How much is the “Investment”?

A very nice lady called me the other day to ask me a question about her business.

When I returned her call and got into conversation, I found out that her question was about a business that Sophia & I no longer build or are a part of.

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When explaining that her question was out of my reach, she wanted to know why I was no longer a part of the company she was calling about.

Instead of explaining in detail why Sophia & I left our old Company, I offered her the Report that not only explained why we left that old business model, but also the document that clearly changed our lives.  She didn’t respond to my offer.

In any case, the next words out of her mouth after learning that we moved to a new Company, Productl Line & Business Model was, “What is the Investment?”

My response was:

“That’s a good question Mary, but what I have found is that people who ask what it costs before they even know what “it” is, are more concerned about spending money than earning it. The truth is, there is far more of an investment of your time, energy and creativity than there is of money.”

[Then I went silent]

She said, “well how much would I have to put in to make any back?”

My response was:

“Well that depends on how much you want in return. I don’t know how much you will put in or how committed you willl be, so truly, that is impossible for me to answer. Again, you must put in more of your time, talent and discipline, than money, to be successful.”

Mary replied to me, “You know, I’ve been in Home Business for many years, probably longer than you’ve been alive (she might even be right!), and in all my years, I’ve never heard such a great response to this question. Young man, I’d like to look at the business you and your wife are building. I think I have a lot to learn from you.”

Now clearly Mary was a very bright lady and knew some good value when she heard it, so I left her with the following thought:

I said, “Mary, you know, I don’t even know if our business is a fit for you or not, and if not, that’s ok, but if you will send me a request for my information, I will reply back with a link to our Business if you truly want to take a look.

Sure enough, Mary sent her email to my private email address and I responded back with the link I promised.

I noticed within just minutes Mary began her search on our website as she became a lead in our System.

So, the moral of the story?

By providing value and then perhaps very gently suggesting that if a person is interested in your business, to let you know, you might create enough curiousity resulting in a new prospect or lead.

Certainly, you want to be more interested in them, than interesting to them.

Learn more about them than they learn about you.

With this formula, you can’t go wrong.

Mary certainly appreciated it and her actions were a direct result of our conversation.

After all, the Investment is never just about capital, but about how much of yourself  you are willing to put into your business - which is far more valueable than money.

8 Comments on How much is the “Investment”?

  • What a GREAT post Aaron! Thank you for sharing such a valuable information for all the marketers out there scared of being completely honest with their prospects. I will use this approach right away. =)

  • Thanks Cesar! Yes, if you fear losing a prospect or even a business partner, you not only attract that anyway, but they are probably not the right ones anyway. You can never say the wrong thing to the right person, or the right thing to the wrong one.

  • Thank you very Aaron, for such a great information. We can use it to our prospect. God bless.

  • Very true! Most people do ask about the cost first- your reply is awesome.
    .-= Cori Rizzo´s last blog ..Brand Your Business with Identity =-.

  • Aaron, thanks for sharing how a leader handles these knee jerk responses that people will throw at marketers. It is apparent that you are not begging or convincing anyone to be a part of your team, you are only seeking the right people who can recognize a true opportunity and willing to put forth the effort needed to reach their success markers.

  • I love the confidence in your response. This sounds much better than desperate and anxious. Thanks for sharing and sowing good seed.

  • You know Aaron I’m a very observant individual. This past weekend in Las Vegas has taught me a lot, but honestly just sitting back and watching how you and Sophia handled yourselves marveled me. It really taught me the most this whole weekend no offense to any of the other speakers. You guys were very classy and I like that. The strategy that you use to build up curiosity in your business model is genius. I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to share what I know with the world. Hope you guys had a comfortable flight back to Colorado. Talk soon.
    .-= Kenny Karamo´s last blog ..The successful entrepreneur knows how to balance between business and his personal life. =-.

  • Aaron a very classy way to interview a prospect.You showed great posture. Thanks

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