Some Call Me Crazy… What Do You Think?

So I’m walking into the gym at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and right after I paid $25 to get in, this guy behind me says…

“You’re crazy. I’m not paying $25″, and he turns and walks out.

I think to myself, ‘what a puss’, and I just keep on walking into the gym. Some people would say that I’m crazy to spend that kind of money to workout for an hour. Just like the guy behind me said, they’d say… [in their little weenie voice]

“It’s too expensive”.

My thoughts are, and you can take this to the bank… “its only too expensive if you can’t afford it.” Plus, for me at least, working out is not an expense – it’s an investment. I prefer to think that I can’t afford, NOT to do it. That’s right – I can’t afford NOT to do it.

Because it makes me rich. That’s right – working out makes me rich. Not just financially – but in more important ways.
That in the end, add up in the bank too. Here’s what I mean…

<deep breath>

When I workout, I train hard. I push myself. Balls to the wall. Past what my body thinks is possible. No pain, no gain kind of stuff.
Leave it all in the gym. Walk out – sometimes crawl.




I trained this way when I played high school sports – when I was a personal trainer and had to look the part – and when I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. And I still train this way today, just to stay in the best shape I can. Because how we do anything, is how we do everything. I push myself. Past what my body thinks is even possible.

So, even when my body might say ‘no’ – my mind still says ‘yes’. And since my body does what my mind tells it to – the KEY is to train the mind. Just like in business…

98% of your skill set (actually doing the work), comes from your mind set (how you feel about it).

Is is easy?

Is it hard?

Is it impossible?

Is it possible?

Whatever your perception of challenge is…


For you.

But this doesn’t mean it’s true for anyone else. It’s YOUR perception, based on your own viewpoints. So when you change your perception, you can change… everything… about yourself and about your life.

Isn’t this refreshing?

Imagine, starting right now… a whole new set of viewpoints and perspectives about who you are being, what you are doing and how your life is as a result. We can get into more of this later… But in the meantime… back to working out…

Sure, sometimes just getting up in the morning on days when I don’t feel fully rested – it’s a challenge to get to the gym. I’m normal, right?! Or when I’m in a plush hotel with room service and a great view of the Las Vegas Strip… There are times when I just don’t want to go. But discipline is doing the exact opposite of what’s easier to do.

So I do it anyway.

Because that’s when we require it the most.

Taking action.

Doing what most others find boring or uncomfortable. Whether the gym, business, or in any area of life. And not allowing yourself to ‘negotiate’ a deal to get out of it. (You know, that little voice that attempts to reason with you?) Sure, it’d be easier to just be upstairs right now in my hotel room, hanging out and relaxing. I could have even used the excuse “I really should conserve my energy”.


“I’m too tired”.

I could’ve used the excuse that MILLIONS of people use every single day…

“I’ll do it later”.

Or, “tomorrow”.

Or… how about never?!

Now while for some people, exercise is easy to do – for most, its easier NOT to do. It’s just like Revenue Producing Activity in your

Easy to do – but easier not to do.

But that all depends on your perspective. Because while sitting around, watching TV, and eating bon bons looks easier, in reality, it makes life a lot harder. Trust me when I tell you – people who do this… Do NOT live an easy life.

#1 – They struggle in their mind

#2 – They struggle in their body

#3 – They struggle in their bank account

They have NO freedom. In any sense of the word. So what they perceive as EASY, is actually very hard. And they get used to it, because they become hard-a-holics. Addicted to the struggle. Living in a self imposed trap. However, for those who wish for better…

A life of freedom.

A life of choices.

A life of ease.

It’s all possible.

And all it takes is just a few minor tweaks in your thinking. Doing the things that most others don’t want to do. Whether it’s Exercise or Revenue Producing Activity. For me, both are a ticket to success. And this is why I do them both just about every day of the week. To someone else, they might just be a burden. A nuisance even. Some might even say I’m obsessed.

I say that obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the committed. The best part is that we get to choose.

You get to choose. Me personally, I prefer to challenge myself and create a new level of energy, thought production & creativity. By working out daily.

Am I crazy? Perhaps.

But while I’m here in the gym working out on this bike – riding at level 25 for 30 minutes – legs burning, fully engorged with blood and lactic acid, sweating up a storm, typing this message to you…

I am actually freeing myself. Setting myself free. Been doing this for over 2 decades. Interestingly enough, I set myself free 21 years
ago on Day ONE. Because while I’m churning & burning with my legs…

I run through my presentations, discover solutions to marketing and business challenges, identify growth areas, loss leaders, time wasters, personal & family issues, you name it.


Many times, like right now as I’m writing this, I’m on a recumbent bike, doing my blogging, social media, email marketing, follow up campaigns, and listening to some deep mindset & conditioning.

Yes, I do all this while I workout.

Now when I train with any other form of resistance in the gym – free weights, machines or my own body weight, the same rule applies.
I will often times listen to one of hundreds of artists and musicians in my iTunes library, or some transformational conversation, while I challenge my body to go past it’s current state of existence.


Sometimes, I listen to nothing but the sounds of my own breathing. Many times, I listen to nothing but the sounds of my own inner voice, coaching me, encouraging me, telling me what to do.

Yes, you must tell yourself what to do. And then, you must do it. No matter how much or how little you like it. Because true magic can happen, once you develop the habit of healthy communication. Not just with yourself, but others too.


But it ALL starts with you.


How you communicate with yourself.

How you think. How you respond. How you feel. And then, how you act.

This is how you succeed at anything.

You must condition your subconscious mind with your conscious one. When your conscious mind has done a well enough job on your subconscious one… You will then forever be automatically programmed and conditioned for success.

Where you don’t even have to think about doing the work anymore – your body just starts doing it. Kind of like driving a car.

You don’t even have to think anymore – your body just does the work without you having to think much.

Imagine going through life this way in business, and in the gym.

How about in your relationships with your spouse? Your kids? Your friends and extended family? Complete strangers?


Everyone you meet – you can connect with. And forever, you live a life of ease. No matter what you do or how you do it…
Your mind is free. Just like a rising tide raises all ships…

How you do anything, is how you do everything.
[Yes, I repeated it]

Because repetition is the mother of all skill. And the words, “I can do that” are the mother of all action.

Make today count.

Because it does.






 - Aaron


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