10 Universal Truths You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

After 15 years in Home Based Business, there are at least 10 Universal Truths that I’ve personally discovered along this journey, that have opened my eyes up to a whole new world of understanding and that have set me on the path that I am on today.

Now although I’ve embraced each of these truths, one and all, several I’ve met with over the years created great resistance, some even a great deal of regret in one form or another.

All I can tell you is that every one of my Top 10 Truths are extremely personal, and just as I have written and re-read them over and over again, I am humbled by what I’ve been through, as well as the feedback I’ve received from my family, friends and business partners from all over the world.

But most of all, I am humbled by the personal awareness that has caused me to take a good hard look at myself, in order to see both who I was, and who I’ve become in this process.

The best part is that I’m not yet done, “becoming” and just as I continue to grow and transform myself, so must you along your own journey.

My intention is that by sharing what I consider to be “my truths” with you, your own level of awareness might increase just enough to assist you in making a significant breakthrough of your own, to that next level of your own personal and business success.

Either way, please comment below this post and let me know your thoughts.

Here is Truth #1 of my 10 Universal Truths You Must Know About Home Based Business Success:

#1 – Everybody Must Pay the Price

When it comes to taking a look at yourself and comparing yourself to others in the same business whether it be me, your immediate sponsor, a top earner in your company or even the new guy whose business explodes right out of the gate, you must realize that some people come with experience and some don’t. Some people have been entrepreneurs for years and some are just getting started.

Either way, you and everyone around you that have chosen the same vehicle, all have the same exact opportunity to succeed – same company, same products, same marketing system and compensation plan.

What makes the difference between you and others is simply two things:

Your mindset & your skillset – that’s it!

Everything you believe, perceive, feel, like, dislike, care for, don’t care for, have a complaint about, make an excuse about, get offended by, take personally, and yes, even your actions, for example – your habits, your daily routine and your priorities, are all a direct result of how you’ve been programmed and conditioned pretty much all your life until now.

When you see someone get a fast start and become more successful than you in a shorter period of time or perhaps they are already successful when you show up in the game, know that they started out as a complete beginner at one time and had to learn a new way of thinking and taking action, just like you.

What’s important for you to do, is bless their success.

Pay attention to them.

Watch them.


Take notice of how they operate and conduct their business.

And then, do the same.

So instead of taking a victim position, where you blame them for who they are and what they’ve done and start comparing yourself to them by making excuses for all that you are not when standing next to them, bless their success.

They are no different than you and even though they may be farther along down the track, you can make up in numbers and laser like focus, what you lack in skill and experience and in short order, in due time, you too can be on the same page as them and be taking yourself and your business to a whole new level.

What matters most is that you are on this path, developing your mindset and skillset every day and that you never compare yourself to others – because you will always fall short, even if you are ahead.

So, to best explain paying the price, if your success costs $10 just to step in the door, until you pay your ten spot, you might experience a small taste of success from small victories you encounter along the way, but that place you want to be, will still require constant and never ending improvement if you truly want to walk through that door and stay there.

If you’ve only paid $1.83 and your success costs the full $10, you’ve got more to become & do, long before you’ll ever enjoy what you came to your Home Based Business for in the first place.

So, what can you do if you are not experiencing results?

Go take a look in the mirror.

You’ll be staring at both your problem and the solution.

It doesn’t mean you are bad person or that you are not doing the right things – or… perhaps it does – only you know.

But it could mean that perhaps you are not doing enough of the right things or perhaps you haven’t been doing the right things long enough to see an actual compounding effect of the mindset and skillset that you’ve been implementing, kick in.

This takes time.

Your success is not a microwave oven – it’s more like a crockpot.

And over time, the more it simmers and gets flavored with the spices of who you become and all the actions you take towards reaching your goal every day, the sweeter the taste will be when you finally get to enjoy the dish!

But you cannot reach this goal – or any goal for that matter – by continuing to execute your plan the way you’ve executed until now.

You must take it up a notch, or two, or ten!

In other words, something is going to have to change and that something, is YOU.

And because you control both your own mindset & skillset, yes, you are going to have to pay more towards your price for success.

That means setting your excuses down, set the blame aside, start saying less & doing more.

Yes, I know, we are human beings, but the best way to improve your “being”, is by doing.

Over time, all your doing will transcend into a new “being” and what comes out of the oven is a new you with a new view.

Because you cannot discover a solution with the same mindset that caused the problem in the first place.

And so, your next level of success demands a new YOU.

Read this again.

Your next level of success demands a new YOU.

This means, taking your excuses and turning them into reasons.

Reasons to quit complaining.

Reasons to stop blaming.

Reasons to start doing more.

Reasons to start being more, to more people.

Reasons to start being responsible for yourself and your actions or lack thereof.

Do these things above and you’ll be paying the price.

Remember, $10 to get in, not $1.99.

You will pay the price if you want success – the only question is when.

Now or later.

It’s completely your choice.

Nobody else’s but yours.

You’re gonna have to pay.


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37 Comments on 10 Universal Truths You Must Know About Home Based Business Success

  • Great stuff, Aaron. We have to earn this lifestyle and EVERYone who enjoys it has paid the price. Bless you, Sophia, and all of the leaders that have paved the way!

    • You got that right Dave! It’s the price that leads to the payoff. ‘;-)

  • This came at a very good time for me. I was beginning the “wow is me” and getting scared of everything!! Sleepless nites, freaking out at my debt that is now too high. But reading this article has helped some. I just wish I was farther then this! Alot of changes HAVE been happening and I get so excited about things. THen the reality hits, the the money costs are rising and nothing is coming back to me. Now what? Having alittle anxiety helps to keep my perspective at times, but other times what happens to the insecureties that pop up? Thanks for your article.

  • You are correct, the only one that matters is the person you see in the mirror. It helps to be reminded occasionally.
    Thanks Aaron.

  • Bery very god stuff, Aaron!
    Thank you for it.

  • Great post, as always, Aaron. You certainly speak the truth! One of my favorite quotes is “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” Everyone could be a winner if they lived by this. Thanks for all you do!

  • As always,very valuable and very meaningful. I sometimes forget to look in the mirror. It makes no difference where you came from, it is where you are going.

  • Aaron,
    Thank You for the Wisdom…..I Love who I am and Who I am Becoming.. Everyday. Time for a bicycle ride.
    Savor Your Saturday,

  • Thanks Aaron,Was feeling sorry for myself today,but after reading your post realized how true it is that me and only me can make becoming an entrepreneur happen.
    “The most important opinion you”ll ever have is the one you hold of yourself.” Denis Waitley

  • Another great post, Aaron. The hardest part is listening to how you talk to yourself and changing the conversation so that you take full responsibility for everything in your life.

  • Awesome post Aaron. I’m going to be totally open for a minute, because your post and training has been life and mind changing for me in the few months that I been learning from you and Sophia. I’m quickly understanding more and more each day that there really is no one else to blame or hold accountable for my own success other than me! In all honesty, I would get really upset with others around me that had the success I wanted but I didn’t yet have. I would get to the point in my anger that all I wanted to do at that time was “FIGHT” that person(s) or that successful winner around me. Then I took that 3 minute look in the mirror and asked myself, “am I really doing all I can for me and my family or am I making excuses and blaming others”? And after listening to you and others like you I realized it was my limiting beliefs and lack of confidence within myself that I was truly angry with. Now my fight is with my limiting fears that have held me back for far to long. So thank you Aaron and Sophia for keeping things REAL and for sharing so much of who you guys are with all of us.

    Blessing to you and yours!

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  • Excellent advise, particularly about personal accountability. This is applicable to many areas of a person’s life. I see other Intuitive Consultant (aka psychics) and entertainers succeeding and it helps to remind myself there is enough for everyone but one must put in the right energy into it. Thank you!

  • Great stuff – you tellit like it is like it or not.

  • Aaron, these are words to truly live by but that one sentence,”your success is not a microwave oven-it’s more like a crockpot”, really hit it home for me. That was great! Thanks! Janett (Jan) Forrester

  • Aaron, This is very true, you get what you work for. It really makes sense. You are very inspiring, but it really makes you understand what you want and what you need to do. Thanks!
    Deloris Leggett- I hope I make it to the top.

  • Hi Aaron, Iam enjoying every piece of your writeups from Germany.Mindset like you rightly mentioned is everything.”Who you are inside creates the results of what you get outside”
    Keep it up.

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  • Hi Aaron, I got your email about truth #3, and realized I has not yet read #1 and #2. Great post- I really liked the crockpot analogy. That’s me- simmering slowly and not giving up.

  • Hey Aaron,

    You are right on with the right mindset. This carries over in all aspects of life and if you have a mindset that whatever you choose to experience and you “know” that you will be successful no matter what, you will win!

    Thanks for this pertinent information!

  • Hey Aaron,

    Wonderful article! I’m new to marketing and the insights you are sharing are what most aspiring network marketers or entrepreneurs should do or become. Looking forward to reading more of your articles. Continue to Inspire..

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  • Great blog… and hey happy holidays all! best wishes!

  • outstanding post! great advice, will take on board!kss

  • Thanks Belqis. Yes, Self Mastery creates influence with your prospects and everyone around you. Keep up the great work! ;-)

  • Great quote David! So true – thanks for ur comment!

  • Your welcome Norbert! Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  • Right on Brian! Thanks for the comment, awesome commitment and leadership! Speak soon. :-)

  • Thanks Scott. Reminds me of the poem:

  • Exactly, your past does not equal your future. Good points! Love ya!

  • You bet Tom! Great to hear you say it! Njoy ur bike ride! ;-)

  • Love the Waitley quote! No feeling sorry for yourself – go read my Pick Your Own Problems post from Late June. Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Yes, very true Joanne. Self talk is critical in the equation. It’s really sub-conscious reprogramming if done correctly. Interestingly enough, we use our conscious mind to reprogram our subconscious. Go figure! Thanks for stopping by. ‘;-)

  • Rodney, thanks for sharing and being honest with us. This is so important for you to move forward and become a great leader. I’ve been there, so I know what you are feeling. Now is the time to step it up and make your move. We are here for you, so let us know how we can assist you.

  • The only way I know how… thanks for your comments :-)

  • You bet Diana! It’s all about personal accountability. Hey, if you can’t hold yourself accountable, who will let you keep THEM accountable. You can’t give what you don’t already have, so once you own it, you can share it. Great stuff my friend :-)

  • That’s great Janett! So glad to hear that you had an “aha” moment! Thanks for stopping by… :-)

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