Stand behind the spotlight – not IN it!

Aaron, Per Gunnar, Jerry & Sophia III’ve always said that standing behind the spotlight, is much more profitable than standing “in” the spotlight – in our industry at least!

It was Zig Ziglar who once said that if you help other people get what they want, you can have everything…you want.

Again, truer words have never been spoken.  

For Per Gunnar of Norway, English is his 2nd language – possibly even his 3rd or 4th.  He didn’t have any Internet Marketing Skills when we met just 10 months ago and has never been in Home Based Business.

Jerry Elleffson is a baby boomer that came from the Construction Consulting Industry. In a down housing market, he was looking for different streams of income.  He too had ZERO internet experience, coming from a Traditional Business Background.

This past week in Las Vegas, these two gentlemen, took home over $10,000 in Cash, GOLD & Awards at our Company’s Weeklong Convention.

Both won Consultant of the Month since our last Company Event, earning 10′s of thousands of dollars, per month, working side by side with us.

Both have received recognition, awards and acalades from both their peers and Industry Experts.

To say we are proud of our two personal business partners, is an understatement.

With no internet marketing experience, what it took for them was the willingness to learn, the committment to put forth the effort and the resilience to never, ever quit.

This was also the case for several of our other members in attendance at the event.

We are proud of each and every one of them.

You see, it’s not important that you “show up” your team – but “grow up”, your team.

Learn to stand “behind” the spotlight, not always “in” the spotlight.

Teach them everything you know and allow them to have, “the power”. This is how YOU, will become more powerful yourself.

And this is how real home business and network marketing success is created.

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  • Great post Aaron, what a great story. Per is a great, hard working guy. It show that anyone can do it….


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