Don’t Forget What’s Most Important

My friend, lets not kid ourselves.

No matter how cool or savvy technology gets when it comes to Social Media – for Networking, Connecting, Sales or Marketing, every single medium, message and motivation is controled by one thing – the thoughts of people, or simply…human nature, which in and of itself, is downright complex.

Online or off, every single moment of every single day, behind every whiz bang video, landing page, sales funnel, status update, tweet, ping, product launch, advertisement, commercial, radio spot, print ad or presentation, there lyes a motive to satisfy any one or all of a person’s basic human needs.

The person creating the message needs to satisfy.

The person receiving the message needs to satisfy.

The companies providing products and services need to satisfy.

The customer, the consumer, the critic.


This includes you.

This includes me.

It’s all based on our own and others perceptions of what is, and what is not that we feel the need to satisfy our basic of human needs.

From the need for love and connection, to growth and contribution, to certainty and uncertainty, even significance, each of these needs must be met or there will be some hell to pay, based on a level of un-met expectations or fulfillment.

And meet their needs people will, many times at any and all costs.

Yes, we all meet our needs in different ways, but the most common vehicle people will use to meet their needs, does not serve for the greater good – not just for themselves, but for others as well.

And this is called Ego.

It’s what compels a guy to blame others for a lack of his own success.

It’s what compels a gal to point the finger at someone else, for they dropped the ball, didn’t do their job, didn’t pull their weight.

Remember, for every finger you point, there are always three pointing
right back at you.

So take notice, take heed and beware.

Nothing happens to you. It happens for you and from within you.

Every move you make is sub-consciously designed to satisfy you or meet a need that might already be lacking in order for you to feel fulfilled, content and happy.

Meet your needs, fulfill your expectations and enjoy your life, but just be sure that if your needs are met, that you don’t rob others of what they need most.

And that is you.

2 Comments on Don’t Forget What’s Most Important

  • Great post Aaron! Thanks for sharing this knowledge. It’s incredibly true how we ALL forget at one time or another to fulfill our duty to give to others what they need most. “Give and you shall receive.”
    .-= Pablo Gonzalez´s last blog ..What Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Magically Stay Focused On Success =-.

  • Hey Aaron, great post, I like it a lot! Keep it up!
    Btw: Having my daily Rashkin-iPod-dose on my jogging runs…:-) Rock on! Greetz, Swiss-Rolf

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