How to Gain Instant Respect from Your Peers & Colleagues in the Home Based Business Industry

I  was training at the gym the other day next to a guy who was twice my size.

I was doing shoulder presses with 80 lb dumbells – he was doing them with 60s.

We were matching each other set for set without even making eye contact, yet when I required a spot on my last few reps, he quickly and without hesitation, offered his assistance.

I nodded my affirmation and then appreciation after he tapped my elbows lightly to keep my joints moving through a sticking point and I completed 3 forced reps with his spot.

I fried my shoulders on that set and apparently earned some respect too as my new gorilla like friend gave me the “nod” of approval when he was leaving the gym.

And that’s when it dawned on me – I may not be the biggest guy in the place or have the best physique – but over the years, I’ve always earned the respect of the bigger, stronger guys, no matter where I work out or what body part I’m training – simply because of the focus and commitment that I train with.

Now perhaps the fact that I have an attitude that says, “get out of my way – I’m on a mission – and this focus and commitment that I train with to beat my own personal best, is the same focus and commitment that I’d use to beat you up if you’ve got something to say or get in my way!”lol

I’m just kidding when I say that, but I trust you get my point.  I only know how to fight, so that I don’t have to. (If you are well trained in any Martial Art, you know exactly what I mean)

You see, the intensity at which I train and the focus and the commitment that I bring, no matter what I’m doing in life, whether I’m working out or building my business, is exactly why I’ve been able to achieve the results I have and how YOU will be able to do the same.

Now whether your results are about making more money, living a better lifestyle, getting in better shape or just having more time with your family, it is going to take a serious amount of focus and commitment from you, in order to reach your goal.

But you see, your results don’t always have to be tangible to gain respect from others, like wearing a nice watch or a having a big bank account, although this is often times how we both measure and are measured.

Interestingly enough, the intangible results that we can experience are just as powerful, if not even more powerful than those which can easily be seen.

This is not just about becoming rich, but “rich” in character.

You don’t have to look like a million bucks to gain respect from your peers and from other leaders.

You don’t even have to be making a huge income.

It’s about your focus and commitment and the level at which you play the game, that is easily observed.

And the reason that it’s easily observed, is because the results of our work are always on display whether we realize it or not.

How we show up every day is seen by all – there is no escaping this.

We wear our future on our sleeve.

And it’s in the form of your attitude.

Yes, your body language, the words you use when speaking about yourself and others, how you describe your efforts and even how you feel about your business.

When you speak and come from a place of empowerment, you easily attract others who are already self empowered and earn instant respect.

When you speak in terms of poverty consciousness, lack mentality and dis-empowerment, you repel others.

Whiners and complainers, even when they have talent, earn no respect.

While at the same time, someone new to the business can easily earn the respect of others by sharing what they are doing and asking questions of those who are at the level that they (the new person) wishes to be.

T. Harv Eker says in his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, “how we do anything, is how we do everything.”

And so whether you have reached the level of success that you are looking for yet, or not, the focus and commitment that you show up with to build your business, is easily identifiable.

Again, it shows in your attitude.

It shows in your confidence.

And it shows by the way you carry yourself, the words you use and how you perceive this process called success.

Present yourself properly and you will gain instant respect from your peers and colleagues in a very cut throat industry.



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19 Comments on How to Gain Instant Respect from Your Peers & Colleagues in the Home Based Business Industry

  • Aaron,

    Great Analogy with the forced reps. Most people quit when they get to the sticking point, leaders are not afraid to ask for an assist to blow through it….Even though it may be a little tough and perhaps hurt a little, that is where the growth happens. Bravo!

  • Great stuff Aaron!!

  • Great information there Aaron! I love T Harv for getting my juices flowing that’sone great book!

    Right on!

  • Aaron, as usual, right on point. I don’t always comment on your posts, but I was thinking about this very thing this morning, and your post was perfect! Especially for someone who may be new in the industry and doesn’t have the “proof” yet. Keep it up man, awesome stuff!

  • Spoken like a top (tier) producer! As Jim Rohn was fond of saying: It’s never about the goal, but what you become in the pursuit of it.

  • Thank you for the message! I am just starting out but my aim is to be like or better than you Aaron! The higher you go, the better I will become. Great!

  • Aaron, that is an awesome post. I liked your comment: “Interestingly enough, the intangible results that we can experience are just as powerful, if not even more powerful than those which can easily be seen.”

  • I think the ‘posture’ you present to the world is very powerful and in those times of doubt remembering to present with ‘posture’ quickly dissolves the negative thoughts. Consistently being focused and committed is difficult when your are growing your business around a busy life. But like you say its the ability to push through the tough bits. Cheers Nicola

  • Thanks for sharing Aaron. I have noticed truth in your words from my experiences. I appreciate your leadership and advise. Blessings.

  • I am sure that there are many people who follow what you write feel the same way that I do. The feeling for me is that you are talking just to me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • As always Aaron,a great article and,you’re absolutely right with the Martial Arts example;The amount of people who think you’re hard as nails and some even try to see if you’re really good,then call you a coward (bless them)when you walk away….

    Attitude does make a difference and,luckily enough,we can choose ours!

    Thanks again Aaron and have a fantabulous weekend :-)

  • “rich I’n character” I like that…:) cool story.

  • Awesome explanation of how to be respected while pursuing my goals, before I “make it”. Definitely bookmarking this to re-read.

  • ola Aaron! my appreciateions my friend thanks for all info-training. every chance I get I’m on top. Yours turly Aaron

  • ok thats good

  • Aaron, this is excellent insight for those newbies who think that until they achieve success, the industry leaders won’t give them a notice. I love to see a newbie on fire, as I’m sure you do it. Thanks for your value and passion you bring to the industry and to those you come in contact with in general. Appreciate you. Debbie

  • Great Stuff!!! As always! ;-)

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