ALL Top Earners Do This [ Success Habit #1 ]

So I’ve been known to completely turn real life experiences into metaphors for lessons in success and use it to train thousands of people online.

When we went Whitewater Rafting with 18 of our friends for mine & Sophia’s birthdays last summer, I had a field day on all the lessons we learned from, by working with a team on how NOT to tip over!

The first pic was mine & Sophia’s raft.

It was us, Tim Erway, Mike Dillard, Justin Woolf & all their wives and/or girlfriends. We stayed on TOP of the water the entire time, although we took about 1,000 gallons to the face for nearly 2 hours.


White Water Rafting

And then, there was Kuba’s raft, below.

Jay Kubassek, Jay Kilberg, Ray & Ferny, Dave Rhea (my great friend & old Assistant), and my Dad.

This was right before they tipped over, where for a few minutes, scrambled fast as hell to save themselves and climb back into the raft.


Kuba's Raft
No doubt, some of the best leaders in our Profession, but their Guide sucked, which is why they flipped over.

Anyway, I had a field day about this at our next LIVE Event, regarding Teamwork and how to operate under the leadership of an experienced general in order to make it safely to shore.

So, suffice to say…I’m always on the lookout for a good story to share, about business, success, abundant & prosperous living… any and all of it.


To me, it’s fun learning something new and figuring out how to apply it to just about every area of my life. Using business as the vehicle to get there. I say, ‘Hey, if it’s good for me, it is good for you too’.


It’s not just about the money. Although, having a ton of it roll into your bank account every day like clockwork certainly doesn’t suck. But this message is a little different though.


It’s about a text chat I had with my Mom (Roz Brenowitz), who just in case you haven’t heard on calls or webinars or run into with my 2nd Dad, David, at a LIVE event…


Here’s how they are doing in our Primary Company today.


Roz & David Brenowitz Top Member Sales

#2, right behind Sophia & me. And just in case you are wondering, we did not ‘give’ them any sign ups. Only a KICK ASS ‘No Set Up’ Marketing System for our Members to duplicate, make money, and… get on the Leader Board.


(How many people can say that?! Their parents #2 in New Member Sign Ups for the Week – [huh, is this a typo? lol)


Ok, back to my story.


So, yesterday, Sophia, our boys and I went to one of our favorite family fun places deep in the heart of Colorado. It’s kind of a western saloon & restaurant with all sorts of cool things for everyone, with an arcade, a pig chute and root beer floats.


They serve this killer fried chicken and all the sides. The chicken is just perfect – not like Popeye’s or KFC, although we’ve been known to down a bucket every once in a while there too! Thats when you’ll see me on the bike or treadmill for 90 minutes the next morning, burning all that fat & cholesterol out of my blood.


So Sophia drove and I was in the back seat with Legend (Carter, our 11 year old was co-piloting up front with Sophia). During the drive there, I got into this text chat with my Mom (Roz Brenowitz).


Check it out:


We were talking about the big UFC Fight on Pay Per View this past Saturday night.


Mom Text 1
Mom Text 2










Mom Text 3


So, you read that right.


My Mom figured out THE #1 Secret to EVERY Top Earners & Leaders Success. (part of why she’s on the Leader Board)


“Always learning”, she said.


Damn straight Skippy!


You got it, Mom. That’s the key. Always learning. And always on the lookout for something to learn, ‘from’.


And someONE to learn ‘from’. THIS is the big key. SOMEone.


Someone to show you not just what they are doing – but why they are doing it. And why it works. So that you can do it too.


Yet, most will completely ignore this and discount the fact that until you know WHY things work – you don’t really understand
how to MAKE them work.


My intention is not to teach you WHAT to think… But HOW to think – on your own. So you can write your own ticket to success.


And that’s what we’ll be doing at our next LIVE Day in the Office Event coming up at mine & Sophia’s Office home just outside of Denver Colorado.


We are not going to ‘do it for you’. But going to teach you how to do it – for yourself.


What we won’t do is read our outlines from a Power Point or Keynote Presentation.


We’re going to be doing, LIVE, practical training where we will take you DEEP into our own Marketing and demonstrate LIVE how we generate THOUSANDS of dollars per day with our online businesses. I call this ‘Push Button Profits’.


We’ll write our Marketing together as I explain everything I’m doing, implement it LIVE while you watch me type every single word.


And a TON more.


There is nothing like a Day in the Office for a ONE day event in our Profession. Not at this level, for this price… That’s right, we’ll uncover the real ‘Why’ of what what we do and exactly how we do it.


We’ll make our phone ring with people ready to get started, (if we want to), more importantly… Our Cash Register (um, computer) will be ringing with “Commission Notifications” as they hit our Inbox for hours at a time.


You are going to LOVE this day with us. We will have a few Special Guests stopping by and will be with us in the office to assist you even more. Each is an awesome online marketer who you will greatly benefit from just getting to know. Some are as close to experts as they come.


PLUS we provide all the snacks, lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee, tea (with the Keurig), all that great stuff to keep your mind in the game,
all day long as you learn what it truly takes to become a massive online success.



Get all the details here at this new page of my blog. [We have 7 New Videos of Recent Attendees – even a few ‘big wigs’ if you know what I mean (6-figure earning guys & gals and up and coming leaders who darn the stages of big events like the Mile High Mastermind, and No Excuses by Ferny & Ray.


My Assistant Danielle will be in touch with all the details when you are all registered, locked and loaded.


Click here, and join us.


Aaron Rashkin Your Make Money Mentor


P.S. If you want to see the “simple little system” Sophia and I use to make the computer “cash register” ring in with new commissions daily, click here.

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