Gordon and Shelli Thompson

Shelli & Gordon Thompson"Gordon and I met Aaron and Sophia in Lake Tahoe in March of 2009.

We don’t have a background in MLM but the internet fascinated us and we wanted the freedom that it allows us.

We didn’t “sign up” with Aaron and Sophia but when our sponsor disappeared, they took us under their wing.

Just the fact that they were willing to do that told us that they were the mentors and leaders that we were looking for.

They have helped us in countless ways, never beating around the bush, just getting right to the point. They steer us in the right direction again and again, there for support, and only a phone call away.

We both appreciate that Aaron and Sophia are not there to “hold our hands” but to support us when we need them and they are savvy enough to know when to step back and let us find our way because they know that is how we will experience the most growth.

Aaron and Sophia are two people that truly care about their team and we are happy and excited to be a part of what they are doing. Their willingness to give, their integrity and their friendship is highly valued by us both.

They never stop teaching. All you have to do is listen, implement and take massive action.

Thank you so much Aaron and Sophia, you are very appreciated."

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton"In late 2009 I made the firm decision to walk away from old school MLM & start leveraging the power of the internet.

That's when I met Aaron & Sophia Rashkin.

Before we spoke, I spent weeks researching different companies, speaking with top online producers, and testing different marketing systems.

During that period, I discovered a powerful advantage to joining Aaron & Sophia's team.....

It was the support, education, and power of their community!

Since then, with their guidance & training, I was able to generate over $9k in sales within my FIRST week using their business model and made a little over $4,000 in commissions!

None of this would have been possible without the leadership and direction of Aaron & Sophia.

I am extremely thankful to be a part of the Rashkin team!"

Dathen Fairley

Dathen & Joni Fairley"When I met Aaron & Sophia, I was stuck in a pharmaceutical corporate job that was sucking the life out of me.

I felt trapped with no way out and the next day was worse than the previous because I slowly started doing only enough to keep my job and no longer focused on performing. I knew my days were numbered once my boss took a good look into my eyes and saw the passion was long gone.

In February, I had the opportunity to meet Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, who at that time where rising up the ranks in their business like a sky rocket.

I remember asking Aaron if he would teach me everything he did to be successful if I joined his team.

And he responded, "Dathen, I will commit to teaching you everything Sophia and I did to have our success, if you commit to DO everything we did that led up to our success."

At that moment, I knew I had found the right leaders. No hype, no fluff, just pure truth.

So I did - I joined the Rashkin Team.

By following Aaron and Sophia's every step, I have now generated over $150,000 in total sales from 5 different income streams in just 8 months.

Not only have I made 6 figures sales, but also I became the type of leader that hundreds of people want to follow, by being open to receiving
coaching from Aaron & Sophia, as well as following in their footsteps taking action every step of the way.

Thank you Aaron & Sophia from the bottom of mine and Joni's heart.
Thank you for being the leaders we required to reach our first $100,000+
Sales year from home!"

Per Gunnar Hoem of Norway

Per Gunnar for Testimonial"My name is Per Gunnar Hoem and I am from Norway.

I have been working with Aaron & Sophia Rashkin for the past 10 months.

Since I signed up with Sophia And Aaron, my life has changed dramatically for the better.

The short time I have been in their community I have made more money then I ever could hope for.

The leadership and guidance the Raskhins have given me is priceless.

They have turned me into a LEADER.

After only 10 months I am been recognized several times as a Award Winner, and in this month, I will reach the highest level in our business.

Aaron and Sophia are the kindest, down to earth people you can imagine.

If I would start my career over again, I would not choose anybody else then Aaron and Sophia to be my mentors - period!"

Roz & David Brenowitz

Roz & David Brenowitz"We have been fortunate to be in business with our son, Aaron Rashkin and his wife, Sophia, for the past 5 years.

In that time, we have seen them grow from "budding" entrepreneurs to successful leaders in the internet marketing industry.

From the time they spend training and helping others to the accolades (not to mention many awards) they receive at the business events we've attended, they have made us very proud parents.

It may seem odd that our children have become our mentors, but they are certainly worthy of that title...our mentors!"


Kelly & Greg Glacken

Greg & Kelly Glacken"Before the home based business industry, we worked in corporate America and in education for special needs children.

We turned to the Internet to find a business opportunity and came in contact with Aaron & Sophia.

They are tremendous Mentors, which is critically important to us and something that is also difficult to come by.

They lead by example and don’t recommend anything that they have not already done themselves or have been successful with.

When we mastermind with them, they spend the extra time that it requires to help us understand new strategies so that we can immediately take action and implement these into our business. Additionally, they are able to convey and teach complex topics with ease.

We are absolutely grateful for their generosity of time and resources.

Over the last several years, they taken their business to the internet, and are now among an elite group of top internet marketers.

If you are looking for leaders with proven results, who are active in their business and are great mentors — you MUST join Aaron and Sophia."


Josh Boxer

Josh Boxer"Aaron and Sophia Rashkin are quite honestly two of the sharpest internet marketers I know.
Prior to hooking up with them, I had absolutely no knowledge of how to market or run an Internet Business and had never made a dime online.

Through their mentorship, that is no longer the case.

They have been instrumental in my growth as an online entrepreneur and have provided an atmosphere where who ever wants to succeed and is hungry enough to work for it, can achieve whatever level of success they are looking for.

They are in tune with the pulse of their business, truly care about people, and it shows!"


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