Focus Could Destroy Your Business!

Sophia & Aaron in DR at BanaSophia & I hosted our Company’s Morning Charge Call today.

Our subject for 15 minutes was “Focus”.

Here’s how we broke it down:

Before “Focus” can come into play, first a “Choice” must be made.

First you must “choose” to be successful.

Then you “choose” which life you are going to live.

Then you “choose” which vehicle is going to get you there if the one you are presently in, is not the right one for you.

Once you’ve made these decisions, all other options are then cut off.

Then, and only then, can your “focus” be effective.

A great example of “focus” is the difference between a shotgun and a rifle.

If you know anything about a shotgun, you know that it gets loaded up with small metal pellets, called “shot”.

When you fire the shotgun, the shot exits out of the gun at a very high speed.

The problem is that the further distance the shot travels through the air, the less of an impact it has when it hits its target.

It spreads out and becomes much less effective.

This is what happens when you have too many things going on and your attention is scattered.

With a rifle, you must have pinpoint accuracy.

But when you hit your target, you destroy it.

Now that’s focus!


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  • Great points Aaron. Got me thinking about a recent conversation with a colleague just starting on his own.

    For people just starting out with their chosen vehicle, all of the things you can do to get started often result in people reaching instinctively for that shotgun shell. But one can turn all those pellets into a series of focused bullets – imagine a sniper with an automatic weapon – with a few steps.

    1) Write down everything that you think needs to happen for you to accomplish your broadest goal – list everything that comes into your mind when you think about what needs to happen.

    2) Review your list and put a check next to everything that is truly under your control. At the same time, scratch a line through all of the things that are beyond your control.
    • Goal : Understand what is in your direct control to influence, and focus in on that. Let go of the things that are not in your direct control or influence. Get rid of the unneeded pellets.

    3) Create a separate, clean list of those items things that you can control and/or influence.
    • Key: Lay them out in order of importance – top priorities first, lower priorities last.

    4) Apply your energy to the top 5.
    • Action : Write down anything sticking points preventing you from accomplishing each of these 5 priorities. Identify what you can do to overcome any of these obstacles.

    For example:
    Relationships – What can you do to effect positive change to either strengthen or influence a relationship in a positive way?
    Skills – What can you do to acquire those skills?
    Other Resources – Who controls the resource you need? What can you do to get them on-board with you?

    5) Just Do It! At this point, you should have a clear understanding of several focused actions you can take to create the outcomes you seek. Pull the trigger on these activities. Anything else is just a wasted shot.

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