Aaron Rashkin’s Empower Network Follow Up Campaign Details


Dear Friends & Business Partners,


If you would like to use my Empower Network Autoresponder Follow Up Lead Campaign, here are the Details and How it all Works:


A little back story will make this even simpler to grasp.


First, if you’ve been a part of the Empower Network Facebook Group since the early part of 2012, then you’ve seen some of the Swipe Copy that I provided to the Empower Network Members to promote during the final week of the Empower Network’s Re-Launch & Affiliate Contest.


According to David Wood, my Swipe Copy was partly responsible for adding about $500,000 in overall commissions into Member’s pockets in just the final 3 days of the contest, getting people to take action, attend the LIVE UStream Events & Join.


Hundreds of members used my Messages to Close out the Contest & the Month, and on the Saturday of the close alone, over $250,000 was earned by members.


Pretty cool, right?!


So Here’s the Rub…


For our first 5 months when we joined the Empower Network, we only had 3 Automated Follow Ups going out to our Leads.


That’s right – Only 3 Automated Follow Ups.


Yet, we’ve had an incredible 35% sign up rate from Lead to Member since we had gotten started.


And the reason is because I made it almost a daily habit, to broadcast messages to our leads, with links to LIVE webinars, UStream Events, Calls, special pages I designed, whatever…


Now Just to give you some perspective, in our Primary Business, we have been able to make millions, with an average of just 3% conversion.


With the Empower Network Messages I’ve sent out – it’s not 3%, but 35%.

What makes our lead to member conversion so high, is this…


Well, let me share another quick story with you…


The other day, while working with our Assistant & Programming Partner, Diane Zidek, we noticed that our average Open Rate was roughly 10%, in some cases even higher.


And, our CTR or Click Through Rate in these messages, where a reader actually clicked on a link in the message, is close to 50%.


Both are considered very good in our Niche – actually the CTR is almost unheard of.


Now I’m not saying that my messages are the best out there, however, I’ve downloaded
some of the other Leader’s Follow Up Message Sets and what I’ve found is a lot of broken links, leader branded messages and a ton of edits that have to be made by the member using them.


With my messages, none of this extra is necessary.


And with the conversion of my messages bringing in close to 70% of all mine & Sophia’s
Members, these numbers, when scaled out, could DRAMATICALLY increase the number of people joining ANY Empower Network Member’s Team.


So, where am I going with this?


I have put many of my messages, into a very special “50 Message Set”, complete with Custom Coding, so that they are available for YOU…


That’s right!  You can use the same exact messages that have helped us create over $173,000 in income so far, as your own Empower Network Autoresponder Follow Ups.


In other words, my 200+ hours over the past 10 months creating these messages, can help YOU, sign up a ton more people.


Here are the Details:


#1 – Each of the messages (50) I’ve written, are now in the first person, meaning that they will appear to be written by YOU, coming from YOU, and signed by YOU, from your own AWeber Account, your From Name, email, the whole enchilada!


Each message will be signed with YOUR name – meaning that there is no mention of Sophia & me, our images, discussion about our experience, success, etc…


#2 – Every message has been ‘Dynamically’ Programmed with direct links to your Empower Network Sales Video Page & Join Pages.


#3 – Each message has been crafted by me, and is very closely written to the exact messages that have converted for us since we began, but even BETTER in my opinion, because I want YOU to get even better results than we did, so I re-wrote a lot of the messages to be more current, with newer copy that is much better than I had written the first time (in my humble opinion).


#4 – With your Message Set Up, you will receive several videos, with suggestions
to maximize Aaron’s Follow Ups & Broadcast Messages that you personally send to your Leads.

(Of course, on top of Aaron’s messages, you want to build a relationship with your Leads, by introducing yourself as a Marketing Consultant for Aaron & Sophia, and broadcast to your Leads as you see fit, promoting LIVE Events like Monday Night Empower Hour Calls, LIVE UStream Events for your Leads, and any other content that you feel would empower them to take action and join you in your business.


#5 - There will be a minimal charge for these messages (easily worth about $997), but they won’t even be a fraction of that.


This part is a joke, because anyone who knows the value of what we are providing would gladly pay less than a couple hundred dollars one time, to get this type of service, which is all we are asking.


You can also use the content in these Follow Ups as “Solo” Swipe, although, Solo Ad Copy should be much shorter than what we’ve used to get our existing lists to optin at our Landing Pages – but nonetheless, you can use these messages however you want.


#6 – You must have an AWeber Account in order to participate.


If you don’t have an AWeber Account, sign up here: http://www.aweber.com/?305081


#7 – You must be willing to share with us both your Empower Login and AWeber login in order for us to set up your account with our follow ups.


It’s more complex than most people will understand, so we’ve decided to do the work FOR you – included in the cost, to eliminate any tech issues on your end.


Even if you have your own AWeber Account and know how to use it, we’ve contracted our Programming Assistant, Diane Zidek, to do the work for us, which actually protects YOU since we take on the liability with the extra programming.


We will also TEST your messages for you so that once you get the green light that they are all installed, you are ON YOUR WAY and will want to drive traffic like CRAZY!!!  (Which is a whole different phase of our “Team Build Out”…. MORE Traffic, kind of like we have done for our Primary Business Team, with our Team Co-Op, but even better actually – I’ll explain more should you decide to use our Follow Up Messages)


In other words, we are going to remove ALL the burden off of YOU, our Member, and place it on Diane, our programmer & assistant ‘;-)


By the way, Diane is one of mine & Sophia’s closest of friends and lives by the same code of ethics & values that we do.


She also lives right near us, so we get together frequently to visit and do lots of business.


Now, if you HAVE leads already and want to input them into your AWeber list once it’s created, we will provide a Special Video for you that shows you exactly how to do it.


The key is to have all your EN Leads going through YOUR Landing page and into YOUR EN List at AWeber so that they all get these follow ups.


I even created a Video Training for you, that shows you exactly how to do a Broadcast Message, so that you can promote upcoming calls, webinars, Ustream Events or whatever you want, as you continue to build your Empower Network Business.

Once your Messages are installed, Diane will send you an Activation Message with a link to several Video Trainings so you can watch them right away and begin using what I teach you to improve


And that’s how it all works…


All you have to do is make your payment to get the ball rolling. 


It’s a One Time $197. (This price will be going up to $297 shortly).


Once your payment is submitted, Diane will send you a Welcome Email with specific criteria she will need from you in order to begin the work.


The turnaround time is usually 48-72 hours depending on how many other Empower Network Members she is servicing, however, it could take up to a week if we get a large number of orders before yours comes in.


We are going on a first come first served basis, so the sooner you take this action, the sooner we will be in contact and get your messages all se up.


Plus, with 3-5 new members coming on board every day, we have lots of new people
to take care of. 


Right now, we are ONLY have time for 3 more this week, so my best suggestion is to place your order now, so that we can get your Follow Ups running ASAP and you don’t have to wait another week or 10 days after you place your order to get these messages
into your AWeber account.  


I can assure you, they will be plenty worth it if you are even thinking about driving traffic & generating leads, using our Team Co-Op, or already getting leads from your own efforts.  


My follow ups, with your personal touch, PLUS 100% Commissions could be very, very profitable.


I’d move fast if you want them.
Make Your Follow Up Email Messages Payment Here


(look for the Product that says, “Empower Network Campaign & Set Up”)


As soon as your payment is submitted, Diane will be back in touch with you within 48-72 hours, with Instructions on how to proceed.


Until then, thanks for your Business!


Aaron Rashkin Your Make Money Mentor




P.S. If you are interested in building your Empower Network Business by piggybacking on our success, with Cold Traffic Strategies such as Solo Ads, Pay Per Click, Text Ads, Hybrid Ads, PPV, CPA, Media Buys, Offline or Print Media, or if you decide that you are going to use our Team’s Online Leads Co-Op, be sure to view my Landing Page & Bridge Page Combo Video over at This Page <—


And, if you are interested in learning more about Aaron & Sophia’s Empower Network Team Online Co-Op, head on over to TopOnlineMasters.com





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