How to Get & Stay Motivated

I haven’t done a personal ‘swish’ message in some time, at least not like this one.

But before I get into that, I want to get into this.

First, I hope your week was a great one.

Here’s what’s interesting…

I used to not even use the word ‘Hope’, as my friend Mike Dillard wrote in his book Magnetic Sponsoring, as he says, “hope is the cry of the undecided”.

But see, I can’t have decided for you whether or not you would have a great week - only you can do that for yourself.  

Hopefully, it was more than just hoping on your part! lol

Hopefully it was a commitment by you to make it a great weekend.

See, using the word ‘hope’ is ok, as long as what you are hoping for, you have no control over.  

But anything you DO have control over, there must not be ‘hoping’ involved.

Notice I didn’t say, ‘should’, but that you MUST.

This is because way too many use the word, ‘should’, when they should use the word, ‘must’.

Like I ‘must’ do this, and I must do that.

That’s right, the lesser the commitment, the more I find them ‘shoulding’ all over themselves!

Nothing too fancy in my thoughts here.

I always want you to have a great… whatever it is you are doing, or being, or having…

Ok, enough said on this issues ‘;-)

A good friend of mine, Bill Mayer, used to say, “it’s not about having a positive mental attitude – but having a positive mental expectation.”

When you expect it to be, so shall it become – when you make it that way.

You are in full control of the outcome.

You are.

And when you do well, you get the credit.

So powerful.

Ok, enough of the mumbo jumbo!

Let’s get into this.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning as I’m sitting down to write this to you and right before I was about to hit the gym to workout and rehab my knee, I got this serious urge to get this message down on my laptop.

Now of course, I’m typing a mile a minute and my thoughts are flowing through me like a raging river, not just because I want you to really understand what I’m about to share with you, but also because I have a fat burner inside my body that’s just screaming to get out. lol!

Seriously though, I’ve had a bunch of thoughts on the this topic for a long time.


Here’s the back story:

A few weeks ago, a guy I met at my great friend Andrew Cass’ Cash Control Academy down in Miami, said, “Aaron, you are one of my favorite motivational speakers in our industry.”

And as flattered and appreciative as I am when I hear that, I pulled this man aside and asked him what he felt when
I spoke.

He said, “you make me want to go out and be more successful”.

And I said, “that’s great. And I truly appreciate that.  Thank you.”

However, I then asked, “how can I motivate you?  I might inspire you, but you, YOU must motivate yourself.”

Because just like spray paint on rust, motivation eventually wears off.

And what you have left over afterwards, is your…


Plain and simple.

It’s your Commitment that is going to carry you to success.

Now I may inspire you, and if that’s the case – great!

Let’s both go out and start doing some pushups to the Rocky theme. Man, that movie still inspires me!

But perhaps my story of being broke, busted and disgusted with myself and my life – and picking myself up off the pity couch,
where I’d sometimes hunt for change buried deep within the cushions just so that I could eat that day,  and then drawing a line in the sand and vowing to myself that I’d NEVER go back to near homelessness a few times – makes you want to do the same thing.

That’s right.

DRAW the line my friend.

Isn’t it time already?

And if that’s the case, that’s great.

But let’s be perfectly clear here.

As far as I’m concerned, there is ONLY one type of ‘motivation’.

And that is, SELF Motivation.

Because if you cannot influence yourSELF to get up, dress up and show up…

Nobody is going to ever going to join in and be a supporting cast in your performance.

No matter what it is.

No matter what your goals and dreams are.

If you are not chasing them by doing the work day in and day out and staying focused and committed and showing up daily with
that fire in your eyes and in your heart, nobody is buying you.

So, back to the age old question.

You have HUGE dreams.

How do you get and stay motivated?

Well, it’s simple.

You’ve got to want something to change.

To be better than it is.

Now sure, you can be content.

And happy.

And able to live well where ever you are right now.




Heck if you are reading this right now, you are more wealthy than almost 98% of the rest of the world.

Billions of people don’t even have a computer, let alone modern conditions to work in.

Hell, millions don’t even have fresh clean drinking water.

So be sure not to take for granted that although you might not like where you’re at right now financially – it is NOT a life threatening condition you are dealing with.

However, if you want to make a lot of money so that you can become the changes that you want to make in the world, YOUR world, then you’ve got to be so sick and tired of not being able to do the things you want in life, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

And you’ve got to want it badly enough, that you are willing to push past the pain of doing NEW things, that will make your
situation considerably better.

Whether it’s changing your habits.

Learning new skills.

Budgeting your time better.

Talking yourself INTO doing certain things.

Talking yourself OUT of doing certain things.

Taking more responsibility for yourself and your life and your business.

Being fully accountable for yourself and your thoughts and your actions.

So, here’s where you might begin:

You can start by telling yourself a DIFFERENT story than you’ve always told yourself and others about why things aren’t
the way you want them.

There’s a TON that I could say on this subject – and believe me, stick around me long enough and I assure you – you will hear it all.

Because that’s part of my own life’s purpose – to raise people and their awareness about how to take their own lives to a place where they’ve always wanted to go.

Now, just to be clear on how powerful your thoughts are, here’s a great illustration of what happened for me this morning
right before I sat down to write this for you.

It’s a perfect example of how conditioning and programming play a large part in our ways of being, and how we carry with us
from a very early age, what we are taught to think about ourselves and how we show up in life.

After 2 weeks of Spring Break, playing, having fun, sleeping in, eating out, doing a ton of activities, and just being a kid, mine & Sophia’s 4 year old son, Legend, did NOT want to get up for pre-school
this morning.

He put up a lot of resistance, saying he was sick & tired and then talking about how he missed his stuffed monkey last night when he slept…

Basically saying whatever he could just so that he could stay home and not have to go to school.

Well, I began caving in for a few minutes, even considering just taking it easy with him today, when it dawned on me very

This is NOT what I want for Legend.
And NOT what I want for me.

Not that I don’t have compassion for him when he’s really sick or really not feeling well, which has happened a few times since
he began pre-school this year…

But this was not the case this morning.

Not only do I want more for him, but, also…

I want more for me, as a parent.

To teach him that even though it’d be easier NOT to do what was planned…

…this actually makes life harder.

Read that again.

“NOT doing what was planned, and allowing him to make excuses for not getting up and doing what he was supposed to do, would actually make his life harder.”

But Aaron, he’s only 4 years old.

That’s right. And at 4 years old, even younger, is where it all begins.

Because if we condition ourselves to allow our “desire for comfort”, to take over our “desire for success”…

Or, our desire to complete a task…

Or keep a commitment…

Or keep our word…

We get comfortable buying our own excuses and it will only take ONE to rob us of being our best and living a life of excellence.

Because habits are developed very quickly, especially when our conscious mind sees the power of cause and effect.

If you are a parent, you know what I mean.

If you are not a parent, here’s what you must know.

Your body does what your mind tells it to.

Same with kids.

Sure, they put up some resistance sometimes, but the key is to start ‘em young!

And because I want more for Legend, than for him to begin buying his own excuses, and for him to think that I do too…

Despite the whining & complaining and the pouting and then crying, I walked with him downstairs, poured a bowl of cereal with him, made a protein shake with him and we sat and talked about what his day was going to be.

We did this together.

And sure enough, Legend ate, got dressed (with some guidance from Sophia) and made it to school – just about on time.

After it was all said & done, Sophia & I discussed the entire situation.

And part of why I did what I did, had to do with something I didn’t want.

What I told her was, “I didn’t want Legend to get used to making excuses, or being lazy, or thinking that he could just make up stuff just to get out of completing a responsibility.”

And I used the words, “I don’t want”.

And my awesome wife reminded me about my own language and how I framed the entire situation.

I realized that I was operating from a fear of perceived pain.

For myself, as a parent to see that I raised an excuse maker.

And for Legend, that he’d develop poor habits at only 4 years old.

So, I re-framed the entire situation and spoke out loud why I lead Legend the way I did.

I said, and I say again, “I influence Legend to get out of bed, go downstairs, eat breakfast, and get dressed for school, not because I think that public school is the BEST education he could get, but it teaches him structure, and discipline and self control and awareness.”

So how can YOU get & stay motivated?

Well, start by being focussed more on what you do WANT, than what you don’t want.

I was reminded of this myself that morning, – which is why I’m sharing this with you right now.

Yes, you either move away from pain, or towards pleasure…

But instead of talking about what you don’t want…(the pain).

Start talking more about what you DO want.

And what you are DOING to make it happen.

It’s like this.

When your Dreams are bigger than your Problems – and you take consistent & persistent action…  You WIN.

It’s called being an “Overcomer”.

And it’s how you must operate on a daily basis in order to achieve success.

And it’s how you get motivated & stay motivated.

Be clear on what you want.

Be clear on what it will take to achieve it.

Be clear on the actions you must take today, to move you closer to your goals.

Because at the end of the day, the ONLY person responsible for your success – is YOU.

But I can assure you of this…

When YOU are fully committed, and playing to win… and focusing on what’s possible…

And talking about it with others who support you…

You will bring and attract and create a level of energy that people LOVE to be around.

Plain & simple.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Get & stay motivated.

That’s my share for today.

Make it a great week.

And I’ll be in touch again soon.

Off to the gym!


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12 Comments on How to Get & Stay Motivated

  • I like the concept of the article, very influential. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • Thanks for commenting Myrtle, I really appreciate you stopping by.

  • This is very inspiring, i’m going to replan my whole life and start with new objectives, Thank you for this post.

  • If you make working out part of your daily schedule, it will be much easier to keep up with. Once you do something every day for two to three weeks, it becomes an ingrained habit, like brushing your teeth.

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  • Getting motivated isnt the problrm, it is finding a home based business that is honest and not a scam or multi level marketing sceam.

  • I agreed with you Shanon. This post is really informative & helpful for us. :D

  • I agree with you Aaron, in other to make money, you have to spend money.What if you don’t have it? It’s not filling the application to get approve, it’s what comes next.This is the situation I am in.To come and have you an Sophia to mentor me.I know you are not a scam. You and Sophia gave me enough proof not to think so.I know it’s expensive to get everything you and Sophia are offering, it should be because of the time and work both of you have invested. It is what it is.Money is holding me up.

  • Even though I motivate myself everyday,I still like to here other people’s views and comments on the subject it helps.

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