For NFL Fans & Success Fans (Especially if ya got either of these things already in ya)

So I’m pedaling away on a recumbent bike at the gym when I look up to catch my daily dose of ESPN.
There’s this wicked conversation going on between the guys in suits, about the upcoming battle between the Denver Broncos & the New England Patriots. Who’s gonna win? By how much? What factors are going to determine the game, and all sorts of other banter back and forth.
I’m not even sure of the Play by Play guy’s name but he stands up and starts drawing circles with his fingertips around players on his Giant iPad like Screen Monitor. It’s pretty darn cool actually – the technology that ESPN uses to help these guys diagram and break down each individual play.
So as it turns out, he starts analyzing a game between the Patriots and the “Old” Indianapolis Colts, a couple of seasons ago, back when Peyton Manning was their Quarterback.
Peyton ManningNow Peyton plays for the Broncos, but these guys were using an ‘Old’ Game Film from two seasons ago, to show exactly ‘How” the Patriots Defense will have to ‘Physically’ Disrupt the Broncos’ Offense” in order to stop Peyton from throwing on them at will.
Ok, so now that the stage is set…
And you are following me…
In this particular play being diagramed by the Unknown ESPN analyst, he refers to this ‘Block’ by the Great, [and now retired], New England Line Backer, Teddy Bruschi, who played in that game two seasons ago agains Peyton Manning & the Colts. (Remember, they were analyzing a game from 2 years ago, when Peyton played for Indy & Teddy was still playing).
Well today, Teddy is also an ESPN Analyst, and he was standing right there in front of the Giant Screen, all dapper in his Armani suit, and chucking about the reference of him making that great play a couple of seasons ago against Peyton.
So, Teddy chuckling… the other Analyst then turns to Teddy and asks THE Question that broke this whole thing wide open for me… (And most likely for you too)…
Unknown Analyst asks:
“Teddy, you played across the line from Peyton. What was it like to be looking across the line of scrimmage and have to wait for him to call all his audibles and change the play while you and the rest of the New England Defense waited for the ball to be snapped?”
And then…There was silence.
And all heads turned to Teddy.
Teddy responded with something so profound that I just had to belt out this message while riding on my recumbent bike. Teddy’s words, almost verbatim were…
“Yeah, it was sometimes frustrating as hell, being across from Peyton…waiting… waiting… waiting… for him to snap the ball. But that’s what makes Peyton so effective is that he gets his team to line up so fast, that he has all that extra time to read a Defense, look at how they were lining up, and change up his play before he took the snap.”
Teddy continued:
“I thought I figured it out at one point but Peyton through so many fake calls in there to confuse us, (the Defense) that I finally learned that it was less important to figure out what HE was going to do…
And just focus on what “I” was going to do.
My Assignment.
My Play.
My Mission.”
And that my friend is the purpose of my message today. Teddy Bruschi is no idiot. He was an All PRO line backer for a bunch of years with the Pats. He’s an experienced veteran of the game. He’s seen a ton of different looks from an Offense. He knows what he is talking about.
And his message couldn’t be more clear.
You’ve gotta stay focused on what you’re doing. No matter what everybody else is doing. No matter who calls out a new play. No matter who tries to fool you. No matter what you think others are doing. No matter what others think YOU are doing. Or why you are doing it. Keep your eyes on the ball.
Follow your heart. Stay true to yourself. Keep your head in the game.
Never fall for a fake play, or a bad call. There will be plenty of crap like that – you’ll see. There will be plenty of changes. There will be plenty of personnel come and go. There will be plenty of Team changes. You will experience ALL of this, and more.
And yes, there will be more than a fair share of arm chair critics – I just call them ‘dicks’. You can call them what you want or nothing at all. Just know that deep down inside you, there is an All PRO, Home Based, Pajama wearing, kitchen table Masterminding, Bedroom consulting, even bathroom texting…HUGE Success Story just waiting to break out from inside YOU.
No matter where you are in your business, your income, your success or your life…Stay focused on your assignment my friend.
The Universe is pulling for you. The People are pulling for you. Regardless of what the quarterback of any other camp tries to pull on you. No matter what they do. No matter what they say. No matter what they think.
Stay true to Yourself & your Mission.
Just do it.
Because you can.
And because you deserve it.
I believe in you,
Aaron Rashkin Your Make Money Mentor
Aaron ‘Once Personally, Spiritually, Financially & Emotionally Broke‘ Rashkin

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