR… are you going to become an Entrepreneur and start taking back control of your finances, your freedom and your life?

Starting your own business is an absolute must when it comes to prospering in the New Economy.

So, there you have it… my Top 5 Places to Invest Your Time & Energy to Prosper in the New Economy.

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13 Comments on Top 5 Places to Invest Your Time & Energy to Prosper in the New Economy

  • very,very true words!
    Thank you Aaron.

  • Aaron, Awesome truths told on what to prepare for and how to prepare for it. Sad that so many people are going on with their lives just as they have “forever” and are expecting good things to happen. We are each responsible for making things happen.

    I am sure the people who were listening in on “Nothing but the Truth” were truly blessed to hear the revelations coming from you on the other end of the line.

    Cheers Bro,

    .-= Josh Boxer´s last blog ..Are You Turning Up The Intensity In Your Home Based Business =-.

  • Wow, Aaron! Superb ! Thanks, Mary K

  • Aloha Aaron and Sophia, glad I came across your information on BetterNetworker, so here I am seeing what you have here. Love your blog and content. Thanks for sharing! :)
    .-= Lani Kee´s last blog ..RSS Submission – A Set And Forget System =-.


  • Yes, too many are curling up in a ball waiting for someone to save them. It’s those who are willing to spread their wings right now that will be flying for a lifetime!

  • You bet Norbert! Thanks for your feedback :-)

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