Clown ‘like’ Lessons in Success [really good for home biz owners]

Hey there my friend… Aaron Rashkin here. So today Sophia & I took our boys to the Ringling Bros Circus. Carter, 11; Legend 4. We got there about 30 minutes early – enough time to watch the pre-game.

You know, the circus before the circus.

So while kids were running wild on the circus floor before the big show began…3 clowns were minding their own business, throwing boomerangs. Not just any boomerangs, but ones with helicopter propellers, so when the thing landed, it liked like a tiny egg beater picking its spot to touch ground.

Here’s the rub though.

Each of the 3 clowns had their own ‘barrel’, which they were attempting to land the boomerang in to. It was their target.

And throw after throw the boomer copters flew in the air every few seconds and would come right back to its thrower, almost landing in the thrower’s barrel. Well, after missing about 10 throws each, 2 of the clowns stopped throwing and did other silly things to entertain the kids. Juggling, dancing, telling jokes…

All things… clown. Remember, the circus had not started yet. The clowns were just out there doing their do.

Now follow me here…

One of the original three clowns – throwing boomers – just kept throwing.

Minding his own business. Doing his thing.

And with every throw, he got a little closer to landing it in his barrel.

And although there were a dozen other things that he could do instead…

He stayed focused on landing that copter in exactly the right spot.

Throw after throw.

Miss after miss. He never quit. Came close several times.

Nevertheless, he kept throwing.

Here’s what he didn’t do:

He didn’t shake his head in disbelief.

He didn’t tell the audience he was new.

He didn’t tell a ‘woe is me’ story to anyone who would listen. And he certainly didn’t blame anyone when he missed.
None of it. Matter of factly, he acted as if nobody else was watching. To himself, he was the only attraction that
day. Yet, he never even looked at the audience.

Never once looked up to see who was watching.

It appeared as though he hardly even cared.

Because he was focused on what he was doing.

And that if anyone was watching, it was those who wanted to see him win – no matter what else was going on. The right ones were watching, and were to applaud him when he got it right.

He knew it.

And so he stayed focused – hardly ever missing a beat when he missed his mark. He just took a deep breath and didn’t come up for air for a while. Throw after throw for 20 minutes straight.

On his own.

With the support of everyone who oooohed and aaaahed every time he had a near miss.

Some people even yelled out “Go Clown – You can Dooooo it”!

So, this little observation of mine went on for 20 minutes. I watched and paid attention just to see what would happen, and what I could share with you. And sure enough after about 50 or 60 throws.

He did it.

He looked up & acknowledged hundreds of people who were watching him. Pulling for him. Believing in him. And then.. he threw again.


Then again.


Again. Miss. Again. Hit.

And then.

3 hits in a row.

Got one helluva standing “O”!

I pumped my fist in the air. I was stoked for a clown. What freakin’ persistence. What perseverance. What determination.
Reminded me of you. Showing up this way. Playing to win. To freaking WIN. To beat the odds. To be successful. To own the opportunity.

To be THE one that everybody is watching. Pulling for. And paying attention to. What would YOUR life be like if you took a play out of our clown friend’s playbook? What if you had the same persistence, consistency and drive, to never, ever, ever quit until..

You won.

And you got exactly what you want?

Because that’s what it takes. And exactly what YOU must do. Because that’s what I did. And that’s what Sophia did.
And what every success story you ever hear about, did.

And, it’s what we still do today.

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I can assure you, there is nothing like learning how to make a fortune online, by people who’ve actually done it.

Looking forward to our time together,

Aaron Rashkin Your Make Money Mentor

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