3 Words Used by Internet Marketers that Kill Half their Income

Ok, I’m not holding back on this one.

Seriously, do you expect anything less?! lol

Not to pick on anyone in-particular, but earlier today I received an email from a couple of  “Marketing Rockstars” in our Industry – self proclaimed of course.

I mean – is it me or is everyone a freakin’ Internet Rock Star these days?

I love it -  good on them just for having such confidence in their abilities, but let’s make sure we are really rockstars if we are going to call ourselves one.

Even funnier is that there are real rockstars in our Industry, like my bud Brian Fanale for example. Fanale and his band are pretty good actually – got their album playing in my car for those rare moments when I’m not listening to some business or personal growth related guru.

Anyway, so I open this email and sure enough I click on a link just to see what the rockstars are marketing and what they are up to with this message.

And there it was – a pretty good page I thought to myself.

But there was one thing that stood out.

No, it JUMPED off the page at me.

Actually, it made me shake my head in disbelief to be quite honest.

3 words that kill their entire marketing message – augh!

Maybe it’s me, but there are 3 words being used by millions of internet marketers, small business owners and even established companies, that I’m pretty confident based on my own testing, are causing them to lose at least half their potential profits.

Yes, these 3 words cut their potential income in HALF – at least.

And it’s such a simple concept that they could literally change it in just a matter of seconds – if they knew what “it” was.

So, here’s what it is.

You ready?

I bet you are!

When you come to any one of my Landing Pages (also known as Squeeze Pages or Lead Capture Pages), I am going to bribe you.

Bribe you?

Yes – bribe you.

I’m going to bribe you with information.

And not just “some” information.

GREAT information.

And not just “Great” information.

The BEST information that I can actually deliver.

Because that is what you want.

My information.

So that you can do whatever it is that you want – because that’s the benefit of the information that I’ll bribe you with.

Now how I got you to my page in the first place is a whole different conversation for another day, but let’s just say that when you get there, if I don’t make a strong enough “offer” to you, you know, my information, I will never get what I want.

And that is… your email address.

I don’t even need your name – just your address.

Because once I have it, I can send you the very “Information” that you want from me.

Now, if you feel what I have is worth you giving up your email address, you’ll optin to receive my offer.

And chances are, you’ll use an address that you actually receive email at, which allows my information to be delivered.

And in exchange for your email address, my promise is that I’m going to ‘send’ you my information.

And I will.

Because I said I would.

Now, I might offer you the information in a single document or perhaps, in a series of clever little messages.

I might even send you the information in a video, audio or whatever format makes the most sense for the type of market you came from. (Another story I’ll save for another day)

Heck, I might even send you the information wrapped in another set of information closely related to the same information that I promised to send you.

Yep, in this format, you get what I promised – and even a little bit more. ‘;-)

In other words, when you believe that I’m going to send you the information that you want, there’s a pretty darn good chance that you are going to use the correct email address if you truly want my stuff.

So now, you optin at my page with your name and email address.

Bingo – my marketing worked.

You’re happy – I’m happy.

A true win-win.

Now what would happen if instead of telling you that I’m going to ‘send’ my information to you, I told you that if you give me your name and email address, I’ll give you the information right there on the next page?

Do you think that you’d enter your real email address if you knew you’d have the information within just seconds of clicking the submit button.

Maybe, but maybe not.

Ok, probably not.

Most likely – not.

Matter of fact, a large percentage of people who might normally enter their real name and email address if they thought that my information was being sent directly to their inbox, will actually make up any old email address, just to get… you got it…”Instant Access”.

Yes, “Get Instant Access” are the 3 words that pain me when I see marketers using this on their Optin Form or on their Submit Button.

When you offer “Get Instant Access” on a submit button, you truly lessen the opportunity to:

A) Get a real valid email address from your visitor
B) Send additional information to your potential customer
C) Build a long standing relationship with that person
D) Make a sale

That’s right – if you don’t get a correct or valid email address, you and they, both lose.

And if you are truly a value based marketer, which I’m sure you want to be, you will never be able to deliver the quality content and information that your potential customer is looking for from you.

So, instead of offering “Instant Access” with a button that says, “Get Instant Access” or something ridiculously similar, think more along the lines of “Yes, Send Me Your Information Now!” on your submit button or in your Optin Form Box.

Not only will you get more people to use a valid email address, but you will also be able to build a better relationship with them over a long period of time and who knows, maybe they’ll even buy something from you!?

Got any thoughts or experience here?

Would love to know your thoughts.


23 Comments on 3 Words Used by Internet Marketers that Kill Half their Income

  • Aaron,

    love the build up of your blog post. You truly kept me from reading all the way to the end just to get my “reward”. Never thought about that on my opt in will make sure to change up what I’ve got on there. Thanks again..

  • As yes. The infamous Get Instant Access Button. At one time or another, we all made this deadly, opt-in killing mistake. And yes, you my friend were the leader brought it to my attention. There were sure some good guesses as well as some LAME ones when you asked that question on FB. Thank you for the reminder!
    Josh Boxer´s last [type] ..Meeting Burner – Meeting Burner Review by Josh Boxer

  • Great post. But, I have to wonder attention a prospect really gives to the words on a Submit button.

    Put it this way: do you notice the color of a doorknob when you turn it? Probably not. Your mind just registers that the doorknob is on a certain side of the door, positioned where it’s supposed to be…..and without thinking any more about it than that, you turn it.

    I suspect that the text on a submit button is the same way. In fact, I suspect the average person isn’t even reading the sub-head over the opt-in box. They simply read the offer, decided if they wanted the “bribe” and hurried through the opt-in process.

    In other words, I’ll bet $100 that my (your) 10 prospects couldn’t tell either one of us what was printed on the Submit button.

    • Hey Tony, I know you read this already at my Facebook Wall, but for anyone else that wants to know my response to Tony, here is what I wrote:

      I will add one thing onto all this conversation – I know that the average guy probably doesn’t pay attention to this so called minor detail – the same way he sits mindless in front of his boob tube and channel surfs. However, my target market are sharp, ambitious and self motivated 3%’ers who know and love great business, marketing, personal growth & development and anything related to success. Now I know how important “numbers” are in the general populous of our Profession, however, I also know that quality is far more profitable these days than quantity. Therefore, I choose to attract those whose subconscious mind will not only notice what’s written on my pages and more specifically, on my submit button, but so will their conscious business mind. Certainly this is more important than just having automated drone like visitors who click frivolously on anything that can keep them entertained while they waste their lives away opting in to anything that can satisfy their need for “Instant Access”. Reminds me of instant riches, instant popcorn and instant lottery!!! You make a great case guys, but I dont buy it unless it’s tested, like Justin reminded us and my blog post refers to. Remember, it’s never about what we like, but what our market likes and responds to. In my case and tests, all signs point to what I explain over at my post.

  • Dude! This is actually very helpful. I gotta admit, I use those “generic” buttons on some of my capture page submit buttons.. Makes a lot of sense, though, that people would be less likely to give ya their REAL address. Great post. Thanks :)

  • Cool. Info . Thanks. :)

  • Aaron, Mike Conners(Cristy Lemperle) Great stuff ….would like to talk to you sometime today if possible.. need your opinion on something. Email me and I will send you my number if you don’t still have it.

  • Immmm …thats a food for thought ,great point Aaron.That’s a great point Aaron ,always enjoy your posts,cheers

  • Yep, Aaron! You NAILED IT on the head. Great explanation of why it’s so true. Thanks “Rockstar!” ;o)

  • Hey, Aaron! Great post. It’s funny the things there are to obsess over as a new marketer. I’ve stressed over the language on the submit button…should it just say “submit,” should it say “Instant Access Now,” should it say “Yes, I Want To Be A Rockstar!” Some days I think it should say “Don’t Click This Button!” Finally, thanks to you, I can go on to worry about something else instead! =)

  • I think both Aaron and Tony are right, in some cases the “get instant access” button works, some dont, it much depends of the markets you are in.

    Internet marketing is about testing and I have tried both and both work or dont work so good depending the type of markets we tested.

    Also the markets change and evolved and so what was true 3 months ago is not anymore, so we need always to track all the time to always have the best conversions.

    In the end…everyone is right if the conversions and delivery rates are good…just do it…test it…and improve.

  • Love your idea for facebook. I really learn more by having something to go by.

  • Wow Aaron! Great information!

    I am sorry to say that I too have made this mistake more than once. But your logic makes perfect sense! I just never thought of it that way before.

    Thanks for showing us the error of our ways! As always, your leadership shines bright!

    Bob and Rosemary

  • another great reminder for ABT: Always be testing.

  • Hey Aaron Great post love the build up. You always have the most valuable stuff. I thank you for always giving the goods the way they should be given straight from the hip.

  • Great article Aaron.
    You are right! It’s those subtle things, just below the conscience level that can can make the the difference between winning and losing.

  • More great thoughts Aaron. Thank you for sharing. :)

    I like that!!

  • Awesome Information….

  • Well Aaron that makes a lot of sense and You have just earned a reader. When i think of it, the “Get Instant Access” is offending my intelligence. It one step (little step) from saying “Buy Now” .

    It not really a beginning of a relationship. It the end of it! (I got the super duper access – what else could i want?)

    Thanks for your thoughts !

  • Good stuff Aaron… in the end, psychology plays a big part. And so, if we place ourselves in the shoes of our buyers – removing the “marketing hat” – what would we like to see or hear…what brings US to a progressive and vigorous response as we view the “submit” button.? Thanks for your continued leadership!

  • You are brilliant!!! i’ve never seen it that way before and you are right. absolutely amazing and thanks for sharing this information with us. i am learning a lot from your blog

  • Really enjoyed this post Aaron!

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