Found a Shortcut? Better Look Again…

Sophia & Aaron Hawaii SunsetEver notice the “Instant” Mentality in today’s economy & marketplace?

People are looking for a quick fix to their financial problems.

Unfortunately for them, unlike Jello, Popcorn and Lotto, there is no such thing as Instant Success.

While most people have this “microwave” mentality, the real truth is that success works more like a crockpot!

Take the lottery winner for an example.

They get handed a quick million for spending a few dollars.

Sounds great, but in reality, statistics show that within just two years, 98% of those winners are losers playing the lottery again.

So why is that?

It’s simple…

Because they didn’t earn their money – they won it.

So, they didn’t become the person that it would actually take to make it, so naturally, they don’t know what to do with it once they received it – which is exactly why they lose it.

It’s no different with success.

You see, if success was handed to you on a silver platter, not only wouldn’t you appreciate your accomplishments, but you wouldn’t know how to maintain and keep it.

Plus, you would never know how to do it again, and if you are a true entrepreneur, you will want to build another business again someday. 

So, no matter what success means to you – a new car, a new house, paying off bills, living stress free, traveling, taking more vacations, working from home around your kids or even all of these - everyone pays a price to get what they want from their business.

And so, if it costs you $10 to get in the door of success and you’ve only paid $2.13, even if you sneak in for a short while, you’ll find that you get kicked out just as fast because you didn’t pay the price.

This is why to become successful, you must stay persistent and consistent.

You must stay focused and determined to get better at each skill that it will require of you to produce what you want.

Over time, with your maturity as an entrepreneur, not only will your skill sets change and improve, but you as a leader in business will mature as well.

And you must know that the obstacles you learn to overcome, are purposely placed in front of you by design, to make you more skillful, a better problem solver and a real leader.

In other words, the only place you’ll ever find success before work, is in the dictionary!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to be as successful as possible, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of headaches, keep in mind that the longest distance between two points, is a shortcut.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be in every moment of every situation.

Afterall, there is no failure, only experience.

And this is why you should have financial goals of becoming a millionaire.

Not just for the money, but for the person it will take for you to earn it.


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