How to become a Heavyweight in Life

The other day I (Aaron) was in the middle of an intense shoulder workout at the gym, when I had a major epiphany.

The military press seat I was using was positioned in front of the 65 & 70 lb dumbells.

However, I was walking down the rack to grab the 35s & 40s and would then bring them back to the seat I was using.

After bringing my light weights back and forth three times, I noticed that there was an open military press seat available down the rack, in front of the lighter weight.

So to save myself time by walking back and forth, I re-positioned myself down at the lighter end of the rack, right in front of the 25 lb dumbells.

I then turned toward the rack to grab a pair of 50 lb dumbells for my next set when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

That’s when this epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks.

I realized in a mere second, that if I want to be lifting heavier weights, to get bigger and stronger and look and feel better than I ever have in my life, I’d better get back to the bench that was positioned in front of the heavier weights.


Because that is where the bigger, stronger and more well developed people in the gym are.

There’s more competition, inspiration and motivation down at that end of the rack.

There’s more passion for breaking through barriers, pushing past limits and constant and never-ending improvement.

You see, if your not satisfied with where you are, whether it’s your income level, the quality of your relationships, your lifestyle or even your fitness level, you’ve gotta surround yourself with people who are experiencing great success in that area which you are committed to¬†improve.

To sit amongst light weights, will only make you one yourself.

It’s only amongst the heavyweights, that the real heavy “weight” is moved, records are broken and lives are changed.

Even if you are not as “strong” or as “good”, yet, to get better, you must invest your time and resources to be around “better” people.

So surround yourself “with”, immerse yourself “in” and get comfortable being “around” the heavyweights in your life and you’ll eventually become one yourself.


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