Addition by Subtraction

PlantShort sweet and to the point.

When we returned home from our last family vacation, we noticed that one of our plants was dying.

Leaves were brown, stems were rotting, soil dry.

It probably had some type of fungus and the fact that it wasn’t watered in almost 2 weeks, caused it to wither and start dying.

We pruned it back, got rid of the dead leaves, placed it in direct sunlight and watered it lightly every day, to keep it’s soil moist and fertile.

Within a few days, it came back to life.

Green, lush and stronger than before.

When you do the right things, you get results.

It also just goes to show you what can happen when you rid the dead weight and that which does not serve you.

This could be thoughts, habits, and/or people who rob you of your energy and do not support or contribute to your growth and development.

90% of getting what you want, is knowing what you must give up, to get it.

We call this, “Addition…by Subtraction!”

Do it.

It’s a “game changer”!


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10 Comments on Addition by Subtraction

  • I can agree to that which is what Shelli and I are doing. I think the reason why most people don’t follow this philosophy is it sounds to simple and they think their situation is complicated. We are using the Addition by Subtraction method right now. Thanks Aaron

    Gordon Thompson

  • Great to hear it Gordon! Yes, knowing what you’ve gotta give up in order to get what you want is where its all at!
    Keep standing on the gas,

  • that formula is sound and i really like it ,thank you for sharing it with me and those who come across it

  • Can you please tell me without going into how much money I can make, just what your program does. I have a Home Based Business, will your program help me with that or am I spreading your program.

    Thank You

  • So, very true. Thank you for giving us all such a great analogy. Being able to do this day in and day out and knowing that all the control is right here in my hands is awesome. Thank you both for your leadership.

  • Aaron/Sophia,
    Don’t stop with me. I enjoy reading all the articles you have written. Its an extra learning curve for me. If you remember I’m with Dave Lovett. Don’t know how I ended up there but I did and he is great too. Please don’t disregard me. I’m on your newsletter listing and I want them to keep coming. ok?
    THanks for your inspirational writings.
    Friends on the inside…….Nancy Amadore

    • Will do Nancy! Not taking you off any lists. Glad to hear you are feeling inspired! I do know Dave Lovett. Great guy. ‘;-)

  • Hi Aaron,thanks for your simple but very effective philsophy of addition by subtraction.It is a philosophy i personaly apply in my daily activities and I recommend it to everybody,but because some people are slaves to habit they find it extremely difficult to apply.I always enjoy your inspirational informations.Keep it up!

  • I enjoyed all your articles and I wanted them to keep comming. ok? Please don’t stop me. I like reading all the articles you have written. Soon I will buying it from you. I am orgnizing my downliner of networker from Philippines……….. Dario P. Bandala

  • Thanks Aaron for this post. Simple yet effective. Got me thinking about what and where my focus is. This is in relation to my current efforts for marketing that need to be expanded and fine tuned.

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