The Great Wasabi Showdown!!!

WARNING: This video is a little Risque. If you are easily offended, watch it. It’ll make you laugh!

The Great Wasabi Showdown from Sophia Rashkin on Vimeo.

21 Comments on The Great Wasabi Showdown!!!

  • That was hilarious, I don’t know know what was funny, the blank looks on Tim’s face or James saying that it “only hurts when I breath”. Great stuff.

  • Bro you killed me when he said “this video better have my link on it”.. and then yours pops up! Hahahhahahhahahahahhahaha

  • Almost as funny watching it as it was being there, LOL!

    BTW, your twitter link to the video was cut off and doesn’t work dude.

    We need to have another showdown soon ;-)

  • LOL. Awesome Aaron. I think my favorite parts were the interludes of your Saki-induced grins. That was just what I needed to end my night in the social media world.

    This gets a “share” on my wall. ; )

    Gregory Elfrink

  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tim Erway and Aaron Rashkin. Tim Erway said: RT @aaronrashkin The Great Wasabi Showdown is LIVE! – hilarious! [...]

  • LMAO!…. That was classic. We had a wasabi throw down last year over a boat of sushi and this girl picks up a ping pong ball sized wasabi wad stuffs it in her mouth and starts balling! Like screaming bloody hell, tears running down her face, wasabi coming out of her nose (gross!) it was hilarious! Then my buddy J tries it….

    He grands a fire spicy tuna roll, ping pong wasabi ball, douses it in fire cracker sauce and slapped a dollop of sri racha on top and slams it down – BAM! He cried like a little girl, but ate the whole thing. lol!

    Gotta love sushi nights!

    PS: You guys rock!

  • Buddy, this video is the funniest sh”# I’ve seen in AGES!!

    We’ll have to throw one of these when we move to the States. I can’t beat Crazy-James, but I bet I can give Aaron a decent match-up. :D

    Funny stuff, bro. Keep ‘em coming!

    – Marius Ystenes

  • I MUST HAVE BRITTISH HUMOUR,as that was shit ,by GOD what wanker’s,


    THINK BEFORE (what ever) well SOPHIA look’s happy;so who am I.

  • This video is absolutely hilarious, I can’t eat that stuff without crying myself, I can’t believe he did that without barfing. To funny!! Keep up the funny videos guys, thats what life is all about!!!

  • Brig it on – doubledare – “queen on wasabi”…b very scared!
    Anway – looked fun!

    Bet he didn’t have any problems with his sinuses afterwards…

    Take care guys.


  • Hahaha. Hi Aaron, I really enjoy watching your video. You guys had a good time and great moments of anticipated crying cos of wasabi. I am impressed Natalie can handle wasabi so smoothly, she must have taken lots and lots of it before. I suggest you try durian eating contest next time.

    And thank you for your leadership. With your videos and regular mails (emails) at least I do not feel out of touch and alone in this part of the world (Singapore).

    A toast to you.

    Michael Tan

  • Not to be a bad sport or to rain on your parade – I’m happy if you are doing well… but…this wasn’t funny in the least. To think this is funny is really pretty sad. Perhaps you ARE making money, I don’t know…but it makes one wonder WHAT are you doing with your LIVES? From here in Europe, you are only cementing the evergrowing image of Americans as Really Silly Twits in Denial. I’m sure you are all lovely people….but my goodness,,,,this is some really silly sh-t.And, by the way, I have spent MANY YEARS in Asia, all over, I LOVE sushi, etc… but Americans, man,,,they just take the lovely things from any culture and turn it into Instant Stupidity – They seem to have a special talent for it…As silly and pointless (except for Mind Control) as the absolutely IDIOTIC DUMBDOWN the POPULATION movies and Media coming out of a Sinking Soon to be Deservedly BANKRUPT Hollywood and America in general. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves at the Rampant Stupidity – as the Cannibal Capitalists Criminals suck the blood and feast on the flesh of what used to be a Promising Country as they Militarize around the Globe. I’m not being too harsh, am I?

  • Hey aaron, I just can’t view that video on my computer…anyway thanks for sharing ^^

  • Aaron! That was great man, keep it up.
    Neil Kantor – Strawberry fields man, lighten up!

  • Well Aaron and Sophia,looks like you both have a lot of fun together. I get a lot of e-mails from you and still can’t figure out how you get so much money to have all that fun your having. And to tell you the truth,i only ate shushi one time and that was enough. The only reason i won’t try it again is because i don’t like 30wt.motor oil in my fish. And know when i walk on the beach i slip and slide on the boardwalk.

  • Nice 1 Aaron,

    Sweating just watching ツ

  • Hilarious and brave people! everyone should learn to cut lose every now and then.

  • Looks like your group is living la vida loco. Have Fun!

  • Awesome. I like jolly group like this spending a fun quality time

  • Personally the enjoyment that was experienced can only be by those that were there so for those i.e.: ALAIN LLOYD Neil Kantor their European sense of humor is basically secure in FISH & CHIPS and that goes no where…
    The film wasb brief and in bits and pieces but noted as I my self lived in the SouthEast Asian are for 34 years and even the natives can and do act beyond reason… so the westerner from the greatest nation in the world, the United States of America can at times be misinterpeted even by a European??
    Thank you Aaron and your missus.

  • This laughing show was really funny,and has $ sign written all over it.

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