The Hunter? The Hunted? The Difference…

When it comes to building a successful home based business, there are two philosophies that have pretty much dominated the Industry over the past 60 years.

One entails being the hunter; the other, the hunted.

Let’s examine both:

First, being the hunter.

This strategy includes practices such as making your list of family and friends, cold calling leads and/or hosting sit-downs, one on ones, home parties or even hotel events.

In most of these cases, you would be pursuing those on your list to either sell them your product, business opportunity or both.

The benefit of this strategy is that you get to pick and choose who to approach. However, the downside includes lots of rejection, fewer sales and perhaps even ridicule.

These old worn out marketing methods have been taught for over 60 years in our Industry, and is partly responsible for the high number of people who make little or no money in their businesses.

The second approach, being the hunted, is more like being a fisherman.

Instead of jumping in the water, swimming after the fish and attempting to get them into his boat, the fisherman sits quietly on his chair, casts his bait out into the water and attracts fish right to him.

In this case, the bait is your marketing and the water is your market because that is exactly where the fish are.

Between the two strategies mentioned above, being the hunter is a more active approach while the fisherman, more passive.

Now this doesn’t mean that the fisherman doesn’t do as much to be successful, he just uses his time differently. 

While the hunter must be constantly on the go, dressed in camouflage in search of new prey, the fisherman sits patiently in his boat, conserving his energy and thinking up new ways to bait the exact fish he wants to catch.

As a fisherman, the better your bait, (the perceived value of your marketing), the more fish (people) will be attracted to you.

And the because there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, when people find you, instead of you finding them, this makes for a much more serious, committed buyer, who typically contacts you, orders your product and/or signs themselves up, many times, before you can even speak. 

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12 Comments on The Hunter? The Hunted? The Difference…

  • HI, Loved the analogy you presented, very clever. Going to the city today to meet Jeff and Carole.


  • I love your analogy about hunters and fishers. It is so right on. It’s the difference between targeting your prey (audience) and *Laser* targeting your prey. When you are hunting game, you may use a shot gun and be out to get any animal that comes your way, however, when fishing, you use a specific lure to catch the exact fish you want. Great Post.


    I’am most impressed with the styles of marketing being distinguised in between ….. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO MAKES THE DIFFERENCE….

    Excellent stuff…

  • This analogy is so right on the money that I can definitely relate..I tried the old method and did everything I was told/taught to do and the results were downright disheartening. It was NOT the Game changer that I was told it would be. I really like the way you explained the difference,verry good Stuff

  • The analogy is spot on ,although there is a place for the hunter in the game–you just need to be a more subtle ,or more skilled hunter. I believe that both systems can be used where appropriate.

  • I believe in the analogy. But as a fisherman that has had only lookers, I believe I need to try a different fish.

  • i believe what you wrote . I am still a hunter. I started joining Magnetic sponsoring by mike

  • Hello Aaron thank’s for the lesson. I’ve been taught to be the hunter for years now and I have not seen any results maybe now that I know the difference I will see some results.

  • Hi Aaron, Thanks for this analogy.It reminds me of my experience with Herbalife!I would say that the best of the two is a possible marriage between the two,to get the best result.Thanks! I do appreciate!

  • Your example is exactly why I am so excited about this program. I currently am in an MLM and is what I don’t like about it. Very good stuff and looking forward to more.

  • Thank u very much 4 your lesson,i know about fishing idin’t know about hunter sow now this lesson will help me to rech my dream

  • Hi Aaron, Love your analogy, I started off as a hunter without a clue as to how I should go about using all the exact methods you described. I have now joined Empower Network and I am learning how to fish.

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