I HATED this so I obsessed about THAT…(can you relate?)


Back in the day when I had a job… I used to LOVE the thought of looong Thanksgiving weekends. Just like this past one. Traveling to visit w/ family and friends.

Festive homes with the smell of warm Turkey roasting in the oven. Sweet potato pecan pie. Squash kugel, stuffing & cranberry. Football all day and leftovers galore.

Who doesn’t love this?! lol

But at the same time I HATED the thought of having to go back to work when it was all over. It usually didn’t creep in until the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving…


And I loathed the thought of it. All day while the fun still lasted, I obsessed with ideas about how NOT to have to go back to work. How could I make money but not have a real “Job”.


How not to go back to the grind of everyday pressures, stress & all the bs that comes with it. Yes, I loved what I did for a living, but I never made enough money. Just the right amount to keep my head above water. Yes, I was a part of that crowd. You know, the people who make enough not to quit and do just enough not to get fired.


But then one day, after waking up before the sun one too many times…After writing my last bill and leaving myself with near nothing for the rest of the month…After realizing that I didn’t want to just ‘exist’ one more day…


I put my foot down.

Because I wanted something different.

I wanted to make more money.

Have more free time.

And really make a difference.

I wanted more flexibility.

I wanted more choices.


And I really wanted to sleep in every day until I was done. No more working from 6 am til 11 pm, making my Boss look good and someone else’s Company rich. I was done with it all, and ready for something bigger, better & more… me. So, I started a home based business. And I never looked back. And today, that was THE biggest & best decision I ever made.


Because once I saw what was possible…I never lost sight of my dream. Not to be rich & famous. But to live a life of freedom. To do what I wanted, when I wanted with whom I wanted. To be able to work from home, around my family.


To be able to come and go as I please, without having to answer to a boss. To have the ability to determine how much I made, how much or how little I worked for it, and when. To be able to travel, take vacations and stay as long as I wanted.


I don’t know about you, but to me, this is living the good life. But I also understand that it’s not for everyone. And to many, it’s unimaginable. Because they might live in a box, think in a box and exist in a box. And that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that.


But if that’s NOT you, and you are more like me when I was STUCK at a job that would never pay me what I was worth…And you want to take back YOUR life and start making it what you really want…Take a gander at what Sophia & I are doing


We’ve been in home based business a long time, and have never seen anything like it. And we have never seen people on our own Team do this well, this quickly. Rui just signed up like 300 people in the past 60 days.


10K in only 6 weeks is Possible with the Right Mentors & SystemSilvio just messaged us in our Private Facebook Group – he made 10K in only 6 weeks with us.


And there are countless stories of Members & friends – dozens of people making 6-figure income in just their first 90-180 days.


Matter of fact, in a room of nearly 3,000 people, during our ‘Commission Countdown’, over 90% of everyone literally stood up to let us know that they have made at least their first investment back (only $25)!


All it takes is for you to be fully ready to get on board with us – for the ride of your life!

So watch the video that started it all…


Once you get started, our Assistant Danielle will call you right away to set up our 1st conversation to discuss your game plan and how we can work together. All I know is that if you are like me and hated working for other people, being told what to do, how to do it and how much my time was worth…


Get started right now and let’s get YOU loving your life!

Aaron Rashkin

Aaron ‘Once Broke but Not Anymore’ Rashkin

P.S. We had a Private Call last night with
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