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It’s been a few weeks since we last posted, as we’ve been busy producing here in the Fall Harvest of Home Based Business. To catch you up quickly, here is a message we sent to our team earlier today about being a leader – you know – stepping up and not just making a difference, but making THE difference, in their success.


“After 15 years of being self employed and spending over a decade full time in the Network Marketing side of Home Business, Sophia and I have realized many, many distinctions that clearly define THE difference between people very successful and very un-successful.

Many of these distinctions you can learn by reading any of our blogs, training articles, newsletters, even Tweets, or by just listening to our LIVE conference calls, webinars or recordings at our team training website.

One of the most important things we’ve realized over the years is that
you can always evaluate the size of the man or woman, by the size of the
obstacle that it takes to “overcome” him or her.

In our business, one commonality that every top producer must first
encounter is not so much the skillsets that will help make him or her successful, but the mindset for success.

The bigger the test, the better the testimonial and so the more you must first
overcome in order to be in the space for success, the more successful you
could become if you do the right things, moving forward.

We always say, the least likliest is the most likliest, so if you are challenged
in any area of your personality, sub-conscious programming or belief system, this presents the GREATEST opportunity for you to transform from who you are, to who you must become to OVERcome everything standing in
your way.

If you can move yourself, you will become highly successful.

If you expect others to move you, you will never get out of your own way
in time enough to succeed.

We realize that many people join us for the money and that is fine.

But we also understand that our Industry is a Leadership Development
Program with some great products and services attached, all which serve
as our vehicle to directly influence the lives of others in a very positive way.

Today, reflect on what you truly want out of a home based business
and what you bring to the table.

If you think you know it all or have it all figured out, we will be the first
to tell you that your PRIDE, always comes right before your big fall.

Don’t be so big that you cannot reach down and help another person.

But don’t be so small that you feel that you alone, cannot help yourself.

You can and you MUST, if you are going to succeed.

You MUST learn that YOU are your first source of motivation.

You see, anything more than Self Motivation is like spray paint on rust.
Once the paint wears off, the rust is still there.

After reading something inspiring, attending an event, talking to your
mentors or leader, after the motivation wears off, your COMMITTMENT
is what’s left over.

Don’t think for a second that to lean on a shovel, you should expect a hole.

Success only shows up before Work, in the dictionary.

We are here to lead you every step of the way, but you must do the work.

We can guide you if you are willing to follow.

Yes, it can be a challenge, but never forget that nothing worth having
come easily.

Remember, the greatest work of a leader is not to struggle for his followers, but to remind him or her, that their struggles are certainly worthwhile.

That’s it for today.

Be sure to stay plugged in to the LIVE Training Schedule and we will hear you during the week on these calls and webinars.

Should you require some personal time, give a call over to our offices to set up an appointment.

Remember, you want to protect, preserve and prioritize your time.

This is the only way you will ever truly run a profitable, enjoyable and fulfilling home based business.

If you are everything to everyone, you will never truly realize the full
spectrum of leverage you can have in your business and you will have
a team of Co-Dependent Followers instead of an Indpendent Team of

Learn to work by appointment especially with your new members and those who have yet to prove themselves, and this does not exclude your own time for Revenue Producing Activity – Schedule it!

OK, so make today count towards your success and we will speak with you again soon.”


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