Interview with Mike Dillard

Sophia, Mike Dillard & Aaron

Several years ago, I was approached by a young man at an MLM event who asked for my opinion about a strategy he was about to implement into his Network Marketing Business called “Attraction Marketing”.

I agreed to review his information so he sent me a 110 page manuscript called Magnetic Sponsoring

Now although, I was very impressed with his writing, the idea of having people find me and coming to me with credit card in hand ready to purchase my product or service without ever speaking to them just seemed to good to be true.

Yes, even though I was an entrepreneur myself, I didn’t have the vision or foresight to see past the current ways I was already building my business.

Nevertheless, I shelved the idea of “Attraction Marketing” and continued on doing things the way I had been for over a decade.

For the next several years, Sophia & I continued down the path of pitching family & friends, prospecting cold leads, hosting home parties and approaching strangers who didn’t want, didn’t need and couldn’t afford what we were marketing. (Imagine that!)

When Sophia & I hit rock bottom, fed up with the way we had been doing things, in search of new ideas, new strategies and new success, we returned once again to the strategies found in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.

Well fast forward five years later and not only do Sophia & I run our own business with the strategies found in Magnetic Sponsoring, but we’ve also joined this young man in employing the ever so powerful concepts of Attraction Marketing and Self Branded Marketing Funnels.

The Result? We went from earning $4,100 per month with a team of over 10,000 people in Traditional, Old School MLM, to making over $650,000 in just our first year using these powerful techniques.

Listen in as the the guy with the biggest name in Network Marketing today, Mike Dillard, Interviews Sophia & myself about the way we transitioned from Old School MLM into What’s Working Now (WWN), which is coincidentally the name of Mike’s New Product, scheduled to be released on March 22nd, 2010.

4 Comments on Interview with Mike Dillard

  • LOL….awsome Bro…..Aaron and Sophia
    There is a reason why YOU have both earned SO much money..!!!!

    #1: You know how to sell
    #2: You associate with TOP earners
    #3: You have in the past built a a GREAT downline.
    #4: You are already LEADERS in your own right….
    #5: You need more money to achieve your financial goal

  • Aaron,

    I love that story. That single video/audio is what clicked with me and got me started down the road to success. If not for that powerful information, there is no way I would be as far along in my education, mindset and thus far success as I am experiencing today.

    Thank you for your continuing education, leadership and flat out rock solid content you continue to produce on a daily, monthly, yearly basis as it has made a huge difference.

    “Two Roads Diverged In a Wood, I took the one less traveled and it has made all of the difference.” ~Charles F. Kettering

    While Pledging a fraternity in college back in 1993, I had to memorize as well as recite that quote upon request. Not knowing exactly what that meant back then, it is oh so clear today.

    ~Josh Boxer

  • Dear Aaron & Sophia Rashkin,

    - Thanks for Aaron & Sophia Rashkin for their commitments in inspiring / lightning others entrepreneurs.
    - Aaron & Sophia are SO smart and serious also they came in the age of the Godfather of the Internet Marketing.
    - Please try to duplicate your success stories to others entrepreneurs.

    Have an awesome day and may God bless Aaron & Sophia & Yours…!

    Fouad Al Zomir.

  • Thank you for letting me in on your interview with Mike D.It shows me the all I have to began to be like you.God Bless you You are the best!

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