To Bee or not to Bee?

Legend & Carter in Pool in DR

Legend & Carter enjoying life in the Dominican Republic

I remember when the final episode of Seinfeld aired back in 2003.

In an interview, Jerry said he was done with television – then he disappeared for a while.

When his first self directed movie came out several years later, “Bee Movie” he was quoted as saying, “If I can’t make my kids laugh, I wouldn’t be doing this. ”

I respect his attempt at being a bee, for his kids.

For Sophia & me, we do what we do for the same exact reason.

We do it for the relationship we have with each other and the relationships we have with our two boys, our families, our friends and business partners.

If we can’t spend quality time every day with those we love and care about
most, and do what we want with whom we want for whatever reasons we want, what’s the purpose?

Call it obsession.

Obsessed is just a word that the lazy use to describe the committed.


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3 Comments on To Bee or not to Bee?

  • Mr.& Mrs. Rashkin,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated this story. You have so many great blurbs, but this one inspired me and I had to reply because I’m new to the biz and feel like I’m doing the same exact thing!! I’m currently deployed to Iraq and made the insane decision to start my business from over here. You know how it is… if you see a great opportunity you just GO FOR IT!! I just couldn’t wait until March to start. Anyways, long story short… Having not received my products in the mail yet, I too, feel like I’m just doing things by the seat of my pants and trying to figure as much out as I can along the way… Again, thanks for sharing that with the world and hope you have a HOOAH! Marketing day!!

  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks! Roberto Justus

  • How long has this blog been around? I have been searching for this kind of information for the past week and a half.

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