2 Reasons Your Prospects Don’t Buy

Over my 14 years in Home Based Business and many tens of thousands of prospecting calls, I’ve found that there are only two (2) reasons why prospects don’t buy, get started, sign up or order your product or service.

It’s always either one or the other:

#1- They are not ready yet

#2 – You are not the leader they are looking for

Now both of these reasons has a list of sub-reasons that more clearly define them, but ultimately the following two reasons encompass everything else when you get down to the brass tacks about why people don’t buy from you.

#1 – They are not ready yet

When your prospect is not ready yet this doesn’t mean that they won’t be ready in the future. It just means that they don’t want to move forward and take action now.

Perhaps they’ve bought one of their own excuses and come up with reasons why it shouldn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t work for them.

Perhaps they just cannot decide what they want, which describes about 90% of the people you speak with. They make no resolutions, make no decisions, and have no forward progression – ever.

Most often this comes from “job mentality”. They are used to a boss telling them what they can and cannot do, so to make life changing decisions on their own, is something they are not comfortable doing.

This is not of your doing and you cannot change it, so you just have to realize that these people are conditioned this way and are programmed to doubt themselves and those around them, so they don’t decide and therefore, they stay right where they are.

You must not take personal responsibility for those who cannot decide, and move on without attachment.

Perhaps they are not ready yet because they are preoccupied with other commitments and to add one more to their plate makes them feel overwhelmed.

This could also be the case for many successful people who multi-task and have multiple streams of income coming in. Many times these are your best potential customers and/or business partners and when they are truly ready for a “change”, watch out, because their past history of success will repeat itself and they will become a top producer on your team.

Another reason why your prospects don’t get started is because they are not what I call, “a critical thinker”.

A critical thinker is someone who after looking or listening to your information does not see the opportunity. They say things like, “I don’t think anyone would pay $25 for a bottle of juice” or “who would buy that information for $500?” or “nobody I know would do this”.

What they are really telling you is that they wouldn’t pay for or do it and so they project onto everyone around them that nobody else would either and they will even try to convince you that your opportunity isn’t good.

To bad, so sad. Don’t be mad. Just thank them for their time and show them the door. Let them know that if they ever get serious about changing their life, that they should feel free to get back in touch with you. Many times, you won’t even want them to, so don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Now, there will be times when a prospect does move forward and take action by buying your product or service, but then they don’t act on what they’ve just purchased if they’ve expressed interest in building a business with you. 

Perhaps they will read the information, take the pills, drink the juice or use the service, but they are just not ready to start marketing yet.

Remember, knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power, so if someone knows about the opportunity or has the information but does not act on it, again, it’s because they are just not ready yet.

Their belief in the opportunity’s potential, affects their actions, which affects their results, which affects their belief, which in turn feeds what they believe is possible or not and the cycle of procrastination continues.

Again, no fault of your own.

Keep these people on your drip list, in an autoresponder or follow up file and perhaps down the road, they will contact you and ask what they must do next in order to move forward.

Remember, this is ok, because what I’ve found over the years is that there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer and when they come to you, chances are, they really mean it.

#2 – You are not the leader they are looking for

When I say “leader”, this could also mean, “marketer”, “salesperson”, “information provider” or “business partner”.

No matter what title you give yourself, the rabbit hole goes deep on this one.

When I was struggling with enrolling people into my business many years ago, I realized that what was keeping me from getting my prospects started, (after I weeded out those who were not ready yet), was me!

My prospects doubt far exceeded my own sense of certainty; therefore I was not the leader they were looking for.

My doubts and fears of success, failure, leadership and responsibility were so strong that I repelled good people who might have joined if I was more comfortable with myself.

I liked my business, my product & my opportunity; I just didn’t really like myself yet, for the role that I wanted to play. I knew it and so did others.

This is a big piece to the puzzle.

So the bottom line is this…

When you truly feel good about yourself, others will too.

When you have peace of mind and emotional autonomy, others will sense your self esteem and will want to be a part of whatever product, company or marketing system you are aligned with.

The key is that while you work on your business, you also work on yourself. Many times, just as much or more.

Great books, CDs, mentoring programs, coaching, you name it. All of these things will greatly assist you in developing your mindset, your belief system and your attractor factor.

This is a part of the laws of attraction and when you become attractive to other people, they will want whatever it is you have to offer.


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7 Comments on 2 Reasons Your Prospects Don’t Buy

  • I’ve always enjoyed your training Aaron and am so happy that you are continuing to enrich people’s lives with your experience and knowledge.

    I was surprised you did not use the suspect and prospect analogy. I think of that often.

    Norma Rose :)

  • Awesome Aaron. Bang on and thanks for your leadership.

  • Hi!.. .thanks for giving me chance to joy your team i really like to follow and listen for your training.. .i read the message u give me.. .i not good in english but i understand what are u ask.. .thanks i wish someday my dreams come true.. .and be 1 of your team millioners.. .god bless.. .

  • Awesome! So, well put. Thank you for being a leader to us all, but thank you for allowing me to grow as a leader myself. Both of you have such a dynamic way of putting words together. I love reading and listening to you daily.
    Thank you – both!

  • Hi Aaron,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this article.It is one of the greatest articles about marketing that I ever read.Even as simple as it is,but a fact:I love to repeate it.If a prospect doesnot join my team,it is either that he/she is not ready or that iam not the leader that he/she is looking for.
    I appreciate it.


  • every day told and want credit card.but i have no credid card.i think my mlmbuisness will start and ern some money then paid me Aaron and sopia ,now what can i do.cicerly ihave no money boss and mlm member no body belieb me.sorry now without money youwould approveor reject.thakyou Aaron and sopia Raskin.

  • I thank you for writing to me, and asking me, where I’m at, and such. The Content you already delivered, is good, too:)
    I do appreciate the time, in sending this to me. Thank You…

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