Email Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Make You a Small Fortune

It’s Monday afternoon May 16th, and in just a little over 48 hours, I’m hosting a 100% FREE Webinar that is  going to help a LOT of people make a LOT of money!

I sent the below message out to every one of my lists inviting them to come on board this Wednesday Night May 18th, to find out what all the hoopla is about!

Check it out:

Subject: Your Check

Check this out.

I remember it clearly – something my first MLM sponsor told me back in 1996.

He said, “your check will be in direct proportion to the number of people you expose to the information, get on a 3 way call, and then follow up with.”
Now if you are wondering, “wtf – how antiquated”, then follow me here.

We did that back then because that was the best way of doing business, so I was told, so I did exactly what my sponsor told me to do.  I put people on recorded and LIVE calls every day, got them on a 3 way call with Joe and scheduled them for a follow up the next day or later that week if they didn’t buy right away.

Here was the problem:

#1 - Poor Joe – never got a day of rest.

I was a prospecting machine and could get people on the phone with him at the drop of a hat. And since I had nothing else going on in my life except for my quest for success, I wasn’t going to stop, even when he did.

Joe got burned out – I think he even quit the industry because of how time consuming and life intruding doing 3 way calls can be.

#2 – Following up became more and more difficult as more and more people found out about Caller ID.

Most didn’t answer the phone when I called to follow up, for any number of reasons, so I would leave unanswered voicemails sometimes for hours on end before I actually spoke to a real person.

It truly did suck!

If they did pick up, I had to to re-connect, re-introduce and eventually ask for the sale.

I did’t make much money doing this.

And it was hard freakin’ work, seriously.

This is when Joe B. taught me another powerful secret that I’ll share with you another day.

However, despite this archaic way of building my business, I actually did sponsor people, (mainly because I was relentless) but more importantly because I didn’t know that I couldn’t. I believed I could do anything I set my mind to – still do.

But man, the way we used to do things was a tough business, compared to how we do it today.

Well fast forward to today – just the past 2 1/2 years.

Once I stopped building my business the same way I did back in 1995, everything changed.

Not only haven’t I made a single cold call, (let alone a 3 way call), made my list, pitched family & friends, or depended on my sponsor to help me build my business… my business started taking off.

And not just taking off, but soaring, high into orbit.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but after only six months of doing business the “new” way, my wife Sophia & I went from making only 4,100 per month in our mlm, to earning over 60,000 per month, in just 6 months.

And I gotta say, there were several key factors that allowed us to do this, however…

I discovered THE most powerful way to continue a relationship with people looking at our business, long after an initial conversation or exposure would take place, that has now resulted in over 1.7 commissions in just the past 32 months.

No joke, we went from making 4,100 per month after 5 years of the mlm grind, to earning 1.7 million in just 32 months of doing things our “new” way.

And contained in this “new” way we now do business, we’ve discovered the true power of the internet, (not so much in lead generation although we’ve figured some of this out too, generating over 70,000 leads online), but in a very simple, very common sense strategy that I personally love to use to make a ton of money online.

It’s called Email Marketing and although you’ve probably heard some people say that it’s “dead”, I say…  <ahem – bullshit!>

And this coming Wednesday night, May 18th, I’ll prove it to you.

I’m doing a FREE Webinar called Email Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Make a Small Fortune.

The #1 reason that I’m doing this webinar, is because so many people, (perhaps even you) don’t have a clue as to what they are doing or how to do it when it comes to Email Marketing and howto use it to make money online.

I’ve figured out a few things that I use every single day to drive traffic, create leads, make sales and most importantly, build our brand online.

Now a lot of people are NOT going to like what I share with you, mainly because they might be worried that there is not enough to go around, however, to that I say <ahem – bullshit>, again!

There is MORE than enough money, success and whatever else you are looking for, to go around for everyone, 10x, even 100X over.

So, on my webinar, you will discover:

- Which Type of Marketing Campaign is BEST for YOUR Business & Financial Goals
- The FIVE Different Messages You Want to Send to Your List
- How Often Your Messages Should Be Sent
- How to Get the BEST Open Rates
- Which Words Create the Most Compelling Messages
- How to Get More Click Throughs to Whatever Website You Promote
- How to Double Opens AND Click Throughs in Just Minutes Per Day
- How I used Email Marketing to Generate 1.7 Million in Commissions for mine & Sophia’s Business in just 32 Months Online
- And Much, Much More, including all sorts of Marketing Strategies that will help you grow your business, no matter WHAT business you are in…

Seriously, if you are an online business owner and have a website, or, if you don’t yet, or are even thinking about how you can become more successful, you will not want to miss this.

I am going to uncover some stuff that you can start implementing literally once I end the webinar, and start seeing real tangible results within just minutes of us all saying goodbye.

It’s kind of funny actually, because right in the middle of building out a 100 Million Dollar Business with several partners, growing a massive team in my Primary Company, being a husband, daddy and mentor to all of my clients and customers, I get this itch to start sharing EVERYTHING that I’ve learned over the years, in my brand new webinar coaching series called Skillionaire2Millionaire.

What makes it funny is that even though I know exactly what I’m doing, I have NO idea how much I’m going to spill the beans.

In other words, I’ve been known to go way overboard when it comes to teaching people what to do and how to do it – sometimes I get emails and calls from friends that tell me to stop sharing this stuff – seriously. But it’s ok, they’ll be on too watching me pick apart my entire Email Marketing strategy! ‘;-)

So, to kick it all off, I am doing this 100% FREE Webinar on Wednesday Night May 18th so that I can truly share with you what I’ve been implementing in my own business, that has made us a ton, and I mean a TON of money in just the past 32 months, so that you too can finally be in total control of your own finances, your own freedom and your own life – like Sophia & me.

Remember, just 32 months ago – almost broke, busted and disgusted. Today, living the life I always wanted.

I can show you how…

Wednesday May 18th
8:00 – 8:45 pm Eastern (New York Time)

We are going to have some fun, uncover some of my best email marketing secrets and show you how to truly master the art of writing some serious and compelling messages that result in nothing more than sales in your register and cash in your bank account.

Speak with you again soon and see you on Wednesday!

Aaron Rashkin Tilted Headshot
P.S. If you are doing any type of marketing, email or not, what I’m going to share with you on Wednesday night will absolutely take you and your business up several notches.

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  • I just joined your webinar.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Will you be putting the webinar in a back office so that we may view it. I was unable to attend as I am having issues with my internet connection which will be fully taken care of on this Tuesday.

    Great job by both you and Sophia at the MME7 event.

    Diana Laine

  • I’m impressed! Your information has really made me think. I will talk about this information.

    Thank you.

  • All I can say is wow. I’ve been trying to earn a passive income with google adsense as well but I couldn’t earn the same amount that you mentioned above. Maybe adsense is not the answer if you want to earn online what do you think?

  • Good day I really liked your informative blog post on Email Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Make You a Small Fortune. Great website…and cool article man…thanx for the great post…keep on posting such articles…

  • Aaron,
    Looking forward to it on May 18th. Please send me a link for this link has expired. Have a wonderful day!

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